Welcome to our latest blog post, where we dive into a comprehensive comparison between two of the biggest players in the short-term rental market: Airbnb and VRBO. If you’re a host looking to make the most informed decision for your rental property, this post is for you!

Cancellation Policies

One of the most critical aspects for any host is understanding the cancellation policy. VRBO’s policies are generally more host-friendly. Their most lenient policy requires a 14-day notice for a full refund, while Airbnb allows guests to cancel just one day before and still get a full refund. This difference can significantly impact your booking stability and income.

Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, Airbnb seems to take the lead. Their intuitive processes contrast sharply with VRBO’s outdated approach. For instance, I once found myself in a difficult situation where VRBO’s method involved a direct, somewhat awkward, confrontation with a guest, whereas Airbnb’s approach was more streamlined and host-friendly.

Commission Structures

Both platforms charge around 18% commission, but they split it differently. Airbnb takes 3% from hosts and 15% from guests, whereas VRBO takes a 5% cut from hosts plus an additional 3% for payment processing, aligning their total to Airbnb’s.

Damage Protection

In the event of property damage, Airbnb’s ‘AirCover’ offers more comprehensive coverage compared to VRBO. While VRBO allows hosts to set a damage deposit, it doesn’t offer the same level of protection for more significant damages.

Website and App Usability

Airbnb’s modern and intuitive website and app interface trump VRBO’s outdated system. Managing bookings, communicating with guests, and navigating the platform is far more seamless on Airbnb.

Managing Bookings

Airbnb simplifies the process of altering reservations with automatic price recalculations. VRBO, however, requires manual price adjustments, adding complexity to reservation modifications.

Guest Profiles

Airbnb attracts a diverse range of guests, from solo travelers to families. VRBO, on the other hand, tends to draw an older demographic who often book longer stays.

Co-hosting and Property Management Features

Airbnb’s co-hosting feature is a game-changer, allowing for multiple managers with separate logins. VRBO doesn’t offer such an option, which can be a significant drawback for hosts managing multiple properties.

Final Thoughts

Despite the differences, it’s beneficial to list properties on both platforms. While Airbnb might bring in the majority of bookings, VRBO can fill in the calendar gaps effectively.

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