how to change payment method on airbnb

Don’t worry, its not just you, ‘how to change a payment method on Airbnb?’ is one of the most frequently asked questions.

For whatever reason, if you need to change your payment method on Airbnb, the process is pretty straight forward, but one thing to be mindful of is that each payment method has its processing conditions and it can affect the time frame of your payment.

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What are the payments methods accepted by Airbnb?

1. Payment Methods Accepted Worldwide

  • Amex, Mastercard, Visa, Discover – credit or debit cards
  • PayPal

2. Platform Specific Payment Methods

  • Apple Pay for the iOS app
  • Google Pay for the Android app

3. Country Specific Payment Methods

  • Brazil – Aura, Elo, Hipercard
  • China – Alipay, WeChat Pay
  • India – PayU
  • Italy – Postepay
  • Germany – Sofort Überweisung
  • The Netherlands – iDEAL

When does Airbnb charge your payment method?

  • If you are a guest, Airbnb collects payment from your chosen payment method once the host accepts your reservation request or you book a reservation with instant booking.
  • For Airbnb hosts, your payment is sent to your payment method 24 hours after your guest check-in.

How do I add a payment method on Airbnb?

Step 1: Click on your Airbnb profile picture on the top right corner of the screen.

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Step 2: Click on ‘Account‘ in the drop down that pops up.

change payment method on airbnb

Step 3: Choose ‘Payments & Payouts‘ on the next screen.

Choose Payments and Payouts

Step 4: To add a new Airbnb payment method, choose ‘Add payment method‘ on the next screen and enter your details.

Choose Add Payment Method

How to edit or remove payment method on Airbnb?

Just like the previous step, navigate to ‘Payment & payouts‘ screen under your Airbnb account settings.

Click on the three dots in front of the payment method you want to edit or remove.


Edit your AIrbnb payment method

How do I update my credit card on Airbnb?

To do so, you will need to add your new credit card as a new payment method on Airbnb. 

The process is same as explained in ‘How do I add a payment method on Airbnb’.

Can I change my payment method on Airbnb after booking?

Yes, you can change your Airbnb payment method anytime, but payment for your booking is collected at the time your host accepts your reservation request, or you book a reservation with instant booking.

If you change your payment method before the booking is accepted, payment will go out from your new payment method.

Change payment method for future payments:

If you have payments scheduled in the future for an existing reservation (ex. long term reservation), you can change the payment method for the future payments with these steps:

  • Go to ‘Trips‘ and select the trip where you want to change your payment method
  • Under ‘Trip Overview‘, click ‘Reservation
  • Under ‘Payment Details‘, click ‘Get receipts and manage future payments
  • On the Your payment details page, scroll to ‘Scheduled payments‘ and click ‘Update payment details’
  • On the Change Your Payment Details page, under Pay with, select the payment method
  • Click ‘Submit’

How do I check my payment method on Airbnb?

To check your payment method on Airbnb, go to the Account section of your profile and click ‘Payments & Payouts‘ option.

This navigation is described with more detail under ‘How do I add a payment method on Airbnb‘ above.

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