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  1. Recording: You can watch the recording of my Webinar presentation at this link.
  2. Webinar Slides: Access the insightful slides from our webinar here.
  3. Local Hosting Regulations: Stay updated with local restrictions through Airbnb’s comprehensive repository. Explore now.
  4. Dynamic Pricing Tool: Elevate your property’s earnings with hotel-like dynamic pricing. I highly recommend Beyond Pricing for this purpose.
  5. Automation Software: For efficient message automation, calendar, and pricing synchronization across multiple platforms, consider Hospitable
  6. Smartlock Recommendation: Enhance guest security with my recommended Smartlock.
  7. Airbnb Masterclass: I’ve launched an in-depth training program. You can access it here.
  8. Tax Scouts Discount: Get a 10% discount on filing tax returns through Tax Scouts. Claim your discount.
  9. Market Research: For comprehensive market research and trend analysis in your area, Airdna Market Minder is an excellent resource (note: this is a paid service).
  10. Energy saving: For keeping your energy bills in control I recommend having this smart thermostat installed at your Airbnb property.
  11. Four Stages of Hosting: Dive into my detailed post about the four stages of hosting on STRSpecialist
  12. Alternative Listing Website – VRBO: Consider listing your property on VRBO for additional exposure.
  13. 1-to-1 Consultation: Book a personalized 30-minute consultation session with me here.

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