If you are thinking about renovating your house or decorating your interior and having a small space, it might be on top of your mind how to make your small space look bigger. You might often find yourself struggling for space in your home.

Have you ever felt that the walls of your room are closing in on you? It can be stifling at times to live in a small space. 

how to create illusion of empty space

We all need some space for ourselves, where we can breathe in peace and be alone with our thoughts. But to solve this problem, you don’t need a bigger space always.

You can do work with what you already have. With proper renovations and decorations, you can make your small room look bigger, and then it will give you the feeling of comfort you were vying for.

By making some changes to the decor and layout of your home, you can do so. Let’s see how you can make your space look bigger.

1. Use Only One Color in Your Room

You might want to decorate your room with various colours and have a colourful look for your room. But this will make your room appear smaller and look overcrowded.

According to interior designers, if you use a monochrome colour scheme in your room, it allows your eyes to move more easily all around the room as your eyes won’t be interrupted constantly by different visual stimuli caused by different colour patterns.

Colouring your whole room white will help your cause the most.

2. Wisely Choose Your Furniture

In your small room, you must avoid putting large and cumbersome furniture, which can totally consume most of the spaces of your room. You need to decide which furniture are really necessary for your room, and only go with them. Getting rid of unnecessary furniture will create more space in your room, and the room will look bigger.

While using a sofa or couches, you can go for the ones that stand on the legs, not skirt around the bottom and block light as a result. Being mobile, light, and minimalistic while choosing furniture can help your rooms look bigger.

3. Strategically use Curtains and Drapes

If you use heavy and dark curtains in your room, your room might look more crowded than it would look with lighter curtains.

If you let enough natural light in your room, it will make your room look bigger, so it is important to leave your windows open so that natural light can enter properly, and having light curtains can play a crucial role in that.

And while placing your drapes or curtains, place them well above your window’s top, as close to the ceiling as possible, also let them reach the floor.

This look will create an illusion of having a large window and increase the perceived room size as a result.

4. Decorating with Tiles in a Special Manner

Airbnb Hosting A vacant room with a tiled floor for learning Airbnb business.

Tiles can play a massive role in making your space look bigger.

If you can wisely use tiling in your decoration, your room will have a bigger look, and you can do some specific things for that. They are – 

Using Same Colored Tiles

While choosing tiles for your space, you should choose tiles of one colour and apply that to the whole space so that the place looks bigger. It will work just like using the same colour in your room.

Choosing Tiles of Larger Size

The size of the tiles is also important in this process. When you have chosen your favoured tiles, you should go for larger tiles than usual. It will allow you to have fewer grout joints, and the room size will be reflected through the size of the tiles too.

The larger tile you’ll have, the longer distance your eyes will have to travel to go to the next tile, and creating an illusion of a bigger space consequently. So, it is important that you choose larger tiles.

Avoiding Busy Patterns In General

In order to make your room look more colourful and beautiful, you might want to go for different patterned and toned tiles, but you should know that these make a small room look really crowded.

You should limit using busy patterns as much as you can; in fact, using just plain same-coloured tiles will be the best option for a small room.

Using The Color Similar to Your Tiles for Grout

If you go for a contrasting grout colour, it will emphasize the grout lines and make the whole space look confined.

On the other hand, the impression of the place being bigger will be enhanced if you go for the same coloured grout, as the grout lines won’t be much visible, and the feeling of division won’t be there.

4. Final Words

By going through the aforementioned simple steps, you can easily make your space look bigger than it actually is, and you will have a feeling of being in a better personal space of your own.

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