On May 3, Brian inquired with the Airbnb community about desired enhancements, and from around 3,300 responses, these were the most popular requests:

  • Reduced cleaning charges
  • Enhanced search & filter options
  • Authenticated listings
  • Superior customer support
  • A guest loyalty program
  • All-inclusive pricing with taxes
  • An improved review system
  • More affordable rates

During the summer, we focused on these and other enhancements to enrich the Airbnb experience. Here’s an update on our progress in addressing five key suggestions:

Affordable Pricing and Reduced Cleaning Fees

Understanding the importance of affordability, especially in uncertain economic times, we’ve launched initiatives to promote cost-effectiveness on Airbnb. This includes new pricing tools for hosts and clearer pricing for guests.

Currently, 80% of hosts utilize our pricing tools. Nearly 680,000 hosts have employed our new tool for comparing their prices with nearby similar listings, and about two-thirds of hosts offer discounts for longer stays.

In a context of rising prices across the industry, the average nightly rate for a one-bedroom Airbnb listing in July 2023 was $127, 1% lower than in July 2022, while hotel rates have increased by 10% to $163.

Over 8 million guests have booked using our total price display for greater fee transparency. Additionally, this year, over 260,000 listings have reduced or eliminated cleaning fees, adding to the nearly 3 million listings that do not charge one.

Enhancements to Search and Filters

Recognizing the importance of finding the ideal accommodation swiftly, we’ve expanded our search capabilities in response to community feedback.

Starting today, a carousel will appear at the bottom of limited search results to showcase more available homes for similar dates.

New filters have been added for pet-friendly homes and king-size beds, responding to over 6 million pet arrivals in the past year and the popularity of king-size beds in over a million listings.

These filters make it simpler for guests to find homes that meet their specific needs, including those welcoming pets.

Verification of Listings in Key Countries

We are committed to ensuring guests feel secure about the authenticity and location of listings.

Later this year, every listing in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, and France will begin verification, with verified icons appearing from February.

Next fall, we will start verifying listings in 30 additional countries. This initiative is part of our broader efforts to combat fraud, remove malicious actors, and bolster trust within our community.

This year, we’ve prevented 157,000 potential fake listings from joining the platform and removed another 59,000.

Customer Service Enhancements

Our goal is to provide all guests with an exceptional Airbnb experience, which includes prompt and effective support.

This summer, we managed to answer 94% of calls in English within 2 minutes and extended this response time to nine additional languages.

From November, we’ll implement further customer service improvements to ensure guests are quickly connected with the most suitable agents for their specific issues.



In conclusion, the Autumn 2023 update from Airbnb marks a significant step in enhancing both host and guest experiences on the platform.

With a focus on user-friendly features, improved policies, and technological advancements, Airbnb continues to adapt and evolve, addressing the needs and expectations of its diverse community.

These latest changes not only streamline the hosting and booking processes but also reaffirm Airbnb’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the hospitality industry.

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