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More Bookings

Optimize Your Airbnb listing, Boost Your Bookings and Earn More Money!

95% Automation

Use The State Of The Art Tools To Automate The Repetitive Work, Be It Communicating With Your Guests Or Cleaning Team

Optimized Comms

Use The Proven Communication Strategy To Wow Your Guests, One After The Other

More ROI

Optimize Your Airbnb listing, Boost Your Bookings and Earn More Money!

Researched Pricing

Use Smart Pricing Techniques To Set The Right Price For Your Property

More 5-Star Reviews

Practical Tips to Constantly Earn 5-star Reviews on Airbnb

Hosting Tips

STR Hosting Life Cycle

Research & Setup

Running the show

Operations & Maintenance

  • Ensure Amenities Listed On Airbnb are available for guest and stocked up
  • Ensure cleaning is done after the guest departs
  • Look for any damages by the previous guest
  • Ensure property, and laundry cleaning meets the standard you promise to guests

Hosting Tips

  • Airbnb host – what it means being one?
  • House rules – best practices
  • Airbnb stay – how to offer the best stay
  • Airbnb guests – what you need to know
  • Airbnb listing – how to optimize it?
  • Contacting Airbnb – how to get in touch?
  • Leave a review – how it works on Airbnb?
  • Guest reviews – best Airbnb review examples
  • Airbnb superhosts – how to become one this year
  • Hotel rooms – how to compare with Airbnb properties?
  • Phone number – Keep Airbnb phone number with you always
  • Airbnb Cleaning fee – how to set it? Best Airbnb’s around the world
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