Lodgify Review

If you want to enter the short-stay rental market, then this Lodgify review is a must-read. We can see in the changing trends that more and more people are entering into the vacation rental website. But it’s also a reality that it is hard to stand out among the rivals. 

We can see around us that there many direct booking websites that are working. But the competition is getting tough due to fewer platforms.

So, that’s why we need a solution where we can reduce the dependency on third party platforms for getting business.

  • According to research, 9/10 property managers prefer to use direct booking websites. 
  • Above all, 29% of people are doing this with only ten properties.

The top property managers know the importance of using the software to improve their daily operations. There are many other advantages of property management software. 

But first, it is essential to know one medium that can handle all of your problems. So, for this purpose, we choose “Lodgify.”

Lodgify review: What is Lodgify?

“A good house rental management system could be an asset for you.”

In simple words, Lodgify is an excellent website building platform that is the home of the vacation rental website. However, with the help of Lodgify, you can make your custom-made website with ease and speed. Apart from this, this software has all those features that are necessary to run the platform.

In short, with Lodgify, you can create an efficient website to attracts people.

As a result, the increased number of tourists improve business. Lodgify caters to clients who belong to different time and space. It is a complete software solution that takes care of the financial aspect of the business efficiently.

If we talk about the Lodgify review, then the platform is serving a significant number of customers. In short, it has something that attracts the owners and tourists to use this platform confidently.

Lodgify Summary

Platform name


Targeted niche

Vacation rental website and management software

Head office based in 

Sunny, Barcelona, Spain


Cloud-hosted and Open API

Device supported

Windows, Mac, and web-based

Training available in the form of

Webinars live and documentation

Live support

Available for 24/7

Overall rating


Highlighted Lodgify features:

One of the favourite short-term rental websites is Airbnb. However, due to limited platforms, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd. 

So, in these conditions, Lodgify provides direct booking websites. It enables the website, manages bookings, and process payments. In short, it is the best platform that is assisting the people who want to create their own space in the market. These features help this platform to stand out;

  • Largest vacation rental website that grows the business and bookings
  • However, to ensure the quality, speed, and efficiency, Lodgify is working with marketing leading brands. For instance, the collaboration is with Airbnb, Vrbo, booking.com, and Expedia.
  • Above all, here, you can run your vacation rental website with your rules. As a result, you will get more bookings, connect with top channels, and save time.
  • Furthermore, it is the best solution for rental owners and property managers. It simplifies property management and helps to scale the business.
  • However, the property management software, website builder, and channel manager are automating the platform. Along with this, the booking software, payment processing is making it easy to use.
  • The websites are fully optimizable for SEO with templates, mobile devices, and GDPR. Apart from this, it serves all over the world by offering more than 30 languages.

Other than these features, there are plenty of others adding in the greatness of this platform. However, to know more, read the Lodgify review.

Lodgify review: What does it offer?

Before going further in the Lodgify review, understand that it is a rapidly growing platform due to unique features.

However, this travel tech software is doing wonders in the hospitality industry. The funding from notable tech giants is making it super famous among property managers.

Other than these things, there are these things that Lodgify is offering;

1. Property management software

Lodgify property management software manages all of the booking tasks, finances, and communications.

In short, it is the best all-in-one direct booking website. However, this platform comes with these catchy features;


  • It allows receiving all of the bookings in one place. Above all, it works with the other platforms to say goodbye to double bookings. On the other hand, you can offer quotes to specific guests.
  • Above all, here, you can manage teams and schedules using a single platform. The aim is to keep the processes easy for all involved parties. As a result, you can keep track of all activities in a better way.
  • Finance is the part that gives the most headache to the organizers. However, the Lodgify vacation rental website solved the mystery with a master solution. You can keep track of payments, recipients, dates, values, and transfer status at a single platform. All of the statements will update automatically and then will appear at your dashboard.
  • At Lodgify, you can simplify the guest communications with the help of built-in CRM. You can use technology to give a warm welcome to your new guests.
  • Above all, you can automate the most common responses to save time and predefined email templates are another source of easiness.

2. Website builder

Website building is the flagship feature of the Lodgify.

With the help of Lodgify website builder, you can quickly build and design a vacation rental website even without coding skills. Furthermore, there are more key features;


  • Optimized mobile friendly and professional templates add an extra element to attract the guests at your site.
  • Apart from the beautiful templates, the website builder comes with the booking system. However, this built-in booking feature helps you to accept the reservation from day one.
  • Lodgify templates allow displaying the site in 30+ languages for international guests. You just need to pick and select the language that suits the need of your area and property.
  • Furthermore, the kind of property doesn’t matter at the Lodgify. In simple words, it’s ideal for single and multiple vacation rentals. For instance, you can use the site for bed & breakfast, available hotel rooms, and professional vacation rentals.
  • The website builder of the Lodgify helps to increase the website conversion by boosting reputation. You can earn reviews from past guests and then use these comments to attract more visitors.

