Airbnb Competitors

Have you ever heard about the Airbnb competitors? People merely know about Airbnb, but there are other options that you should consider. Airbnb is an excellent vacation rental plan, but it has many competitors in the market. 

However, Airbnb is a popular property renting venue with 20% shares of the whole rental industry. I know many of you have used this platform, but it’s time to find Airbnb alternatives

If we critically see the facts, Airbnb has over seven million accommodations in 191 countries worldwide. Isn’t it a vast network? We all know that the traveling industry is vast and has so much to offer. 

Airbnb is capturing travelers with excellent services and affordable prices. According to stats, in the USA alone, the day-trippers spent around $23 billion on vacations in 2012. 

Thus, the world has changed now, and you have plenty of options to make memories at less price. The time had gone when people used to prefer to stay in hotels. 

But it’s not easy to find the best websites like Airbnb. However, to solve this problem, we are presenting a list of Airbnb competitors.

What are the best Airbnb competitors?

“Good accommodation in the journey makes the way easy and shorter.”

Every industry has competitors, and the same applies to the vacation property industry. Thus, If Airbnb has a vast network, it doesn’t mean that other competitors can’t grow. 

However, it is the right time to give Airbnb alternatives to the world. Due to the massive demand for traveling, Airbnb competition is continually increasing. 

So, there are many websites like Airbnb that are working to provide rental property solutions. But it’s always hard to find the thing that will work out for you. 

However, we are making things easy and presenting you features of Airbnb competitors.

1. Homestay

Homestay airbnb alternative

Homestay is at number one in our Airbnb alternatives list. However, the working and functionality of the homestay are a bit different from Airbnb. 

The functionality of this platform is similar to couch surfing. However, here are the highlighted points of the

The vision of this platform is to serve the people with the best of their service. However, management is continuously working on converting the offline industry into the online market. The primary purpose of all of this is to provide a popular accommodation solution.


Founded in


Founder names

Tom Kennedy and Debbie Flynn

Offer selection of room form

More than 55,000 choices

Number of serving countries


Average host earnings


Key features

Apart from the above features, here are the following highlighted points to know more about this platform.

  • Homestay is giving a tough competition to Airbnb in terms of price. The starting price of the room is just $31 per night. 
  • The pattern of staying requires you to stay with the host. However, sometimes it could be awkward, and you will have less personal space.
  • Above all, in, your host could be your traveling guide. You can learn about the history and famous traveling destinations of that place.
  • You can easily chat with the host through messages. According to records, 2.5 million texts have been sent between hosts and guests.
  • The 4000+ reviews and positive rating of over 35k guests is an excellent way to build trust.

The pros cons of staying and sharing a room with the host could be different according to nature. Apart from this, it’s a fair Airbnb competition.

2. Vrbo

airbnb competitor vrbo

Vrbo is one of the famous websites like Airbnb. The full form of the Vrbo is vacation rental by owners, and it's also renowned as the HomeAway. However, Vrbo is famous for short-term rental options, and HomeAway is the sister company.

The vision of the Vrbo is to pair up the homeowners with families looking for the place to stay. However, Vrbo takes diversity and inclusion seriously and deals with the guest as a family.


(Vacation rental by owners)

Founded in


Sister company


Best for the

Family vacations

Positive rating

4.2/5 stars

Key features

Here are the highlighted features of the Vrbo, which is now working as the HomeAway. The following features are making it one of the strongest Airbnb competitors.

  • Vrbo has more than 2 million house rentals all over the world. It is one of those points which makes it a strong Airbnb competitor. 
  • Vrbo is a pioneer in the rental industry, and they receive 127 inquiries per property every year.
  • However, cancelation and payment policies vary according to the type of property. Some owners claim to earn more than $60k per year with the help of Vrbo. 
  • The size of the apartments is quite big and perfect for the family to stay. Above all, here you can enjoy big backyards and gardens in rental houses.
  • The in-built review system of the Vrbo is enough to win the trust of upcoming travelers. At this platform, owners can’t delete the bad reviews. So, if there is any problem with the property, then thoughts from previous travelers will warn you.
  • Travelers can choose from a wide range of spacious properties. For instance, here, you can find condos, cabins, lake rentals, and beach houses.

