Reasons Behind Plumbing Damage

For homeowners, plumbing damage is probably the most annoying kind of household damage ever. Plumbing damage repair costs a lot unless you can file a plumbing damage claim, but your natural obligations are disrupted (you know what I mean).

Jokes apart, learning about the common causes of plumbing damage can go a long way in avoiding this kind of nuisances.

If you know where things might go wrong, you will take measures to make sure they do not go wrong. I would like to inform you about the five most common reasons for plumbing damage in this post.

Clogged Lines

Yeah, I admit, you didn’t even have to read my article to know that clogged lines is the most common cause of plumbing damage. However, it is what it is, and I had to mention it nevertheless. When your pipes get clogged, water can not pass through properly.

In worse scenarios, a clogged pipe might even break under pressure and make a mess of your house. What is the solution then? Very simple, don’t let your kid or your dog flush their toys in the toilet.

In other words, make sure nothing goes in your pipes through the toilets and sinks that might clog them.


Have you inherited your house from your grandpa? If yes, congratulations, not because you finally own a home, but because of the plethora of plumbing problems you will encounter. Old plumbing systems do tend to fall prey to rust and other sorts of corrosion.

It’s no surprise that such a plumbing system is not reliable, and you should consider replacing the pipes that show signs of discolouration due to corrosion.

You may wonder why it is even necessary to replace rusty pipes even if they are working just fine. If that is the case, feel free to keep them, and take my regards when you find your toilet filled with shit one fine morning.

Damaged Joints

In a pipeline, the weakest points are the ‘joints’. Pipe joints deteriorate over time and cause leaks. Like it or not, there is no easy and quick solution to this issue.

Pipe joints are supposed to get damaged over time, and you won’t be able to realise it as you can’t see them. At times damaged pipe joints make weird noises when you turn on hot water, but that is not a particular indicator of joint pipeline damage.

The best you can do is to get a plumber to evaluate your plumbing system at least once a year. Do not try to save a few hundred bucks for potential long term damage.

Too Much Water Pressure

Do you enjoy a bath with a quick shower? You might, but your pipes can’t relate to your enjoyment. Though high water pressure may feel nice, you may exceed the level to which your plumbing system can withstand the pressure.

Every pipe and faucet can endure water pressure up to a certain level, and if your home’s water pressure goes beyond that level, something very unpleasant will happen.

That’s why make sure you know the water pressure endurance level of your pipes and faucets, and do not go beyond that. If you are a fan of high water pressure, then make sure you install a plumbing system that can cope up with it.

Don’t increase the water pressure all of a sudden without knowing the capacity of your plumbing system.

Broken Seals

Last but not least, broken seals are also responsible for a lot of plumbing issues. Seals are usually installed around all the water connectors. Some other areas like your kitchen’s dishwasher door also require seals. Seals can get damaged for several reasons. 

Firstly, if the seals are not installed properly, they will not last long. Installing low-quality cheap seals will do no good either.

Over time, old seals seem to come off, wear out, or simply break. Do your things right.

Ensure good quality seals are correctly installed and watch out for wear and tear in your plumbing system in older seals.


So, the key to avoiding plumbing damage in your house is proper maintenance. You should not try to cut corners when it comes to maintaining your plumbing system.

Plumbing systems are challenging to repair when they are damage; that’s why you should try your best to avoid damages as much as possible.

Installing good quality plumbing materials as well as proper maintenance will increase the longevity of your plumbing system.

If you ever doubt that something might be wrong with your plumbing system, don’t try to fix things yourself, as you might make things even worse. 


Have you ever faced plumbing issues? Tell us about it in the comment section.

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