Are you an Airbnb host looking to elevate your hosting game and attract more guests? Look no further than your Airbnb profile.

Your profile is the virtual face of your hospitality business, and optimizing it can significantly impact your bookings and the trustworthiness you convey to potential guests.

In this article, we will explore the key points and findings from research conducted in the field of Airbnb profile trustworthiness and its influence on guest choices.

The Significance of a Complete Profile

  1. The Trust-Booking Connection
    • A completed profile plays a pivotal role in the eyes of potential guests. It’s the first step toward establishing trust, which directly leads to more bookings.
  2. Crafting a 75-Word Description
    • The core of your Airbnb profile is a concise yet engaging 75-word description. This description should cover a spectrum of topics, including your origin, personality, education, and interests.

Insights from Research: Understanding Trustworthiness

Peter Kwan’s Study

  1. Peter Kwan’s Perspective

    • We begin by delving into a study conducted by Peter Kwan, the Co-chair of the Home Sharers Democratic Club. His research sheds light on the perception of trustworthiness associated with Airbnb profiles and how they influence host choices.
  2. The Ideal Airbnb Profile Length

    • Kwan’s findings suggest that an optimal Airbnb profile ranges from 55 to 72 words. These profiles should encompass a diverse array of topics, such as interests, work or education, personality, relationships, origin or residence, travel experiences, and hospitality.
  3. Boosting Performance with Profile Enhancement

    • One takeaway is crystal clear: improving your Airbnb profile can significantly enhance your listing’s performance. A compelling profile can attract more guests and lead to an increase in bookings.
Enhancing Your Profile for Discount Success

Insights from Stanford and Cornell Tech Research

         1.The Power of Self-Disclosure

  • Researchers from Stanford and Cornell Tech explored the connection between self-disclosure in host profiles and perceived trustworthiness. Their findings offer several intriguing insights:
  • Description Impact: How a host describes themselves in their profile serves as a trust signal for potential guests. Trust is intrinsically linked to ratings and reputation. Notably, even though Airbnb ratings tend to skew high, the number of reviews received still predicts room sales, even when controlling for scores.
  • Profile Images: The research highlights that profile images are linked to perceived trustworthiness of hosts and can even influence pricing.
  • Profile as Promise: Researchers suggest a “Profile as Promise” approach, emphasizing that hosts should share information perceived as relevant and interesting to potential guests. Promises made in profiles are evaluated based on trustworthiness.

        2. Profile Length and Trustworthiness

  • The research showed that on-site hosts tend to have longer profiles compared to off-site hosts. Longer profiles often cover topics related to personality and tastes and can reduce uncertainty for guests when booking a place where the host is present. However, there’s a balance to strike, as longer profiles yield diminishing returns on trustworthiness scores.

      3.Diverse Profile Topics

  • Researchers segmented profile topics into Origin or Residence, Work or Education, Interests and Tastes, and Hospitality. The study revealed that as the number of topics in a profile increases, so does the perceived trustworthiness of the host. The most successful profiles often contain topics related to Hospitality, Origin or Residence, and Work or Education.

      4. Profile Length and Decision-Making

  • One crucial question explored was whether higher trustworthiness scores in text-based host profiles predict the likelihood of guest choice. The study found that when profiles are short, perceived trustworthiness almost perfectly predicts choice. However, as profile length increases, other factors come into play, suggesting a nuanced role of trust in decision-making.


Your Airbnb profile is not just a collection of words and images; it’s a gateway to establishing trust and attracting more guests.

By incorporating these insights and optimizing your profile, you can enhance your trustworthiness, boost your listing’s performance, and provide potential guests with the confidence they need to book their next stay with you.

So, it’s time to unlock the full potential of your Airbnb profile and elevate your hosting journey. Trust us; it’s a game-changer.

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