The Complete Shopping List To Set Up Your Property For Airbnb

If you are new to Airbnb, the big question that’s going to haunt the first part of your new business is ‘what do I need to buy?’.

Your property doesn’t have to be like a hotel…..it should be sufficiently equipped to provide home comforts to people on a short vacation. 

Now..the confusion starts with ‘home comforts’, as it means different things to different people.

Here is my list of recommended stuff you should get for your Airbnb, people will still complain about not have a toothpick or they wish it has balcony etc…… but with my experience of handling 5000 checkin’s over 100 properties…..this list fits needs of 99% of the people.

Airbnb amenities list can broadly be categorised on the following room types:

1. Bathroom:

2. Living Room:

3. Hallway:

4. Bedroom:

5. Kitchen:

6. Cleaning Supplies:

7. Miscellaneous:

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