In short, you can all types of properties here, whether it is in the mountains or city. Vrbo makes sure to deal with the guests with the best of the facilities. 

3. vs airbnb emerged as one of the most robust Airbnb alternatives. However, it's perfect for people looking for a single platform to book hotels, cars, and homes. Here is the basic info about the is ahead of the curve due to its guest-friendly service. However, the user-friendly policies make it even more famous among guests. Above all, you can simply make the booking through the main website.


Founded in Amsterdam in


Available in

More than 43 languages

Serving countries

226 countries worldwide

Total number of offices

198 offices in more than 70 countries

Key features

  • offers a wide range of properties for booking. There are more than 27 million listings that cover 130,000 destinations worldwide.
  • There is a charge of 15% in terms of host fees on complete bookings. But if the guest doesn’t show up, then there will be no service charges.
  • The flexible cancelation policy makes it a more traveler-friendly option among websites like Airbnb.  
  • Above all, there is no booking fee for the users. However, the user-friendly service ensures a smooth, quick, and simple check-in process.
  • The built-in advance research and filtration system makes it a guest based platform. Along with this, it’s useful for the hosts to target the right customers. 

Due to more listings and high competition level, the customer will get the best facilities. So, instant confirmation and no reservation fee are among the fantastic services.

4. Vacasa

best airbnb alternatives

The extra cleanliness and premium service help it to stand with the Airbnb competition. It's a reality that Vacasa isn't as large as Airbnb, but good service is the thing that matters most. However, to maintain the excellent quality, Vacasa pays more than 5000 employees for maintenance and cleaning.


Founded in


Founder name

Eric Breon

Serving countries

18 countries and growing

Customer support


Key features

  • One of the coolest features of Vacasa is that they don’t use the home-sharing system. Vacasa curates the properties and makes sure the cleaning and maintenance is excellent.
  • However, with Vacasa, you can enjoy worrying free booking by following simple steps.
  • No charges for cancelation or change in booking, availability of mobile app making the processes easier.
  • Vacasa deals and serve more than 2 million guests every year.
  • Guests have the option to choose from the list of more than 25000 Vacasa homes. 

5. Expedia

Expedia Airbnb alternative 2

Like Airbnb, Expedia is quite a famous property renting platform. Due to excellent customer service and quality, Expedia is the most robust Airbnb competition. However, Expedia is a leading travel renting platform in the 1.6 trillion dollars travel industry.

One of the top advantages of Expedia is related to the visibility of a property. For instance, if you list your property here, it will appear at other travel sites like, Orbitz, Wotif, etc.


Founded in `


Number of registered properties

More than 1 million

Serving in

More than 70 countries

Booking sites

Serving with 200+ booking sites

Key features

  • The house owners will have to pay 15% of the commission at the confirmation of booking.
  • Last-minute booking available with premium service.
  • Local sites are working in more than 33 countries to ensure excellent service.
  • However, here at this one-stop-shop, you can book flights, accommodations, and car rentals.
  • The collaboration with the world’s most famous traveling sites makes it more attractive for house owners.

In short, more than 24000 employees in 33 countries are making sure to provide a clean and tidy living environment.

Airbnb competitor-wimdu

If you want to save yourself from the overpriced and overcrowded places, choose Wimdu. Wimdu is the famous Asian alternative to Airbnb which provides you the same concept of home experience.


Serving in

More than 150 countries

Headquarter is in


Best for the

Family vacation rooms

Key features

These are the following key features of that will help to understand better. 

