Furnished Finder is it good

Finding short term furnished rentals isn’t an easy task to do.

But furnished finder review is here with the solution for all of your problems. 

We know that many challenges and variables involved in the whole process. Apart from travelling and tourism, the other main concern is to find a travel nursing home. The typical contract duration and financial limits make it difficult to secure a property. 

Above all, it becomes tough to rent out a safe, affordable, and desirable property form market. However, travel nursing apartments involve many variables that make the process even harder. So, in this piece of writing, we will provide you with a solution for help.

Hospitals are hiring new healthcare workers due to excessive demands. However, in this regard, medical units need to travel nurses more. The hospitality industry needs to move fast, and we need advanced solutions to meet the supply.

However, if the nurses and medical staff are travelling out of the station, they need a place to live. So, the solution to this problem is in the furnished finder review. It is an exciting portal which has travel solutions for travellers, mainly medical staff.

What is a furnished finder?

If you are looking for the short term furnished rentals, this is the right stop for you. Furnished finder is working with its sister site “Travel nurse housing” to achieve milestones. 

However, with more than 1 million house searches and 24 million page views/year is making this platform attractive. 

Furnished finder knows very well that the medical staff and nurses always struggled to find the short term furnished rentals. However, the following facts insisted the authorities to start working on this project;

  • 44% of the travel nurses are struggling to find the short-term rentals 
  • Yet, around 33% of medical staff faces scams in this process
  • Above all, more than 49% of people said that they know at least one person who has suffered from scams.

However, the furnished finder kept this data into consideration and introduced a solution in 2004. Apart from the travel nurse, it is a perfect place for the professional short term furnished rentals. One of the main benefits of this platform is that; 

"Once you register the property at one site, you will be listed on both the sites and the app."

However, due to these cool features, the demand for this property listing and the renting platform increases. So, before discussing the elements, it is vital to know the basics;

Basic info about furnished finder

Platform name

Furnished finder


Property listing and renting platform

Established in


Main serving area

Travel nurses and medical staff

Secondary serving area

Tourists and other travelling professionals

Total listings

More than 50,000

Sister company

Travel nurse housing

But the furnished finder review doesn’t complete here. We have so much more information, which is undoubtedly going to add value to your knowledge.

Highlighted features of the furnished finder

Before heading further, here are these highlighted features of these short term furnished apartments. 

  • Above all, this medium is the top priority for more than 100,000 nurses proudly using this. Apart from this, more than 100 medical staffing companies are trusting the services of this rental site.
  • The short-term apartment listing is very vast, and you can find it according to your liking. In short, you have more than 50,000 affordable rental options. However, you can choose any of the property without paying markup or commissions.
  • Furnished finder always gives value to the customer’s time. However, in this regard, you will have to submit one housing request. Thus, after this, the support will connect you to the homeowners who want to host you. 
  • Above all, it tells the travelling nurse housing demand in your area. In short, it is one of the best solutions for those who want to list their property. 
  • The travel nurse stipend calculator is another shining star of this short-term rental portal. However, it is one of those features which they designed specifically for travel nurses. 
  • Along with this, the furnished finder is seriously working to make the properties safe for prestigious guests. However, in this regard, they run the “Free tenant screening” to ensure a safe and hassle-free stay.
  • Above all, the state-specific lease is available for all types of property. However, you can customise the lease and download it in just $29.99/year. 

In short, it is correctly working for the people who are looking for help during relocations. So, now, if you are going anywhere, then don’t worry about comfort and safety.

Furnished finder review: How does it work?

“The main aim of Furnished Finder is to ensure the mental pleasure of tenant and landlord.”

A furnished Finder is a specialised place for travel nurses to stay for 30 or more days. After knowing the features and functions in detail, we now move one step further. Yes, this step is to understand the working of the largest network. So, here are the following key differences between this and other large platforms; 

Safety is the priority.

The management of the furnished finder is aware of the safety and security of their prestigious guests. However, in this regard, this short term furnished rental wants to make sure the safety.

So, for this purpose, they partnered with the keyCheck, which helps the owner to find a perfect fit for the property.

However, this all in one platform allows checking the record of traveller and landlord.

In this analysis, both parties can screen about the credit record, background check, and eviction history. Above all, the key check allows the landlord to create a custom lease agreement.

However, the primary purpose of this document is to follow the state-specific rules according to the area.

Direct payment with zero hidden charges

The best fact about the furnished finder is that they don’t charge anything in terms of transaction or booking fee. Above all, all of the lease agreements and payment collections are purely between the traveller and landlord. As a result, you can choose the method of how you want to pay your charges.

