How to Write An Incredible Description?

The number one aspect that catches the attention of your Airbnb guest is the pictures that you have uploaded. What’s the next thing that compels visitors to book your rental? It’s an Airbnb description.

An Airbnb description intrigues the site visitors about your rental by providing them a detailed view of your unique place in the form of words. Give them a detailed preview so that they can envision themselves chilling in your place.

If a visitor is viewing the pictures of your place, then the next thing is to keep their interest by keeping brevity in your writing Airbnb description.

Below are some essential key points that you should consider while writing your Airbnb description.

1.Mention The Special Features In Your Airbnb Description

Airbnb site has millions of listings. You have to make your listing special from others and one of the best fools to do so is to mention the unique features of your rental in your Airbnb description.

Please take a minute or two and think about your place’s features, which sets it apart from others. You could highlight the amenities that you are offering or the exotic location of your rental.

For example: “We are 5 minutes walk from the beach area and a 5 minutes walk to the east to some of the best of restaurants. If you want to explore the marketplaces, they’re just a 10-minute drive away. “

2.Make Your Title Catchy.

Along with the images of your place, your title is an important thing that drives visitors to your listings. Make sure to write it catchy and intriguing. Use these title spaces wisely and use them to your advantage by mentioning the plus points of your place.

If you want longer titles to cover all the special amenities you are offering, use a capital letter for each word to make your title pop.

For example: “Beach Luxury Bungalow with Kayaks, Sauna, and Amazing View.”

3.Attract Guests By Storytelling

Your marketing has to be fascinating and compelling to make a sound impact on the reader’s mind. Remember, you market your place via your listing. Mention the experiences that you are providing in a storytelling kind of way.

In short, tell the story of your place.

For example, if you have a beachside outdoor setting, write your Airbnb description as: “You will feel like you’re experiencing your time in a piece of heaven. The sound of waves and the beachy breeze and the company of your loved ones will make your stay worthwhile.”

Make them envision themselves in your space. Tell them how great your rental experience would be by choosing words that do not directly emphasize the experience you would provide. Instead, tell them how they are going to feel and experience.

4.Know Your Target Audience

You know your rental space the best as a host. You understand what type of guests would likely be attracted to your listing or interested in booking your place. The key is to write an Airbnb description that attracts the attention of the guest you usually welcome.

For instance, if you’re listing your place that can easily accommodate a handful of guests and is suitable for large family hangouts, you need to position your description that would look appealing to the people seeking a place that serves larger groups of friends or family. If the friend or families are going on vacation together, they would want to stay and have fun together.

If you have a studio apartment, then target your Airbnb description towards a single guest or explorer.

If your place is situated between the hustling and bustling and fun city, mention it and attract those who want to live the party life on vacations.

If your place happens to be in a rural area, mention the serenity and calm to attract the guests looking for a quiet and beautiful site to spend some relaxed time.

5.Describe The Indoor Amenities

While the outdoor experience matters while writing the Airbnb description, don’t forget to mention the essential amenities you offer, like Wi-Fi, poolside area, party barn, etc.

If your rental is catering to a business traveler, you should add the comfortable working desk you are offering, fast Wi-Fi, quiet neighborhood, etc.

For families, you can mention amenities like kids play games, kids TV, kid safety doors, etc.

6.Keep Your Airbnb Description Honest.

Who wouldn’t want to get their place booked quickly when they are listing it on Airbnb. But that doesn’t mean you should over-exaggerate or oversell your place.

Be truthful about the benefits and also quirks of your place so that guests can decide whether they are willing to book your place or not.

Hiding the downsides of your place and overselling your rental will eventually affect your credibility as a host and would also cost you reviews. Also, your guests would then have a right to complain about keeping them in the dark.

For instance, if your rental is in an area where your guests can experience a power cut, mention it in your Airbnb description.

7.Mention Unique Perks

Some Airbnb hosts add extra perks for their hosts to get booked more. If you are one of them, mention all the additional perks you are offering that others might not provide.

Some special extras include providing transportation cards, a bike to get out and about, a PlayStation that you can use while lounging, a stocked pantry and fridge, special toilettes like soaps, oils, etc.

8.Give Them Answers Before They Ask

Write an Airbnb description in such a way that it answers all questions that guests may have in their mind or clear their objections that you think they might have.

Some guests can have questions like, how fair is your place from the nearest bus stop or a train station? Is there any marketplace or a shopping mall nearby? What kind of beds are you offering? Can they bring their pets along with them?

9.Write Your Description in Segmented Form

Not everyone would be interested in readings all about your place. For instance, a business traveler will be eager to know about location and amenities, while a group of friends would want to know the number of bedrooms, etc.

People search for the things they want to know about the rental and usually skim off the rest. If your description is in a whole article form, it will decrease the attention of the reader.

Start with:

  • A brief introduction about your place
  • A look at your place and living spaces
  • Amenities you are offering
  • Location of your place

10.Add Call to Action

This step is something not many people follow while writing an Airbnb description.

If a guest has read all your descriptions, it means he is interested in your place. Therefore, end your description with lines that would encourage them more to make a booking.

Here are some examples:

“My calendar is filling in fast; guarantee your reservation by sending me a message now.”

“I’m always delighted to host great people. I’ll be waiting for your inquiry.”

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