A massive cult audience could be out there that wishes to remain in sustainable properties. By learning how to make your short-term rental more environmentally friendly, you’ll appeal to this niche and find additional business.

As Debora Labi highlighted on The Green Path Podcast, which explores how short-term rentals can become greener without being costly for clients, making your properties environmentally friendly can also ensure long-term business success.

Moreover, going green not only benefits the environment but also creates a virtuous brand image for your property. Guests will feel proud to stay in your eco-friendly rental and share their experience with others.

In this article, we delve into Debora’s insights on various ways to make your short-term rental more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Also, don’t forget to check out our list of certificates, accreditations, and groups – a quick and easy way to bolster your efforts to go green in your short-term rental business.

Reasons To Form Eco-Friendly Properties And Stays

Guest expectations area unit is ever-changing. Analysis from Book Holding represents that 81% of individuals would like to remain in sustainable accommodation rather than non-sustainable accommodation.

Encouraging   sustainable tourism additionally makes operational sense As Willy Legrand, Professor of Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management, lately outlined “how the significant money saving will be achieved by the economical sourcing and use of recourses.”

In conclusion, creating your stays more environmentally friendly will make them appealing to the clients and affordable.

How to Make Your Short-term Rental More Environmentally Friendly

Illustrating Your Drive Toward Sustainability

It’s doable that as a business, you’re already paving ways towards sustainability and your guests are simply not aware of it.

Those energy-saving light bulbs and recycling systems are some of the steps which help in creating a sustainable environment Casal Dei Fichi’s environmental page provides an excellent example of how compelling this may be—information is simple to grasp and distinctly categorized.

The same information can be obtained from the homepage together with the owner’s social media account.

You create transparency by expressing what you’ve done thus far and what you’ll do next. Moreover, incorporating guests will show them how their actions are creating a distinction too.

For instance, Debora insists upon putting up information at your property to showcase to the guests how they are causative towards net zero. Whether you are using rainwater in your bathroom, say it within the bathroom.

Certifications, Accreditations, Groups, And Communities To Know

Official badges and accreditations that provide authentication most likely of your commitment to sustainable practices help you acquire the confidence of your subsequent guests.

But, as Deborah justly points out, “99% of businesses are small-scale businesses. They don’t have enough time to scrutinize eco-friendly practices.” The resources given below should assist

Top Tips For Environmentally Friendly STR Stays

You should not desire to carry out all of these tips at once. Start small, and you may realise, like Deborah Labi, that “once you begin, it gets compulsive.

Following are some significant steps that would help create an environmentally friendly stay:

1. Use renewable energy:

Switch to green energy suppliers and increase the use of renewable energy sources wherever possible. Reduce the use of gas.

A set of solar panels can initiate between 250 and 400 watts per hour—enough to power a coffee machine or radio.

Another remarkable alternative would be Active solar heating which would minimize energy disbursement and influence guests.

2. Reduce energy consumption:

Making structural changes in vacation rental properties would help save adequate energy, like replacing old boilers and enhancing insulation.

Financing in motion sensor LED lights would preserve energy automatically when there are no people. 

3. Create strong recycling policies:

Providing bins for newspaper, glass, aluminium, cardboard, and metal would make easy recycling effortless for the guests. As Deborah says, you should conjointly “double-check that the businesses taking your rubbish are doing the righteous thing.”

According to the OECD, 22% of recycling is misgoverned by waste management companies.

4. Cut single-use plastics:

Plastic is used from soap bottles to spray bottles; vacation rentals have high utilization of single-use plastic.

Therefore, this can be fixed by buying in bulk- getting wholesale cleaning products, for example.

It conjointly suggests the use of refillable wherever possible, like toiletries and storeroom things that you will just prime up. This will even be cheaper. 

5. Buy local:

Deborah suggests, “There’s no purpose in shopping for a pleasant shower gel in a big litre bottle if it’s created in China and sailed over.”

Look over the products you utilize and their carbon footprints, and divert to more locally sourced alternates wherever needed.

