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Did you know that creating a perfect title can optimize your Airbnb bookings? You must be wondering how? Well, the better the title, the high it will rank on Airbnb search results. A good title generates immediate interests of potential guests resulting in more bookings.

How to Create an Appealing Airbnb Title?

Your Airbnb has to catchy and attention-grabbing. Your Airbnb title is the first thing your potential guests would notice, and it has to be impressive and appealing. Create a title that speaks of creativity yet indicates that your rental meets your guest’s expectations.

Try to keep your Airbnb titles short yet informative that would promote your rental’s best features. You have 50 characters limit; make the most of it.

Here are some practices using which you can create catchy Airbnb titles.

1. Make Your Airbnb Title Catchy

Create a title with the needs and expectations of your typical visitor in mind. Think of a title that will be appealing to the guests you are willing to cater to. Narrow down your focus to your target guests rather than using titles for all kinds of visitors.

It will be a great idea if you incorporate suggestive words in your title. For instance, if your rental is ideal for a couple’s stay, then add words like romance and love in your title. A title like ‘secluded beach house for a romantic vacation’ will surely attract those looking for solitude to spend some time with their significant others.

If your rental is in the business area, then you would have business travellers as your guests. Use words like ‘modern’ and ‘convenient’ in your title to attract those business heads.

2. Use All 50 Characters

The maximum character limit in your Airbnb title is 50; make the most of it. With every word, provide your guests with a new incentive to choose you as their host or give them a reason to browse more about your listing.

Sometimes it gets difficult to convey your message in mere 50 characters. This is where you can add symbols and abbreviations.

3. Use Appropriate Symbols and Abbreviations

Use abbreviations whose meaning is commonly known. These abbreviations save many of your characters and help you create your Airbnb title more informative and precise. Here are some abbreviations that you can incorporate in your titles to save characters:

  • Bedroom-BR
  • Apartment-APT
  • Downtown-DT
  • With-w/
  • Bathroom-BA
  • Air-conditioning-AC

Apart from abbreviations, some Airbnb hosts make their titles more appealing by using symbols. Browse the Airbnb site, and see many hosts using them frequently.

For instance, if you want to refer to ‘heart of downtown’, use a heart emoji instead of writing the word ‘heart’. These symbols not only save your characters but also makes your title more eye-catching, and your potential guests would not resist clicking your listing. 

There are many emoji keyboards available on the internet; you can find your relevant emoji from there and paste it to your title. A very website to get icons that are accepted in Airbnb title is

However, the key is to keep it minimal, never overdo it, either symbols or abbreviations.

4. Avoid Generic Words and Phrases in Airbnb Title

Catchy terms and flashy phrase helps you make your title more interesting. Generic words like ‘good’, ‘nice’ or ‘great’ describe just any property listed on Airbnb; also, it makes your title dull. Put your creative hat on and choose illustrative and unique words to describe the best properties of your rental.

Use adjectives that portray your property in the best way. Take a look at some catchy yet defining that you can use:

  • Rustic
  • Spacious
  • Insta-worthy
  • Secluded
  • Glamorous
  • Hidden gem
  • Couples private paradise
  • Peaceful
  • Resort

If you have been using the internet, you may know that using capital letters is akin to shouting.

5. Avoid Using All Capital Letters

Also, all capital letters give some in-your-face impression to your visitors, which can be annoying. Therefore, there’s no need to use all caps to grab eyeballs; instead, make your title creative and catchy. Instead of attracting your title, these capital letters are more likely to drive people to browse away from your listing.

Using all caps gives an impression that your listing is a scam or is of low quality. Make sure to use a sentence case and avoid all capitals when creating your title.

6. Highlight Your Rental's Best Features

The key to writing a captivating title is to include the best features of your listing. If you’re unsure which point you should add to your title, read your positive reviews and search what feature of your place has impressed your guests the most.

Don’t forget to highlight special perks that you provide your guests to attract their interest. Make sure to include free Netflix, free parking, free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, hot tub, etc., if you have these amenities in your property.

If you’re willing to offer discounts, make sure to include this in your title. Who would let go of good deals, right?

If you’re having an event near your area, adjust your title according to it to target the audience interested in visiting the event. For example, if there’s a musical event being organized near your place, then do mention it in your Airbnb title. This draws attention to a more specific audience.

7. Emphasize Upgrades

If you have some work done in your property or added additional amenities, mention it in your title to give it a competitive edge.

You can use some ‘preview words’ like ‘luxury’ and inspire your guests to read further about it. These words can tell your guests how upgrades can improve their experience at your vacation rental.

8. Mention A nearby Landmark If Any

Instead of mentioning your city, state your rental’s location by citing a famous landmark near it. Most guests look for rentals that make sightseeing convenient. The visitors go for rentals that assist them in following their travel plan efficiently and conveniently.

For instance, mention a famous tourist spot within walking distance if there is. This can make your Airbnb title stand out.

9. Mention A nearby Landmark If Any

The irrelevant information or words can make your title boring and eat up the limited character space. Do not mention how many bedrooms your rental has; it’s because such information is mentioned under your title anyway. Why use the precious word space with apparent details.

Secondly, it’s irrelevant to mention your neighbourhood or suburb in your title because the guests might already know it; they’re searching for a place in your area for a reason.

Some proven formulas for creating the most appealing Airbnb title


Creating an Airbnb title is no rocket science, but you must choose the correct words in the proper order to make it attractive and appealing. Incorporating all the things written above can be difficult, but the good news you don’t have to. 

Select what works for you the best and avoid irrelevant, less informative, and redundant terms and phrases.

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