Add-on features of website builder

No technical skill required

User-friendly website building with powerful tools

SEO friendly templates help to find more guests

Accept the online booking by using a vast network of credit modes

You can easily add or modify the custom pages

100% optimized for the mobile screens

A custom domain is in the price with the website building

Secure booking system

Supports multiple languages

Customized websites with beautiful templates

Fast and secure hosting

SSL certificate, unlimited storage, and bandwidth

3. Channel Manager

Channel management is the solution that helps to sync all your listings across different platforms and keep the prices and availability synchronized. It is the best way to prevent double bookings.


If you have other listings at any other platform, then connect them with the Lodgify. You can do this with channel manager software iCal integration.

It is the integration that allows you to display calendar data and availability status for your listing. You can connect these external channels through iCal;











See my post on best Airbnb competitors and alternatives.

  • The integration tool and services of the Lodgify work amazingly, and you can keep it connected with other travel agents. In this way, you will be able to attract visitors from all modes.
  • On the other hand, the deep connectivity and integration help to keep the bookings and calendars updated. It means that it will automatically add to the other one when you update the info on one platform.
  • The channel manager of the Lodgify connects the listings with other platforms through API. In this regard, the VRBO, HomeAway, Booking.com, etc. work hand in hand with Lodgify to ensure premium service.

Advantages of using a channel manager

Automatically keep the calendar updated

Save the extra time and effort

Perform the tasks swiftly

Helps to manage all the lessons from one place

Mark up base rates for maximization of profits

Helps to increase the conversion ratio

Better visibility of the brand

You can look up all the activities and bookings from multi-calendar

4. Booking System

Lodgify is the platform that can multiply your booking with its state-of-the-art features and services. The better built-in booking and reservation system is the fundamental function of the Lodgify.

However, with these fantastic direct-booking websites, you can instantly receive bookings along with the online payments.


  • The built-in booking system of the Lodgify enables us to receive direct payments and bookings. As a result, you can save the extra money in the commission and booking fee.
  • Along with this, you can manage all the bookings from one centralized platform. In this way, you can avoid double bookings.
  • Above all, the integration with the top payment gateways makes it more comfortable to run the rental business. For instance, you can transfer amounts with stripe, Braintree, PayPal, Payyo, etc. These mediums give complete flexibility at lower rates.
  • Lodgify supports visa, master card, American express with checks, cash payments, and bank transfers.
  • The payment processing booking channels can process the payment from one medium to another.

Other vital features of Lodgify

Flexible rates and instant quotes

  • Flexible rates & fee

  • Create coupons and discount codes with ease

  • Enhance the earning by introducing add-ons (breakfast, airport pickup, etc.)

Take full control over rental income

  • Generate the transaction reports and send the payment easily

  • Link all accounts with the central accounting system

The automatic online payment process

  • Schedule payments and charge according to policy and settlement

  • Manage cancellations, overdue payments, and automate all processes instantly

Integrate with the platforms like

  • Square Space, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Joomla, and Drupal

5. Airbnb management software

Lodgify’s Airbnb management software helps you to manage tasks, bookings, and communications.

Here are the highlighted features of this management software;


  • If you are using Airbnb, don’t worry because now you can manage everything through Lodgify’s software. With this medium, you can see activities of all accounts, even from your mobile screen. In short, Lodgify is the best solution for property management software. 
  • Above all, you can integrate the guest communications and dealings all from one place. You can add the 5-star experience by automating the predefined emails and text messages for timely responses. 
  • On the other hand, you can sync the booking calendar of all mediums in one place. As a result, you will avoid double bookings, and the system will remain updated. You can also increase property visibility by connecting it with channels like VRBO, booking.com, etc.
  • Lodgify’s Airbnb management software got the award of “Preferred software partners.” However, this award’s meaning is to provide all the features and software that meets the Airbnb’s technical standard.

Key benefits of choosing Airbnb PMS

Automate routine tasks like cleaning processes and guest bookings 

Manage all the property related matters even from your smartphone

Automate the guest communication with predefined rules and directions 

The multi-calendar able you to see all activities from one place

Saves time and speed up the process

Provide plenty of chances to minimize error such double bookings

Why should you choose Lodgify?

We discussed earlier that Lodgify is the all in one and innovative platform that let the mangers to create a website. Above all, the forum is mobile friendly with the instant reservations, book now button. 

Apart from this, you can manage the calendars, industry-related information with the listing on external portals. In short, there are these for which we should choose the Lodgify;

1. Book your vacation rental website in 5 minutes

One of the fantastic facts that you don’t need has coding knowledge for website building.

