How to create Airbnb Wish List Tips

You can create an Airbnb wish list to save the homes you like while planning for your next vacation. This option comes handy when you have shortlisted all those beautiful homes and the time has now come to drop the coin. 

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1. How to create Airbnb wish list

STEP 1: When viewing a listing on Airbnb, you can click on the ‘Save‘ button next to ‘Share‘ button on the top right.

add a listing to AIrbnb wish list

STEP 2: The next pop up screen will prompt you to choose the wish list in which you would like to save this listing. 

If this is your first wish list, type the ‘Name‘ you wish to call this list for example ‘London May-20 Holidays’.

You can create as many wish lists as you want.

Choose the Wish List To Save AIrbnb Listing

STEP 3: Click ‘Create‘ to save your wish list. Your Airbnb wishlist appears on the next screen.


Airbnb Hosting A screenshot of the Airbnb save to list page.

2. How to find your wish list

When you want to see all the homes you have saved in your Airbnb wish list, just click on the ‘Saved’ menu option in the top right.

Find Your Wish list on Airbnb

On the screen that follows you will be able to see all your Airbnb wish lists, and you can see the properties in each by clicking on the main photo.

Manage your Airbnb wish list

3. How to edit your wish list

To make changes to your Airbnb wish list click on the ‘Edit‘ at the top of the list.

Edit Your Airbnb Wish List

In the Edit screen that pops up will let you do a few key things.

  • Change wish list name
  • Choose privacy options
    • Invite only
    • Everyone
Change Airbnb Wish list

4. Share your Airbnb wish list

If you want to share your wish list with others, click on ‘Invite others‘ on the list page.

Share your Airbnb wish list with others

On the next sharing screen, you can either copy the invite link and share with your friends or families.

Alternatively, you can invite by email as well. Just type the email id of the other person and click ‘Send invites‘.

Send invites to share your Airbnb wish list

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