Airbnb Checkout Instructions

When anyone starts a new Airbnb rental business, they are usually confused about many things; one of such is what to include in the Airbnb checkout instructions.

Different hosts have different requirements for their guests when it comes to checkout properly. Some don’t have much-to-so checkout requirements; all they would want from a guest is to close the property’s doors correctly, while others have a comprehensive Airbnb checkout instructions list to be followed by the guest.

Either the case, it is necessary for you to have clear communication with your guests so that their stay would end on a happy note and your place won’t look like a complete mess.

When Should You Send The Guests Your Airbnb Checkout Instructions?

It is better to send the checkout instructions at least two days before your guests plan to checkout.

Notifying them how to check out two days prior to the day guests decide to leave gives them enough time to read and follow the instructions.

When people are on vacation, they usually do not keep track of time; these instructions would be a gentle reminder that your time to checkout is near and that they should organize the place to its original condition.

Things to Include In the Airbnb Checkout Instructions List

You can either use an app to send your list automatically to the arriving guests or place a laminated copy of instructions on the counter to make them aware of your checkout requirements.

When you try to set out checkout instructions, make sure not to make it so rigid neither too lenient; keep them moderate. Also, make sure your writing tone is neutral or friendly; never phrase your checkout instructions in a commanding way.

If you are wondering what you should add to your Airbnb checkout instructions list for a smooth and clear checkout, follow our list below and write your checkout instructions accordingly.

1. Checkout Time

Guests checking out at a time late or earlier than committed can be such a nuisance. The mention of the following time should be on the top of your list. Prepare a proper timeline for the guest’s checkout instructions list.

Your guests should provide you a specific time to return keys and leave the place in an original condition. Checking out of the guest at the determined time helps you prepare for the arrival of the new guests, keep the area organized and clean it.

2. Towels and Linens

You can ask your guests to keep all the linens on the bed so that your cleaning staff can easily strip them and get them to the laundry.

Also, designate a specific area like a bathtub or any laundry basket for your guests to leave their wet towels so they won’t make a mess here and there and are easy to find. When all the used and wet towels are at a particular place, they won’t be soaking into the floor.

3. Adjust the Thermostat Before Leaving

You can choose whatever temperature you would like your place to stay in and add this to your Airbnb checkout instructions list. If your guests left your thermostat set at a high temperature, your electricity bills would touch the sky, and it’s the last thing you would want.

You also wouldn’t want it to be completely switched off because your house would not be comfortable for the cleaning staff or the next arriving guest.

Not only the thermostat, but your guests shouldn’t leave any other electrical device like air-conditioner or TV on too. It should be the responsibility of the guest to make sure all the electronics are switched off before they checkout.

4. Take Out All The Trash

Taking out all the trash that the guest has made should be the responsibility of the guest only. This way you can reduce your cleaning bills and your cleaning staff would clean up the place in less time. Also, this practice keeps your rental feeling fresh all the time.

If your Airbnb rental is in a small building, it may have a large trash can with a lid outside the building. Make sure to let your guests know the location of the bin area. Also, make sure to point out that there should be no trash lying here and there other than the trash bin during the period of their stay.

5. Empty the Fridge

Ask your guests to take all the items they have brought themselves from the fridge except condiments. Mention to not leave any item that has been opened, have its expiry date near, or grocery items that tend to go bad after some time.

The next arriving guests would require space in the fridge to keep their items. If the refrigerator will already be loaded with things of the previous guests, your cleaning staff would have to take care of it, which means an increase in cleaning cost.

6. Load the Dishwasher

If your guests leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, you will have to give this task to your cleaning staff and will have to pay an extra amount. You wouldn’t leave the dishes uncleaned in the sink, and it would be a significant turn-off for the new guests.

So, tick this task off your to-do list ask your guests to load the dishwasher when checking out. This task isn’t something your guests can’t do and would take not more than few minutes.

7. Check If Anything Is Left Behind Before Leaving

This point is crucial as you wouldn’t want to take responsibility for your guests’ belongings after they have left. You wouldn’t want the hassle of contacting your previous guests about the items they have left at your place; neither would you like to mail them, given that you already have so much on your plate to do before your new guests arrive.

It should be your guest’s responsibility to take a walk around the house and see if they forget something.

8. Make Sure The Door Is Locked

You must have a lockbox attached near your door. Make sure to ask your guests to lock the door properly, return all the keys they have, and put them in the lockbox.

Also, tell your guests to close the windows before leaving to avoid any other person sneaking in your place.

9. Leave a Review

You can also ask your guests politely to leave you a review after they have checkout if they had a good experience staying at your place. If your guests have good things to say about your Airbnb rental, then you have a chance to move up the list, and if your guest’s experience is not-so-good, then you would know where to improve things.

You can download a printable Airbnb checkout sign from my Airbnb templates library.

Airbnb Checkout Instructions: Conclusion

Some of the guests may think that the Airbnb checkout instructions list is ridiculous as to why one would follow these rules when they are on vacation. Some guests don’t see it as their job to clean up their mess or check the electronic item before leaving.

However, there are many people who might not have any problem following your instructions. It’s better to give your place to the guests that know the value of someone else’s property and not take a rental like a hotel room.

One important point to consider is not to make your instructions list too long. This would irritate the guest, and therefore it’s essential to include the essentials only.

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