How to Make Your Short-term Rental More Environmentally Friendly

6. Install an EV charging point:

The US is alone making use of over 2.4 million electric vehicles. There are now over 2.4 million electric vehicles in the US alone. Introducing an

EV charging points will captivate electric car owners and help you lend your hand for the betterment of the planet.

Though the cost of EV chargers is quite expensive (usually ranging from $700 to $1,000), having one may assist you in filling empty slots in your calendar. Infuse your green values in your co-workers.

Inculcating an eco-friendly drive into your crew will facilitate and ensure everybody holds up your brand.

Avoiding The Common Green Pitfalls

A few common mistakes that could be eliminated to make short-term rentals more eco-friendly are listed below.

1. Greenwashing:

Greenwashing is the process of presenting your company or your actions as more environmentally friendly than they are.

For instance, consumer goods company Unilever was not so long ago called up for broadcasting a variety of merchandise as being “kinder on the planet” when they were consisting of 50% plastic and were not, therefore, so kind on the world.

In rental space, greenwashing is possibly available in the form of wildly exaggerated recycling practices when much single-use plastic remains being used.

As said by Deborah, you ought to watch out not to say, “I’ve got LED light bulbs, and now I’m environmentally friendly.” Appreciate what you’re trying to do and be precise concerning not having the ability to do it all.

2. A lack of planning:

When you’re beginning your journey to creating your STR more eco-friendly, it might be irresistible to attempt to do everything instantly. However, hopping from one issue to another without proper planning can restrict your growth.

As Professor Legrand demonstrates, the best approach is to take one step back to evaluate “the company’s effect on the biodiversity or climate through its operations.”

For the sample, you should comprehensively observe the building’s energy consumption profile before putting steps in place to minimize energy use.

3. Buying the product rather than the company:

To consider the footprint of the product you’re using in your STR, you need to examine the companies they are created from, too. Choosing a sensible outcome for the setting isn’t nearly as good as purchasing from an eco-friendly company.

Indeed green companies will be using sustainable manufacturing

Procedures and renewable materials and offset their carbon footprint where potential. You will notice a listing of green cooperation in the National Green Pages.

How to Make Your Short-term Rental More Environmentally Friendly

Examples Of Environmentally-Friendly Vacation Rentals

Over the vacation rental space, there are already people guiding the paths for other people. These properties will give rise to a great source of encouragement to create your environmentally friendly stays.


Room2 is “the world’s initial hotel brand,” providing “the comfort and flexibility of home while providing the most effective bits of an edifice.”

As well as sourcing renewable energy, using circular materials, and reducing waste wherever attainable, it’s dedicated to whole-life net zero by 2030.

Hence there is no carbon incorporated throughout the life cycle of the building.

This indicates zero embodied carbon throughout the building’s life cycle, from construction to demolition.

Infuse Your Green Values into Your Team

 Introducing an eco-friendly approach to your team can aid the cause and assure everyone detains from your brand value.

Give your maintenance personnel and housekeepers explicit instructions on reducing energy use and increasing recycling.

 Assist them in desisting from irrelevant waste by guiding them on where and how things can be reused. Then interrogate the employees about what they anticipate they could be doing.

Click Book Stay:

Click Book Stay lays out a property management service focused on assisting responsible tourism across Scotland.

They take extra measures like interrogating every supplier they work with and having a green website host.

Moreover, on The Green Path podcast, owner Tara Scot noticed that “hey “are having heaps of individuals saying that they reserved with us thanks to sustainability credentials” ls.

“Green for “We’reWe’re right at the start of this massive that that’s happening because becwe’rewe’re progressing to need to do something. If you move currenyou’reou’re going to be the lighthouse customer ahead of the c “owd,” states Deborah Labi.

And, There are Actions You May Take Immediately

  • Replacing energy systems with a better alternative
  • Minimizing energy consumption by executing the best policies across your team
  • Generating strong recycling processes
  • Reducing the utilization of single-use plastic
  • Purchasing local products
  • Investing in EV charging point

As said, Deborah, any step is progressing in the right direction. The key is to ensure that you and your teammates have the same perspective.

Instilling your green values over your properties and native processes allows you to orient yourself with the flourishing market and preserve your STR business for the coming generation.

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