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Being a property manager isn’t as easy as it seems. You have lots of things to sort and have lots of items on your plate like account management, publishing vacancy advertisements, take care of the lease-cycle, maintain a budget, process the documentation task and many more. 

Juggling between these responsibilities could be tedious and tiring unless you have the right software to help you out. 

Property management software can be your helping hand in sorting out these arduous tasks. While the concept of using property management software is a new one, using them is pretty straightforward. 

This software can be your lifesaver when it comes to managing property-related tasks.

What is property management software?

Property management software is an application that helps landlords and property owners their rental properties, accounts, and finance. You may ask how!

Well, simply put, this software helps owners, managers, and operators automate the tasks associated with running the properties. 

The real estate market is ever-changing and very competitive. To help you keep up with the pace of the market, property management software enables you to efficiently design and control your property portfolio.

How property management software helps short-term rental hosts?

Short term rentals don’t usually generate significant revenue on Airbnb. There comes a time when the short-term rental hosts begin to look for other hosts and visitors connecting marketing places other than Airbnb. 

COVID-19 has brought many rental businesses to their knees, and Short-term rental hosting is no exception. It becomes necessary for hosts to find and explore new hosting markets like VBRO, Booking.com and other platforms. While managing the market reputation and other tasks is difficult many Property Management Software emerge in the market to help short-term rentals keep up with the business pace. 

There are so many Property Management Software introduced in the market that it is easy to get confused. I’m not going to lie; I used so many other software before finally opting for Uplisting as my permanent property management solution. 

What makes Uplisting different from other Property Management Software? Let’s discuss in detail in this detailed Uplisting review.

Uplisting Review

1. One unified calendar

Keeping an on your at the various website is difficult if done separately; therefore, Uplisting introduces a one united calendar that brings the bookings from all platforms, all listings, and all accounts in one clean window-a mess-free unified calendar.

This calendar gives you updates about all the bookings along with the source. Say you manage multiple accounts of a hosting site. Uplisting you can import all of them to one software to get them organised in a single place. I was relieved knowing that I don’t have to jump between accounts. 

One of the crucial perks of this unified calendar is that you won’t be double-booked when you list the different sites’ booking. 

Though the whole software is simple to use, the unified calendar is a piece of cake. This calendar filter helps you adjust many tasks simultaneously on all the platforms like rates, minimum stay requirements, location, type of listing.

2. Channel Markup

You may know that every booking platform has a different pricing structure. Airbnb charges around 3%, while VRBO charges 8%. Most of the hosts’ main goal is to keep the revenue consistent regardless of which booking platform has been used for the booking. 

What Uplisting do is it specifies a different markup rate for each booking platform? Now, this Channel markup feature adjusts your pricing according to the pricing structure of the medium used. 

Let me explain it with an example. If you want your revenue for a night stay to be $100, this Channel markup feature lists it on Airbnb as $103. It reviews the markup of the platform, and they adjust your prices.

3. Automation Tools

The automation tools that Uplisting offers are a lifesaver. These tools can send emails before and after the booking. It can even write a review for the guests. Although you need to edit the message for each message separately, these automation tools are still convenient. 

Do you want more control over automated messaging?

Uplisting offers you to integrate with another tool like hospitable.com. You may require to pay for this extra feature, but considering the effort and time it saves, it’s worth a try.

4. Managing Rates

You may think that internal rate management is a pretty basic tool and even Airbnb itself offers it; what’s more value could it add? The answer is Uplisting integrates with price management tools like Wheelhouse, Beyond Pricing.

So, let’s say you integrate Uplisting with Wheelhouse; this integration helps you syndicate your pricing on all channels automatically.

5. Integration with Zapier

So if you haven’t heard about Zapier yet, let me explain it to you first. Zapier is a third-party app that connects various web services. 

When someone books you, you would want to enter it in a Google spreadsheet to keep a record. Even you would like to collect people’s email addresses. Before making a contract, you also want the guests that book your larger properties to go through and agree to the rule book. 

Everything listed about seems like a tedious task. Still, by integrating Zapier with Uplisting, you can automatically perform all of it.

6. Pricing

The pricing of Uplisting is straightforward. For one property, Uplisting charges you $100/month in USD. The pricing is different for different countries, and you can pay them in your native currency.

For more details about Uplisting pricing, visit: 

Uplisting Pros

  • Uplisting is budget-friendly than other property management software, which is perfect for a short-term rental host.
  • The customer care support is impeccable. Just a call and you’ll have all your problems sorted.
  • The seamless integration with other platforms like Zapier, Booking.com, Airbnb makes Uplisting a must-try. 
  • Easy price management 
  • It helps you manage your overbooking.
  • Automated tools
  • Use to use with a clean and easy-to-understand interface.
  • Uplisting offers a 14-day free trial so that you can test the software before making a purchase.

Uplisting Cons

  • Little tag amount to create your personalised messages
  • Though the website is very responsive, a mobile-friendly app would be much handy to use the software. 
  • The visual reporting on the dashboard is not as elaborate as others.
  • You cannot change the daily price or total amount after selecting the date or discount the cost as a percentage.

Review Score

On the famous customer reviewing site, Uplisting has earned a 4.6 score out of five. It has been rated as ‘excellent.’ There many satisfied customers that left a positive review about Uplisting that shows the customer experience of this software.

Final Thoughts

Uplisting is unarguably an ideal Property Management Software for short-term rental services. Although other platforms may provide better third-party integration, they can cost you a lot. The Uplisting pricing structure is pocket-friendly, making it accessible to everyone. The impeccable customer service remains a call away to help you with any problem you may find during the software.

Put merely; Uplisting is an innovative solution to every of your short-term rental listing problems. With the unified calendar, automation tools, clean interface, Uplisting is now the go-to managing site for many hosts.

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