  • The booking process is quite convenient and easy. However, the German-based renting platform has its roots in all over Europe.
  • Wimdu mostly offers rentals for homes and city apartments.
  • The renting properties have facilities like washing machines, dryers, and elevator.
  • Wimdu has more than 350,000 properties to offer travelers.
  • The app is easy and free to use. Above all, the built-in filters make it more user-friendly. 
  • The cancelation policy link with the consent of homeowners.
Alternatives to Airbnb Kid and Coe

The kid & Coe's primary focus is to eliminate the pressure of families traveling with kids. So, if you want to enjoy the traveling instead of pain, then kid and Coe are with you. This Airbnb competitor is perfect for providing a family-oriented place to the families who are accompanying kids.


Founded in


Founder name

Zoie Kingsbery

Best for the

Family and kids-oriented

Serving in

More than 50 countries

Key features

Above all, if you choose the kid and Coe, you don’t need to pack much. The properties of this Airbnb alternative are waiting for the kids with books and toys.

  • The family-oriented rental service offers safe houses with some toys, books, and baby supplies. The properties have enough items to keep the kids busy.
  • More than 1000 locations in more than 50 countries.
  • The booking price of every property varies according to the location and facilities.
  • Properties come with the sunrooms, surfboards, and sweeping backyards.
  • Professional photography of the houses makes it easy to get visibility.  
  • Hosts pays $99 to list the property. However, the promotion sites take 12% of the commission on bookings. Apart from this, all private bookings pay 10% of the processing fee.

However, the kid and Coe’s protection program is an additional facility to provide insurance to the business.

7. Home Exchange

Airbnb Hosting The home exchange logo on a white background for Airbnb Hosting.

Home exchange is a little bit different from the other websites like Airbnb. Here you pay the yearly membership of the $150, and then the service validates the user and property. Above all, you can swap your home with other travelers.


Started in

Early 90’s

Serving in

More than 187 countries

Customer support


Specialty in

Home exchange service

Key features

  • Home exchange is serving in more than 187 countries with 400,000 listed properties. 
  • By paying the $150 annual subscription, you can enjoy unlimited exchanges throughout the year.
  • There is 24/7 customer service in case of cancelation or any other issue.
  • Home exchange covers the property damages.

It’s also a reality that home exchange is hardly near to the Airbnb competitors. But it can help you to improve your hosting skills and join other websites like Airbnb.

tripadvisor airbnb competitor

With websites like TripAdvisor, you can reserve hotels, restaurants, and flights easily. Above all, you can find things to do at the place where you are going to travel. However, it is the best place that helps from planning to booking. If we say that trip advisor is the top Airbnb alternative and rival, it won't be wrong.


Founded in


Sites available in

26 languages

Serving in

190 countries

Partnered with


Key features

The trip advisor’s built-in feedback feature is the number one feature that forces others to use this website. However, since 2000 it is one of the trusted and most robust Airbnb competitions. Thus, due to these features, most of the travelers prefer to take information from here.

  • The host fee is 3% per booking. The commission consists of the hosts’ rent or any other optional payment for the property.
  • Since 2000 trip advisors’ rentals have received many positive reviews and winning the trust of travelers.
  • However, it offers cars, houses, flights, and the best deals under the roof of one platform in superior services.
  • Flexible cancelation policy.

Apart from the 830,000 listed properties, this user-friendly platform feels honored to help travelers with satisfying answers.

Innclusive website like Airbnb

Innclusive as the name is showing that it has a base against racism. So, it's precisely working to deal with this problem of society. The slogan of the Innclusive is to be yourself.


Founded in


The base of the foundation

To deal with the racism

Serving in

130 countries and still going on

Key features

The main aim is to give a home-like feeling away from home. However, anyone can rent a room here. For instance, it doesn’t matter if you are a student or professional looking for the space to live.

  • Innclusive accepts the guests and hosts irrespective of their background.
  • The service only shows you the picture after confirmation of booking.
  • The host can’t cancel the guest and offer the same booking to someone else.
  • The premium insurance policy covers in case of any damage.
  • 24/7 customer always support available to help travelers.

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