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30 Airbnb Message Templates For Hosts

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Here are 30 Airbnb message templates to assist in communicating with your guests.

These saved responses will help you to get 5-star reviews consistently.

It’ll teach you how to communicate with guests before, during and after their stay, so they leave as satisfied customers.

Some of the saved responses you’ll receive include:

  • Reservation confirmation
  • Check-in & check out messages
  • Things to do
  • Where to eat
  • WiFi details
  • How to ask for reviews
  • Early checks ins
  • Many, many more…

It’s very easy for you to copy and paste my templates into your Airbnb saved responses.


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I guarantee these Airbnb message templates will save you tons of time and help impress your guests with the speed at which you reply to them. All things that attribute to 5-star reviews.

I look forward to helping fellow Airbnb hosts achieve their goals in running a highly lucrative short stay business.

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3 reviews for 30 Airbnb Message Templates For Hosts

  1. Ian (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was looking for

  2. Willem Brislan (verified owner)

    I enjoy this product

  3. Georg (verified owner)

    happy I purchased

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