How To Change Currency On Airbnb Website & Phone App

How to change currency on Airbnb? It can be be very confusing when suddenly you see a different currency on your profile and there is no visible option to change the currency. Whether you are travelling or hosting on Airbnb, default currency on your profile can change automatically based on your geographic location and if you […]

Airbnb Interior Design: Here is Fastest Way To Get It Done!

Wayfair, one of the largest online store for furnishings has announced that customers of its ‘Wayfair Professional‘ program,  can purchase pre-designed fixtures and furnishing for Airbnb interior design with just a few clicks, taking away all the hassles of providing a space for short-term rentals cutting the lead times and costs significantly.  All pre-designed rooms […]

How to Set Airbnb Rates: A Comparison of Pricing Strategies

As an Airbnb host, one of the critical factors in running a successful business is setting the correct rental rate for your property. There are several methods to determine the ideal pricing strategy, including Airbnb Smart Pricing, manually setting the rates, and using specialist dynamic pricing software like Beyond Pricing. This guide will discuss these […]

Houst: The Unrivaled Airbnb Property Management Company

Airbnb has revolutionized the way people travel and experience accommodations around the world. This home-sharing platform has enabled property owners to generate passive income while providing travellers with unique and comfortable places to stay. With the growing number of Airbnb listings, property management companies have emerged to help hosts optimize their listings and streamline operations.  […]

Houst: Revolutionizing Airbnb Property Management for the Modern Era

The property management industry has experienced significant transformations in recent years, with technology playing a pivotal role in streamlining processes and improving efficiency.  One company that has managed to capture the essence of this change is Houst, a pioneering property management platform redefining how landlords and property owners handle their rental properties. What is Houst? […]

How can you negotiate prices on Airbnb?

Negotiating a price on Airbnb can be a delicate process that requires research, communication, and diplomacy. In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through the steps involved in negotiating the price of an Airbnb stay and provide tips and strategies to increase your chances of success. 1. Research Comparable Listings: Start by researching similar […]

What is the Vrbo Service Fee?

Vrbo is the vacation rental company of the Expedia Group. It is globally renowned, with over 2 million vacation rental listings in over 190 countries. Considering the heavy traffic footfall on the website, it is an excellent platform for those seeking exposure and a steady income out of their property listing. But to make maximum […]

Airbnb Host Checklist – No-Nonsense Tips For Hosts

Whenever you start something new, it requires planning and preparation beforehand. It is the same with the Airbnb host position. It doesn’t matter how experienced or inexperienced you are; an Airbnb Host Checklist is an essential possession. The checklist becomes a go-to reference point to consult regularly as it makes sure that your Airbnb is […]

Which is Better Airbnb or Vrbo

While travelling and looking for affordable options of accommodation, Airbnb and Vrbo are two of the most popular websites. They both offer a variety of short-term vacation rental properties globally. But it is necessary to know the pros and cons and similarities and differences of both the websites before engaging further either as a guest or […]

What is Vrbo? What does it stand for?

While surfing about vacation rental platforms or maybe from some other source, you might have heard of the name Vrbo. But what does the platform offer? What is Vrbo? How is it different from all other rental platforms or websites that the internet offers? Why should a guest book from this platform over others?  Why […]

How does VRBO Work In 2023

  How does Vrbo Work? Vrbo, pronounced as “ver-bow” or “ver-boh,” is a popular vacation rental website. Before we dive into how does Vrbo work, lets, its vital to understand it offers a platform for income property owners to list their property on the website for a property listing in order to rent it out […]

Why A Pet Friendly Airbnb Is The Way To Go In 2023

Pet friendly Airbnb can be an absolute win-win situation for the host.  With this amenity, the listing is open to both – guests with and without pets, so…..I see no reason to back-off from such a trump card that is incredibly effortless in its initiation. To be an exceptional host, you need to keep track of the […]

How Does Airbnb Work? 22 No BS Facts About Hosting [2023]

Starting hosting on Airbnb is the best choice I have ever made. But in the absence of profound insight, about how does Airbnb work, it wasn’t a smooth beginning, and my learning was rather long and expensive. In this easy to understand guide, I have listed some beneficial things that you need to be aware of before listing your […]

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