Things go hand in hand; while discussing this rental’s working terms, we can’t forget the highlights. So, here is the review of furnished finder;

Furnished Finder Review

Positive rating

4.9/5 stars

Positive reviews

Furnished finder has crossed more than 200 positive reviews

Price per listing

Listings are no longer free. Per listing is $99/year (hotels, apartment, and complexes are extra)

Ratio of commission

ZERO charges as a commission for short term furnished apartments 


KeyCheck ensures safety with a free screening of tenants and landlords

Lease agreement

Available ($29.99/year) for unlimited downloads

Works in

More than 100 cities for travel nurses

Some other working rules:

However, apart from the above points, there are some different working patterns, So, it is vital to highlight these pointers for a better explanation;

  • This portal’s primary traffic isn’t related to travellers and tourists who are planning for vacations. But the main focus is on the medical staff who are travelling due to work assignments. However, the average length of the stay here is up to 90 days. But guests can rent these short term furnished apartments for at least one month.
  • On the other hand, one of the fantastic features is that they don’t charge any commission or booking fee. Once you list the portal’s property, it will feature at the sister site and the mobile app. Apart from this, the landlord can make contact via phone calls, emails, and text.
  • Above all, the automated matching process and housing request system are working hand in hand. However, with this system, we find the perfect match according to the tenants’ requirements. Furthermore, all communications are controlled by the higher authorities to ensure transparency. 

Furnished Finder review: What does it offer?

"Behind every great property rental, there is a good rental platform."

In short, the furnished finder commits to meet the needs with single-family homes, condos, and rooms. Apart from this, there are plenty of apartments, condos, cottages, and other options to facilitate travellers. So, here are the main features with detail; 

  • Area-specific travelling nurse housing demand
  • Travelling nurse stipend calculator 
  • Free tenant screening 
  • And Custom lease 

It is a whole process to find the perfect travel nurses’ house. But the furnished finder review has made it easy to find a match. There are many other qualities, but we are mainly focusing on the above points in detail. 

Area-specific nurse housing demand

It is a fantastic feature which is specifically meeting the needs of property owners. Yes! It’s for the landlords who want to see the travel nurse housing demands in their area. So, you will get this type of custom box for the housing request example;

A screenshot of a cell phone

Description automatically generated

Apart from this, you can learn about typical specialities and staffing companies. On the other hand, you can know about the housing options in your area.  However, you need to enter the city/state name for the results and get the results. We discussed earlier that this website is mainly for the nurses and medical staff. However, the functionality depends on the following points;

  • The apartments are furnished, clean, and safe. Apart from this, the property should be near to the hospital and comes with a short term leasing option.
  • Above all, the properties hit all the locations, whether these are near or far. The main aim is to target all hospitals to get a sense of easy commute.
  • Above all, you will get info about current nurse housing and city-specific travel by entering the stats.
  • Apart from this, you will learn about the local and nearby hospitals that hire nurses. However, in the analysis report, the stats would be about trends and statistics from the last 12 months.

In the end, we can’t wrap up the point without sharing the sample of the “Traveling nurse report.” So, for example, we entered “Pittsburg” and got this type of report;

Furnished Finder Review

Travelling nurse stipend calculator

A travelling nurse stipend is a fantastic tool if you want to compare the housing costs. However, for this, you can enter the name of the city where you will stay. As a result, you will get the furnished finder average rental prices of various properties in your area. Above all, you can see the price difference between private rooms and whole units. On the other hand, it shows the percentage of furnished rentals along with different perks. However, these perks may have the utilities or pet allow status. On the other hand, with this feature, you can see the following info;

  • The travel nurse and medical staff can see the current housing rental prices. However, then they can choose which suits best according to their budget.
  • Above all, you can find the top nursing specialities and staffing agencies. However, with the help of these facilities, you can effortlessly search for the job.
  • However, to get all the data related to the housing rentals, you will enter the state/city. After entering the desired destination, hit the “view stats” button and get the information.

So, we entered the “Pittsburg” and got this detailed piece of information for guidance. However, you can use this info to select the place that is near to the destination.

Furnished Finder Nurse Stipend Calculator


The chart shows that there are 21 units available with the five rooms in Pittsburgh. However, in the lower pie charts, you can see the pricing chart of all of these properties. 

Apart from there is another separate chart according to the perks you want to take in the rental. So, this chart is giving you an insight into the situation;

Airbnb Hosting A table displaying various hotel room types with Airbnb Hosting.

Apart from this, you can see the top travel nurses’ specialities and jobs in the area. In short, you can see and use any information for personal purposes.

Free tenant screening and background checks

Furnished finder always gives priority to the landlords and travellers. However, in this regard, they always try to come up with unique and advanced solutions. In this system, both parties can check about the credit, criminal, and eviction reports.

