For many years, Airbnb has been a pioneer in the vacation rental industry, setting new standards for quality and comfort with its Airbnb Plus Program.

However, in a surprising move, the company recently made an official announcement regarding the discontinuation of the Airbnb Plus Program. This decision has significant implications for both hosts and guests, as well as the future of Airbnb accommodations as a whole.

The History of Airbnb Plus

Origins and Launch of Airbnb Plus

The Airbnb Plus Program was introduced by Airbnb as a premium tier of listings designed to offer exceptional quality and comfort to guests.

Launched in 2018, Airbnb Plus aimed to elevate the overall guest experience by setting higher standards for hosts, including design, cleanliness, and amenities.

To qualify as an Airbnb Plus property, hosts had to meet strict criteria and have their homes inspected for quality.

Growth and Expansion of the Program

Over the years, Airbnb Plus grew in popularity and expanded to various destinations worldwide. Guests were drawn to these listings for the promise of a consistently high-quality stay. Airbnb Plus hosts, in turn, enjoyed the benefits of increased visibility and the potential to command higher nightly rates.

Unique Features and Benefits

Airbnb Plus properties were known for their attention to detail, often featuring stylish interiors, premium furnishings, and a range of amenities to make guests’ stays memorable. This program appealed to travelers seeking a more upscale and curated experience.

Changes in Airbnb's Business Strategy

The Reasons Behind the Discontinuation

Changes in Airbnb’s Business Strategy

Airbnb’s decision to discontinue the Airbnb Plus Program is rooted in the company’s evolving business strategy. As the vacation rental market has evolved, Airbnb has been exploring different avenues to meet the changing needs of hosts and guests. This shift in focus may involve reallocating resources and efforts to new initiatives.

Market Dynamics and Competition

The vacation rental market has become increasingly competitive, with many platforms offering a wide range of accommodations. Airbnb may have decided to streamline its offerings and focus on its core business to remain competitive and innovative.

Feedback from Hosts and Guests

Hosts and guests play a vital role in shaping Airbnb’s policies and programs. Feedback from these stakeholders could have influenced the decision to discontinue Airbnb Plus. It’s possible that hosts and guests had specific preferences that were not fully aligned with the Airbnb Plus model.

What Does This Mean for Hosts?

Impact on Existing Airbnb Plus Hosts

Existing hosts who are part of the Airbnb Plus Program will naturally be affected by its discontinuation. They may need to adapt their listings and marketing strategies to fit within Airbnb’s standard hosting framework.

Transitioning to Standard Airbnb Hosting

Hosts who were part of the Airbnb Plus Program can transition to standard Airbnb hosting. This may involve updating their property listings, revising pricing strategies, and embracing new hosting standards set by Airbnb.

Potential Benefits and Drawbacks

While the discontinuation of Airbnb Plus presents challenges, it also offers opportunities for hosts to explore other aspects of the Airbnb platform. Hosts can still excel by providing outstanding guest experiences, even without the Airbnb Plus designation.

Airbnb's Focus on Quality and Standards

The Future of Airbnb Accommodations

Airbnb’s Focus on Quality and Standards

Despite discontinuing the Airbnb Plus Program, Airbnb remains committed to maintaining high-quality standards across its platform. The company is likely to continue emphasizing cleanliness, safety, and exceptional hosting practices.

New Initiatives and Programs

Airbnb is known for its ability to innovate and adapt to market trends. With the discontinuation of Airbnb Plus, it’s possible that Airbnb has new initiatives and programs in store for hosts and guests. Hosts should keep an eye on announcements and updates from the platform.

How Hosts Can Continue to Excel

Hosts can continue to thrive on Airbnb by focusing on delivering exceptional guest experiences. This includes maintaining clean and well-equipped properties, providing excellent communication, and understanding guest preferences.

Host and Guest Reactions

Reactions from Airbnb Hosts

Hosts have varying reactions to the discontinuation of Airbnb Plus. Some may see it as an opportunity to differentiate their listings, while others may have concerns about increased competition.

Reactions from Airbnb Guests

Guests, on the other hand, may wonder how the discontinuation of Airbnb Plus will affect their future stays. It’s essential for Airbnb to address guest concerns and maintain transparency.

User Comments and Social Media Buzz

The Airbnb community is known for its active engagement on social media and forums. User comments and discussions on platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and Airbnb’s own community forums can provide valuable insights into host and guest sentiments.

Airbnb’s Official Statement

Airbnb’s Official Announcement and Explanation

Understanding Airbnb’s official statement regarding the discontinuation of Airbnb Plus is crucial for hosts and guests alike. The statement should outline the company’s rationale and future plans.

Clarifications and Additional Information

In addition to the initial announcement, Airbnb may release further clarifications and details about how the discontinuation will impact hosts and guests. Hosts should stay informed and seek additional information from Airbnb’s official channels.

Expert Opinions and Analysis

Industry Experts’ Views on the Discontinuation

Industry experts often share their perspectives on significant developments within the vacation rental industry. These insights can help hosts and guests understand the broader implications of the discontinuation.

Predictions for the Future of Airbnb Hosting

Experts may also offer predictions about the direction Airbnb hosting is likely to take in the wake of the Airbnb Plus Program’s discontinuation. This information can assist hosts in making informed decisions about their listings.

Hosts’ Transitioning Guide

Steps for Hosts to Adapt to the Changes

Hosts who were part of the Airbnb Plus Program should have access to guidance on how to transition smoothly to standard hosting. This guide should provide step-by-step instructions and best practices.

Tips for Maintaining Success on Airbnb

While adapting to changes, hosts can implement tips and strategies to maintain their success on Airbnb. These may include optimizing their property listings, understanding market trends, and fostering positive guest relationships.


In conclusion, Airbnb’s decision to discontinue the Airbnb Plus Program is a significant development within the vacation rental industry.

Hosts and guests should closely follow Airbnb’s official updates and guidance to navigate this transition effectively.

While the program’s discontinuation presents challenges, it also opens doors to new opportunities for hosts to excel on the platform.

Ultimately, Airbnb’s commitment to delivering quality accommodations remains unwavering, ensuring that guests continue to enjoy exceptional stays worldwide.

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