Inexpensive Wall Art for Your Airbnb that Looks Luxe

As you set up your Airbnb, certain expectations undoubtedly come to the fore. Your accommodation must embody comfort, cleanliness, and a sense of warmth. Yet, for numerous hosts, wall art often becomes a secondary concern, usually represented by a few arbitrary paintings placed on the wall without meticulous thought. Nevertheless, the inclusion of thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing wall art can significantly enhance the ambiance of your property, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

We will provide guidance on key factors to consider when selecting wall art and recommend a few affordable options available on Amazon. These budget-friendly choices of wall decor will infuse an element of luxury into your Airbnb.

Guidelines for Selecting Your Wall Decor:

The artwork you select should harmonize with your Airbnb’s aesthetic and local surroundings. The artistic elements for a rustic cabin will greatly differ from those suitable for a contemporary penthouse. Here are some key considerations for your wall decor:

Harmonize with Your Space

Your chosen art pieces should blend seamlessly with your living space rather than overpower it. Bear in mind the size of your wall space and whether a grand or modest piece would better suit the ambience you aim to cultivate.

Position your art at a height that isn’t too high or low, typically just slightly above eye level. If you’re arranging a collection of prints, varying the height can add dynamism and create a stylish gallery wall. Consider utilizing small spaces in your Airbnb, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms, for additional artwork.

Stay Away from Controversial Themes

While everyone’s taste varies, it’s important not to confuse personal taste with potential offense. It’s advised to steer clear of nude art, political caricatures, and religious imagery to accommodate a diverse range of guests.

Embody Local Flavor

Consider integrating art that symbolizes your local area. A depiction of the Manhattan skyline may be fitting in New York, but it might seem out of place in a Nebraska dwelling. Local artists may offer unique and fitting pieces, and even give guests the opportunity to purchase a piece as a keepsake.

Consistency in Color and Theme

Maintain a consistent color scheme or theme throughout your Airbnb to ensure a harmonious journey for your guests. Loud prints or alternating colors can be jarring and unsettling.

Solicit Opinions

If you’re uncertain about your art selection, don’t hesitate to ask friends or family for their insights. Explore other Airbnb listings online to gather inspiration and learn what other hosts are incorporating.

Prudent Spending

Avoid overpopulating your walls; a few impactful pieces can be more effective than an overcrowded array. Creating a luxurious feel doesn’t require excessive spending.

Suggestions for Wall Art

In today’s world, there’s no need for exhaustive searches at garage sales or galleries to find suitable wall art. Amazon offers an abundant selection. Here are a few of our top picks:

1. Lake Landscape with Birds in Flight

This canvas piece, measuring 24×24 inches, captures the picturesque beauty of a lake under a sunset with a bird flying over a tropical island pier. It is a compelling sight that can make guests feel instantly at ease and welcome.

2. Sunlit Forest Scene

The foggy forest scene can create a soothing and tranquil ambiance, which can make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable during their stay.

3. Vibrant Abstract Art

This piece features an abstract silver metal figure on a black and white canvas, bringing an element of stylish elegance and sophistication to your space. This can create a visually appealing environment for your guests.

4. Landscape Oil Painting River In Autumn Forest

This artwork, a reproduction of an oil painting, depicts a river flowing through an autumn forest. Its rich colors and detailed portrayal can make your space more visually engaging and welcoming for guests.

5. Floral Watercolor Paintings

This watercolor botanical artwork, with its floral design and gold leaf branches, adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your space. Its subtle charm can significantly enhance your Airbnb’s aesthetic appeal.

6. Mountain Abstract Decor

This three-piece geometric mountain print offers a striking yet sophisticated visual display. The combination of mountainous scenery and geometric patterns creates a unique and appealing look that can add interest to your space.

7. Impressionist Mountains and Valleys

This abstract nature-themed print, with its depiction of a mountain sunset and forest wilderness, adds a stylish and contemporary touch to your Airbnb. The vibrant colors and imaginative representation can captivate your guests and enhance the visual appeal of your space.

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