As we bid farewell to the trends that shaped Airbnb in 2023, it’s time to turn our gaze toward the future. Airbnb hosts are adapting to meet the changing needs and preferences of their guests.

As we delve into 2024, several trends are shaping the Airbnb hosting experience, from the rise of remote work stays to the integration of advanced technologies for efficient property management.

Let’s explore the top trends that are influencing the way hosts manage their properties in the coming year.

1. Digital Nomads and Work-From-Anywhere Amenities

With the surge in remote work, digital nomads are seeking listings that cater to long-term stays and provide a conducive environment for work. The concept of “Work-From-Anywhere” has gained momentum, prompting hosts to offer amenities such as high-speed internet, comfortable workspaces, and other essentials for remote work.

2. Slow Travel Stays

The trend of slow travel is gaining popularity, emphasizing meaningful connections with locals and a positive impact on the destination. The term “slow travel” has seen a 68% increase in Google searches from 2018 to 2023, indicating a growing interest in immersive travel experiences. Hosts are adapting by providing personalized recommendations and fostering a sense of community for their guests.

3. Solo Travel Surges

Solo travelers are booking longer trips, presenting an opportunity for hosts to tailor their properties to accommodate extended stays. However, hosts also need to address potential concerns, such as smoking, that usually happens as a result of an increased amount of occupants.

4. Clean Apartments

Cleanliness remains a top priority for guests, and maintaining a spotless and sanitized space is crucial for positive reviews and sustained success on the Airbnb platform. Hosts are investing in thorough cleaning protocols and highlighting hygiene practices to reassure guests about their safety, as well as increase bookings. 

5. Getting Positive Reviews

In the realm of Airbnb hosting trends for 2024, securing positive reviews stands out as a pivotal factor in short-term rental (STR) performance. Emphasizing the significance of guest feedback, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky revealed that the platform now boasts a staggering 317 million reviews.

With a notable two out of three guests actively contributing reviews, hosts are recognizing the profound impact that positive feedback can have on their property’s reputation and overall success. In a competitive market, where travelers heavily rely on the experiences of previous guests, cultivating a positive impression through exceptional hospitality and service becomes a strategic imperative for hosts seeking to thrive in the dynamic world of short-term rentals.

6. Room Monitoring Devices

Amidst these trends, the relevance of room monitoring solutions becomes increasingly evident. Noise disturbances have consistently been a pain point for hosts, leading to property damage, strained relations with neighbors, and potential legal consequences. In 2024, hands-off management and technology integration are at the forefront, and room monitors align perfectly with this trajectory.

Airbnb Hosting Plug-in carbon monoxide detector with digital display and alertify branding, ideal for Airbnb 2024 room monitoring solutions.

Hands-off Management

Monitoring devices play a crucial role in the proactive management of STRs, specifically in preventing disruptions and addressing concerns related to increased number of bookings. These advanced devices, such as noise monitors, are designed to continuously track noise decibel levels within the rental property. In the context of increased bookings,  they serve as a valuable tool to discourage behaviors like smoking and other disruptive activities.

Furthermore, the integration of these monitoring devices into hosts’ property management systems (PMSs) allows hosts to receive prompt notifications in the event of any violations, including smoking incidents. The seamless integration of automated guest messaging further strengthens the overall process, enabling hosts to swiftly communicate with occupants when high noise levels, and potentially disruptive activities like smoking, are detected.

Through automated messages, such as Alertify’s Guest Alerts, guests are promptly alerted when the monitoring system detects a predefined high threshold related to noise or smoking. This proactive communication allows guests to address the issue promptly, and thus preventing long-term property damage. Not only does this comprehensive approach enhance the security and tranquility of the rental, but it also aligns seamlessly with legal and privacy policies, making monitoring devices an indispensable tool for promoting responsible and effective long-term rental management.

Technology Integration

Seamlessly integrating your PMS with your noise monitoring system enhances the efficiency of gathering crucial guest information in the event of a violation. Once a violation is detected, the system automatically generates comprehensive after-incident reports, populating them with essential details such as the guest’s name, email, check-in and check-out dates, as well as the precise time and duration of the specific violation. 

This streamlined process not only ensures the prompt identification of responsible parties but also provides property managers with detailed insights to address and resolve incidents effectively, as well as issue fines to the responsible parties involved. 

Guest Experience Enhancement

Certain noise monitors such as the Alertify Noise Monitoring system goes beyond traditional capabilities, offering a comprehensive solution that extends beyond noise monitoring. This advanced system enables hosts to not only track noise levels but also monitor temperature, air quality, and high humidity levels within STRs.

The inclusion of these features is particularly valuable as high humidity levels can increase the risk of mold formation. By having control over these environmental elements, hosts can proactively manage and mitigate potential issues, ensuring a consistently positive experience for guests and turning guest complaints into positive online reviews.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

The availability of after-incident reports following the detection of every violation equips hosts with valuable information to take swift and effective action. Armed with these detailed reports, hosts have the option to impose fines on disruptive guests or withhold deposits in cases where property damages have occurred. This not only serves as a deterrent for undesirable behavior but also provides hosts with a fair and transparent means of addressing issues arising from violations. 

The accessibility of such comprehensive reports enhances the accountability of guests, promoting a sense of responsibility and ensuring that the consequences align with the severity of the incident. 

Security and Risk Mitigation

Platforms like Alertify, the best noise monitor, offer comprehensive solutions that go beyond noise monitoring, allowing hosts to streamline the guest screening process seamlessly. With guest screening features integrated into a single platform, hosts can effectively identify and filter out high-risk guests. 

This comprehensive approach to screening enables hosts to collect essential guest information before check-in, including IDs, selfies, digital signatures on agreements, acceptance of house rules, and verification of payment details. By leveraging these tools, hosts can enhance security measures, promote responsible guest behavior, and ultimately protect their STRs from potential damages while maintaining a smooth and efficient screening process.

Automation For Efficiency

Harness the convenience of Guest Alerts and Welcome Link features provided by Alertify to streamline communication with guests. Hosts can leverage automated messages to enhance the guest experience. For all confirmed guests booked through online travel agencies (OTAs), an automated message containing a screening link is dispatched before their scheduled stay, ensuring necessary information is collected before check-in. Furthermore, once guests have checked-in, Alertify’s Guest Alerts feature takes over, promptly notifying guests of any disruptive behavior. These notifications are sent through SMS and Email, providing guests and hosts with real-time updates and allowing for swift responses to maintain a peaceful and enjoyable environment for all guests.


As Airbnb hosting continues to evolve, hosts embracing these trends are positioned for success
in 2024. From catering to the needs of remote workers to implementing advanced room monitoring solutions, staying ahead of the curve ensures a positive and secure experience for
both hosts and guests. In this dynamic landscape, a commitment to innovation and guest
satisfaction will undoubtedly define the success of Airbnb hosts in the coming year.

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