How Can A Good Airbnb Welcome Book Impress A Guest?

For your potential guests, your Airbnb Welcome book is the place where they can get all the information they need about your Airbnb rental to stay at your place. Obviously, your guests would want to all everything about your Airbnb rental when they arrive to enjoy a comfortable stay, and the first place they will look for all this information is your Airbnb Welcome book. Not every of your guest can be tech-savvy, and many of them appreciate an old-school, well-written printed Airbnb welcome book.

A welcome book for Airbnb is probably the first amenity they would be looking forward to finding for many of the guests when they enter your place.

A clear and conscience Airbnb welcome booklets your guests know what they should expect with your rental and the services you are offering.

1. How to Write a Fantastic Airbnb Welcome Book?

So, now you have an idea of how important it is to write a good Airbnb welcome book, the next thing you should know is how to write it.

Here is our comprehensive step-by-step guide that would help you cover all the crucial things that you should include in your welcome book.

2. The Welcome Page

Your welcome page must have all the essential information that your guest would expect to know after their arrival. Think of this significant page as an onboarding guide to your Airbnb rental place. Some critical information your welcome page must contain include:

  • Access code to get through the first gate
  • Parking information
  • Your contact information
  • Contact information in case of emergency situations

It doesn’t matter if your guest will read all the information provided on this page; it’s your duty to provide them with it. If you don’t include the above-listed information, there are chances your guest will contact you for help, and this can be annoying for them.

3. House Rules

You must have provided the house rules list to your guests before their arrival, but you need to reiterate what you have already mentioned. This way, your guests can have access to the house ule information any time they want.

4. Information about Local Transportation

Your guests usually are from different parts of the world. They probably will be clueless about the local transport.


Therefore, to make the stay in your town more comfortable, make sure to add contact information, routes, schedules, direction, and other transport-related details of your area.

There are some options that you should consider to include in your Airbnb welcome book:

  • Maps of local areas
  • Bus and train schedules
  • Taxi and airport
  • shuttle services

If your rental is located outside of the city, this transport information will benefit your guests. You can also add some tips that only locals know about getting around in your area. 


This information will help your guests when they are deciding their plans of departure.

Finally, don’t forget to add the check-out details in this section.

Viewing such detailed transportation information in your welcome book will undoubtedly make your guests’ stay hassle-free, and this will leave them delighted and you with five-star reviews.

5. Things to Do

Usually, hotels offer concierge services that Airbnb Rental owners do not. However, you can still make things easier for them by providing these services with your welcome book for Airbnb.
Some recommendations from locals are what all travelers love. 

The ones that come for vacation may already have their own plans, but it’s true that they might not know the area much, and they may change their plans according to your recommendations.

You should add a variety of activities to your Airbnb welcome so that it can appeal to all kinds of guests. Moreover, don’t forget to add your phone number, address, and website along with your recommendation so that your guests can easily find them.
Some suggestions that you can include are:

  • Tourist attractions (museums, local parks, historical places, etc.)
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping malls and markets
  • Nightlife fun places (breweries, bars, playhouse, live music, etc.)
  • Festivals and fairs

You can even add what recommendations you enjoy personally.

6. How to Organize Your Airbnb Guest Book?

The information that you provide in your Airbnb welcome book can be used in different formats. You should use a white or black binder with plastic pages to keep the pages of your Airbnb welcome book organized.

Also, make sure to add a contents page so that your guests can go through the information they require quickly.

7. A 'How-To' Guide for Electronics And Appliances

You may already know how to use the appliances installed at your place, but your guests might not know how to operate them. Not being able to use any appliance and calling you every time will frustrate your guests and will be time-consuming for you. 


Therefore, you must put each and every operating instruction in your Airbnb welcome book and avoid inconvenience.

Here are a few appliances and devices you should write operating instructions of:

  • The entry process (smart lock, front gate entry)
  • Thermostat
  • Kitchen appliances
  • WiFi
  • Washer and dryer
  • TV remote/ Netflix

8. Where Should You Store Your Airbnb Welcome Book?

You should ensure that your Airbnb guest book is easily accessible to your guests. Make sure you place your Airbnb welcome book in a visible location, like in your living room or coffee table.
It would be best to inform your Airbnb guests where they can find your welcome book before their arrival.

9. Conclusion-Airbnb Welcome Book

Your Airbnb welcome book always comes in handy when it comes to outlining rules that you would want your guests to follow. Moreover, it can substantially elevate your guests’ experience and hence help you score good reviews.

Yes, investing your time and effort in your Airbnb welcome book may be overwhelming, but trust us, it’s all worth it. The guests who arrive from other countries may have difficulty navigating through the area, and your welcome book may be a great help in this regard.

Also, this guidebook has all the necessary information your guests should know; they don’t have to call you for every minor issue. This way, you save your time and theirs.

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