Above all, these screen reports come with the zero charges within a minute. However, the system which runs this type of analysis is called “Key check.” In a result, you get info about;

  • Firstly, keyCheck offers short, easy to read credit reports with a credit score. However, these reports are free for landlords. So, to generate the report, the furnished finder uses the soft pull technology. It is a credit report that ensures to keep you away from the bad experiences.
  • On the other hand, you can quickly get a nationwide criminal and exile background checks. It is another vital feature to ensure the reliability of the tenant. As a result, you can choose the best fit according to the budget and property. 
  • Above all, the owners can directly merge their properties with the keyCheck to enhance their credibility. Along with this, this system has the support to answer all the queries timely.

We can trust the system as they work tirelessly to offer the best value against your hard-earned money. In short, it is keyCheck that;

“Makes you feel safe.”

However, for the security check, you will have to enter the username and password. So, before clicking at the “Screening,” you will see this type of screen; 

What is furnished finder keycheck

Above all, if you plan to rent out a short term furnished apartment, then don’t worry about the privacy. Furnished finder doesn’t share the personal information of travellers with outsiders.

Custom lease

It is an ongoing effort that comes along with the “free tenant screening.” However, with the help of this feature, you can get a residential lease. It is vital to get these leases if the local laws of state or country are required to have this. 

However, with this in-built system, you can generate the state-specific lease agreement. Above all, the keyCheck makes it easier to create a deal for any property. 

However, for this, you only need to customise the form and then download it instantly. Furthermore, you can go back anytime to update or make changes in the previous document. It also comes with the following functions; 

  • The custom lease makes sure the cutting-edge security of both parties, including landlords and travellers. Along with this, there is a cent per cent surety about the secrecy. 
  • You can download fully customised leases anytime. Above all, the property size, length, and terms don’t matter in this.
  • But the unlimited lease downloads don’t come free of cost. You will have to pay around $29.99/yearly to get the custom lease.
  • Above all, you can use a single platform to manage all of the property-related activities. You only need to go to the keyCheck dashboard to manage your properties and info. Apart from this, you can always check customer portals to get more information.

However, to get the lease agreement, you will have to enter the username and password. So, after clicking at the “Get a lease,” you will get this type of box;

Furnished Finder Signup

In short, it is suitable for the landlords who want to get the lease agreements in less than a minute. So, everyone should get the advantage of these advanced landlord tools to get the reports in less time.

What are the pros and cons of furnished finder?

After knowing each and everything, I know many of you want to have crux in the pros and cons. However, here are some points which can give you a light to make the right decision.


Here are the positive points of the furnished finder over other competitors like Airbnb etc. 

  • Free housing requests 
  • Dedicated housing coordinators to assist at every step
  • Amazing discounted offers at hotels and short term furnished rentals
  • Free verification of the landlord
  • First and foremost, priority is the clients’ safety 
  • It offers free premium listings for the travel nurses and other medical staff with plenty of perks 
  • ZERO commission or booking fee 
  • Easy to use with a user-friendly interface
  • IOS and android apps are also available 
  • Cost-effective, affordable, and convenient medium to find short term furnished apartments
  • Cooperative and responsive customer support 

In short, the team has the dedication, strength, and high degree of attachment with the business. However, the platform does everything to give elite customer service to their clients.


Apart from the pros, here are the following rules of this short-term rental platform;

  • The starting listing price is $99/year 
  • The custom lease agreement doesn’t come free; the cost is $29.99/year
  • And the customer support isn’t available for 24/7

But still, you can check this medium to book your next stay. If you have any issue related to pricing, then you can compare through “Stipend calculator.”

How is furnished rental better than the competitors?

Before winding up the conversation, it is vital to go through with the little comparison. However, this contrast will help you to decide the thing easily. So, for the comparison, we take Airbnb as a competitor.

A landlord who lists the property at Airbnb earns around $950/month. However, earning depends on tourism. But due to COVID tourism industry affected so much.

Due to this, the Airbnb is facing lots of cancellations. On the other hand, the Furnished finder has a speciality for nursing travel. 

So, the furnished finder’s income didn’t affect much because the medical staff is performing duties. Apart from this, there are these points of differences in both platforms; 

  • ZERO charges as a booking or commission fee 
  • You can connect with the landlord directly through phone, email, or chat in the furnished finder app.
  • The minimum booking period is for 30 days. However, this means that the owner can save expenses of frequent cleaning, check-ins, and check-outs.
  • Furnished finder provides the free screening of the landlord and traveller to ensure safety.
  • Above all, you are hosting a professional, so don’t worry about the property’s significant wear and tear.

The main aim of the listing platform is to provide a meeting medium to host and guests. Now the reliability of each market depends on the short-term rental market.

So, the short-term market favours both parties; then, it is doing a good job. However, in the furnished finder review, we saw a it is little different from the traditional holiday-let platforms.

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