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Airbnb is quite an old and popular platform, but, nevertheless, not all people know how to use it. Today we’ll try to change it and show you good tips.

Tips for Using the Airbnb Platform

Airbnb is an online marketplace that uses the principle of the “sharing economy.” Here apartment owners offer short-term rentals for travelers and people who need to live in another city for certain other reasons. But in most cases, Airbnb is associated with traveling purposes.

The success and popularity of this service let more and more people understand that paying a lot of money for an expensive hotel isn’t obligatory to enjoy the trip to the fullest.

People who prefer traveling by car would agree with us and would say that having an apartment during the trip isn’t necessary at all.

Here each person decides for yourself. Staying in a tent and staying in a hotel or apartment is comfortable in its own ways.

Those who adore exploring new sites by car and sleeping in a tent should explore a completely new car tent. Check the xtm automatic rooftop tent review and upgrade your trips to a new, more comfortable level.

However, regardless of your preference, you’ll have to book an apartment with Airbnb; that’s why you’d better read a guide on using it.

Airbnb was launched in 2008 and seemed to look easy-to-use, but some people still have difficulties booking houses. 

Check the information below attentively because it will help you rent a good apartment from a reliable host fast and easily. There’s one important thing we want to tell you: don’t have too high expectations for the rooms. Any tourist who is browsing the list of available apartments wants them to look exactly like the picture, but it’s not always true. Something may differ, so take everything easy.

1. Pay attention to photos

You may think that there’s no point in booking rooms with outstanding photos because their host wants to earn money and nothing more. If you think so, you’re mistaken. Quite the opposite, many homeowners work on their photos and sometimes even hire a photographer to take good photos. First of all, people who post only high-quality photos that can’t hide any detail always care about their house and do their best to make it look exactly like the picture.

It means that a person is interested in hosting more people, making them feel comfortable, getting more good reviews, and having a good reputation. Such rentals stand out from the rest, and it attracts your attention.

2. Always use the advanced search

If you have a lot of free time, you may specify that you need a rental in New York, for example, and browse all really huge listings. However, when you visit Airbnb, you should know your needs because it lets you narrow down the search. The developers created a variety of search filters not without reason. Here are the most popular filters Airbnb offers to use:

  • Cancellation flexibility (you can get a refund when canceling a booking at least a day before check-in);
  • Dates (specify the necessary dates to see the available rentals);
  • Type of place (a hotel room, a common room, an entire place, or private room);
  • Price (you can set the range of prices);
  • Instant book (you don’t need to wait till the host approves your book).

If you press the “More filters” button, you’ll be able to identify the number of rooms and beds, choose the necessary facilities and amenities, house rules, and host language. Choose the city, use the filters, and you’ll see only relevant rentals. This tip can save you a lot of free time.

3. Always read reviews

Reviews are the most obvious and the easiest way to identify whether the host is reliable or not. All reviews on this platform are real; that’s why we must trust them. First of all, only those users whose stay was verified can leave a review about the host.

Both hosts and guests are as honest as possible. They can see each other’s reviews until they submit them; therefore, they aren’t afraid to express their opinions about that stay and each other as well. Check reviews carefully; people usually write rather long and extensive reviews, so that’s why it’s easy enough to miss an important detail.

Hosts usually describe their property using the best words and try to omit some drawbacks guests never omit.

4. Remember about taxes and fees

You may be glad that you managed to find a nice and cheap room, but you probably forget that you’ll have to pay more than you see on the website. It may be a problem for tourists with a limited budget.

Prices can rise because of the number of guests, so if you’re not alone, be ready to pay more. Don’t forget that Airbnb charges its fee, and hosts also ask clients to pay some fees (such as cleaning fee, for example).

An initial search on the service shows you only the base price without fees and taxes. Many people get disappointed after seeing the final price.

Also read my post on how Airbnb service fee works.

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