iGMS Review

Suppose you host your property to guests as vacation rentals. In that case, you may know it’s not an easy thing to manage the responsibilities that come with it like manage bookings, maintenance, customer management etc.

If you own more than one vacation rental, all the management tasks will consume so much of your effort and time. Who wouldn’t mind a little help when you got so much on the plate to sort? This is where Vacation Rental Software comes into the picture.

What is Vacation Rental Software?

Vacation Rental Software is designed to help vacation rental property owners or companies with their management tasks. This software can help automate your vacation rental business so that you can run your business with ease and without any management error. 

This software enables the subscribers to create their own marketplace where guests can book your vacation rental property online. The built-in tools make your life easy as a vacation rental owner.

There are many Vacation Rental Software that offers impeccable features and honestly picking the best among them can be as confusing as managing your rental business. 

However, if you trust the experts, there is one name that stands on the top amongst Vacation Rental Software, and that is iGMS.

What is iGMS?

iGMS is a vacation rental software that assists property hosts to manage the various booking channels in one platform. It doesn’t matter if it’s Airbnb or VRBO or Booking.com, iGMS can handle the booking management tasks like no other software.

iGMS uses one single interface to connect the different booking channels and streamline their rental management processes. 

iGMS is a web-based software; therefore, the user can access it anytime, and at any screen they like. You can manage your listings efficiently without putting the extra effort of going through each booking platform separately.

iGMS Review: Key features

This iGMS review will walk you through the features that this software offers and their benefits.

1. Channel manager

This vacation rental software works as an impeccable channel manager to sync all your property hosting sites in one single interface. 

This does not only save you from so much effort and time but also reduces the chances of your property being double-booked. iGMS integrates and manages Airbnb, Booking.com, VBRO accounts efficiently.

Just adjust the pricing, available dates, occupancy, and have these changes apply to all the integrated channels, and iGMS will manage bookings and reservation and other management tasks for you.

If you run a vacation rental business on a larger scale, you must have multiple Airbnb accounts. Keeping yourself updated with every account will be an added burden to your already busy-self. iGMS integrates all the accounts that you hold and manages them simultaneously without any error that may occur if you try to do it yourself.

2. Multi-calendar

The multi-calendar feature works hand-in-hand with the channel manager. The multi-calendar displays bookings from all the platforms in one unified calendar which saves so much hassle of checking out booking dates of each platform one-on-one. 

The calendar also shows the booking length, money earned, and the platform from which reservation has been made. By selecting the reservation option, the calendar takes you to the inbox to get guest information or message them.

3. Messaging

Communicating with your guests is essential for keeping them satisfied during their stay. However, typing messages to each guest will be a cumbersome task. iGMS saves you from this hassle as it offers a robust messaging section that enables you to quickly and automate your messages. 

The message sent by guests from the booking platform will be collected in the iGMS inbox. Each conversation thread in IGMS inbox enables you to write notes for each guest and even see their reservation details.

With various templates that IGMS offer you can the one that you find appropriate and send it to your guests. You can also customise the preexisting templates according to your needs. These templates save so much time when you need to reply to common guest queries.

iGMS focuses mainly on automating your tasks, and this is why it keeps the template customisation and automation of messages very easy.

4. Task automation

Just like message automation, various other tasks are automated easily using iGMS. Say you’ve decided a task after every booking like housekeeping after the guest checkout, all you need to do is create a task, assign it to the relevant user, add instructions or notes, and schedule it.

5. Managing reviews

Reviews hold great power in making your business successful or sabotaging it. While a good rating can bring more guests, bad ratings can drive your potential guests away; therefore, it is crucial to properly manage the reviews.

Guests often give a good review if you review them as well. Using iGMS, you can automate and templatise your Airbnb reviews.

6. Easy team management

The management of vacation rentals is a crucial task, and you have to keep your staff updated every time. iGMS gives your team members access to cleaners and repairers and coordinates them to create a daily task list.

7. Mobile application

The handiest way to use any app is to use it through a mobile phone. iGMS offers a mobile-friendly version of this software to manage your vacation rental management straight from your cell phone.

8. Financial reporting

iGMS provides you with detailed financial reports of your business. It shows a list of reservations, transaction history, work orders etc. so that you can evaluate how your business is doing.


The iGMS cost starts at $1/night. Suppose you want the pro version with more features than the basic one you will have to pay $20/property/month. The best part is iGMS offers a 14-day free trial version so that you can subscribe to other packages once you are delighted with its features.


  • You can share your calendar information with your team
  • Single interface for multiple platforms
  • Scheduled and prompt trigger messages ensure guest satisfaction.
  • Automated reviews leave feedback for your guests.
  • Integrates multiple accounts of a single software
  • Easy online payment processing for the guests that reserved through Booking.com


iGMS can be a bit expensive than other rental management software.

iGMS Review: Final Thoughts

iGMS is a rental management software that has impeccable features that emphasise most on automation. The multiple channel API integration with the main focus on Airbnb saves you from the hassle of multiple account or platforms management. 

Overall, the tool is no doubt intuitive, and we found no vexing issues while using it. 

The customer support service response almost immediately if you find any issues while working with this software. Because iGMS focuses on automation, it is a reliable and time-saving option for small and medium number of properties listed through Airbnb.

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