Vacation rental cleaning checklist

A spotless and shining vacation rental is the key to earn good reviews and five stars. But without a Airbnb vacation rental cleaning checklist, there is a chance you would miss one or things to clean. If your guests experience these uncleaned places, they sure are going to either complain it you or give you a bad review. It’s because no one would want to stay in an area that has the slightest possibility of being unhygienic. This would ruin their trip and eventually your name in the market.

There are many rentals in your area that are offering their place in pristine condition. So, it doesn’t matter how many amenities you are offering; your guests will choose the cleaner vacation rental. So, to remain in the business, you need to keep your property squeaky clean before and after your guest’s check-out.

A comprehensive vacation rental cleaning checklist can help you clean your place thoroughly and not miss a single place. We understand that keeping a to-do list just in your mind isn’t going to help, so we have articulated a thorough vacation rental cleaning checklist for your cleaning convenience.

1. General Cleaning

If you want to leave an outstanding and awesome first impression on your guests, welcome them with a clean and shining house that will make them feel homely and invited. In addition to good service and amenities, every guest cherishes cleanliness.

You know the first impressions matters a lot; work for it. Here’s a vacation rental cleaning checklist to dazzle up your place before your guests arrive:

  • Dust all the pillows
  • Clean the drawers
  • Clean every shelf and wipe the dust off decorative pieces
  • Restock and fold blankets and towels
  • Vacuum and then wipe all the areas underneath your furniture
  • Dust off all the light fixtures in the place
  • Vacuum and then sanitize all the carpets, floor, and furniture
  • Wipe the dirt off blinds and dust off curtains
  • Clean windows and mirrors
  • Empty the trash bins in the house

2. Living Room

Your living is the place where the guests spend most of the time. If they find anything that is unclean and filthy, it will be an immediate put-off. So make sure you clean everything. Here’s a  vacation rental cleaning checklist for your living room so that you won’t miss anything:

  • Vacuum the floor or carpet and wipe clean the areas under the furniture.
  • Wipe and dust off all the sofas and chairs
  • Dust all the shelves
  • Organize magazines lying here and there or any other miscellaneous item
  • Dust all the electrons like lounge TV, speakers, AC, heating system, etc
  • Mop the floor with an appropriate cleaning agent so that no cleaning marks are left
  • Clean all the doors, windows, and mirrors
  • Clean curtains, windows, and blinds

Dust off the pillows and cushions

3. House Exterior

Your property exterior means your garage and patio, and yes, these places are just as essential to clean as the house’s interior. Here are some things that you should definitely add to your exterior vacation rental cleaning checklist:

  • Degrease and wash the grill because a dirty and greasy grill will take the fun off the barbeque session
  • Wash all the exterior windows
  • Clean the gutter
  • Power wash concrete areas like driveways around your property
  • Clean your swimming pool sparkle
  • Vacuum and dust the garage
  • Wipe or wash all the outdoor furniture
  • Sweep the patio floor
  • Empty the trash bins
  • Clean and mow the lawn remove all debris like leaves, branches, and sticks.

4. Dining Room

While most guests do not hang out in the dining the most, they do the most important thing there; they eat! If they experience even a little bit of dirt and filth on anything, it will ruin all their dining time. So follow this vacation rental cleaning checklist for the dining area and clean each and every part of it:

  • Wipe all the dining chairs
  • Clean the tabletops so that there would be no food pieces left of the previous guests
  • Mop the floor even under the dining table
  • Organize all the cabinets and dust the shelves
  • Clean all the rugs and carpet
  • Clean the windows, wipe the blinds, and dust off the curtains
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Polish all the silverware
  • Declutter the dining table and remove all the unnecessary items
  • Clean the bulb fixtures and dining room chandeliers

5. Kitchen

Some guests prefer to cook their own food and would use everything in the kitchen. So, anything dirty will cost you good ratings and reviews because no guest would want to cook in an unclean, dirty, and greasy kitchen. Let this vacation rental cleaning checklist for rental house kitchens be your guide to ultimate kitchen cleaning:

  • Clean the oven, even its racks
  • Clean and degrease the microwave oven
  • Make sure there is no leftover or ruined food in the fridge
  • Clean and sanitize all the countertops
  • Clean and organize all the shelves and drawers
  • Clean the dishwasher
  • Restock your pantry
  • Sweep the floor clean
  • Empty the trash bins

6. Bathroom

Your guests would want to use the bathroom as soon as they arrive to take a bath. An uncleaned bathroom will immediately disgust the guests. Use this rental vacation checklist to make sure you have thoroughly cleaned your bathroom.

  • Dust all the bathroom decor and shelves
  • Clean and then sanitize the toilet from every part like a lid, bowl, tank, seat, etc.
  • Wash and sanitize the toilet cleaning brush
  • Wipe the shower heads and wash all the faucets
  • Replace used towels and fold them
  • Thoroughly wipe bathroom mirror
  • Clean the sink
  • Restock all the toiletries
  • Clean the carpets and bathroom rugs
  • Make sure there is no mold in your bathroom

7. Bedroom

Your bedroom should be the most relaxing place on your property. You must take care of its ambiance, and most importantly, its cleaning. Make sure to clean each and every part of your bedroom; go through our vacation rental cleaning checklist for the bedroom:

  • Vacuum the carpet and underneath the bed
  • Dust all the drawers and cupboards, decor, and shelves
  • Dust the bedroom chandelier and all the bulb fixtures
  • Vacuum the mattress clean
  • Wipe off the blinds and dust the furniture
  • Wash the curtains
  • Mop the floor
  • Inspect if there are any cobwebs, remove them from every corner
  • Change the bed linen and replace the pillowcases
  • Change the blankets

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