However, you can start the online representation of rentals in less than 5 minutes with a user-friendly interface. However, these qualities are enough to attract more people; 

  • The website designing and developing the platform is best for vacation rental owners and property managers.
  • Above all, the fully SEO optimized expert templates help the owners rank the listing at the top. Apart from this, the templates are mobile-friendly and GDPR.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are using this platform form the east or west part of the world. The software solution is available in more than 30 languages. 
  • On the other hand, instant bookings with the integration reservation system are making a priority.

2. Manage the external listing from one platform

The thing that makes the Lodgify review most interesting is the integration with other top rental platforms. For instance, the dynamic synchronization with Airbnb, VRBO, booking.com, and Expedia is the highlight. The extensive integration has ended the need for hopping from channel to channel.

  • Above all, it helps to centralize the reservation management. As a result, the rental property will be able to reach out to more people.
  • Furthermore, you can adjust the rates at all mediums form a single click. However, the main priority is to give utmost importance to customer satisfaction.
  • With this function, you can keep the calendar up to date to avoid double bookings.
  • Apart from this, you can easily track and collect online payments with a tracking system’s help.

3. You can start accepting direct payments.

If you choose to use the Lodgify direct-booking websites, you can get direct online payments. In short, the highlighted function of the Lodgify is that it accepts online payments. However, all of the sites come with an integrated booking engine to receive the payments.

  • If you worry about the ways to receive international clients’ payments, then Lodgify has a solution for you.  
  • Above all, all of the payment modes have functionality in more than 190 countries. In simple words, it is the ultimate solution all around the world.
  • Apart from this, if you belong to different language backgrounds, then don’t worry about this. At Lodgify, you can talk to the support in multiple languages for payment settlements.
  • At Lodgify, don’t worry about the currencies in which you are dealing. Lodgify supports multiple currencies.

4. Flexible rate management at different platforms

In my opinion, it is the coolest feature of Lodgify.com. However, here you don’t need to worry about the flexible rate management. We already discussed that Lodgify works with the integration of different other direct booking websites. However, if you use Lodgify to build the site, you can set different platforms.

  • Above all, if you don’t like the already set price, ignore it with the simple click.
  • Furthermore, the rate management tool is straightforward to use with an easy interface. 
  • In short, here, you can dynamically change or update the rental rates at all channels with just one click.

5. Keep the excellent track of all ongoing reservations.

Lodgify vacation rental website allows you to manage all of the bookings, integration, and finances from one place. Above all, you can manage guest talks from one centralized platform. On the other hand, all of the bookings appear on one calendar, making it easy to see free slots. Above all, you can sync the Lodgify management system and other mediums. So, there are the following additional things that you can manage from a centralized medium; 

  • Reservations 
  • Availability of dates with the help of one calendar 
  • Rates and payments of the rental properties 
  • Messages and all type of other communication 
  • And listings of the property.

On the other hand, you can easily change the description of listings from one place.

Lodgify Pricing plans

“Price is what you pay; value is what you get.”

The Lodgify review can’t complete without mentioning the pricing plans. You can use this platform even if you have more than 100 rentals or custom web design. 

However, the starting price is $12. But the pricing plans vary according to the number of rentals features and listings. Above all, you can get the 7-days free trial before buying the long-term subscription. 

There is no setup fee before joining the Lodgify. Above all, you can save up to 20% yearly and 25% at a two-year plan. Apart from the pricing plans here the things that you can get here;

Starting price


Free trial

7-days free trial period

Minimum and maximum listings at Lodgify

From 1 property to more than 1,000 properties

Setup fee

No setup fee while joining

Plan switching

Can change or switch the plan anytime

Custom plans

Custom plans are available with more than 100 direct booking websites

Above all, you can use any external domain name with the external provider. On the other hand, you can also register the new domain with Lodgify. However, you just need to follow these pricing plans and get all features;

Lodgify Pricing Plans reviewed

Lodgify Pros and Cons

After reading the Lodgify review, it seems that it works well for the property managers. Though the service is outstanding, we can’t give a verdict without knowing the pros and cons. 


  • Lodgify provides an overall good experience 
  • Ease of use, implementation, communication, and renters
  • Reduce the chances of double bookings 
  • Ease of communication with predefined emails and text messages 
  • The great value of money
  • 24/7 customer service 
  • A reliable professional and visionary company with dedicated staff
  • Independent platform with significant collaboration with other top channels
  • The central calendar uses to save time 
  • No setup fee and no credit card detail
  • The starting price is quite reasonable

Above all, you can enjoy the 7-day free trials to check the services. In short, it is one of the best ways to grow bookings with a vacation rental website.


  • It’s not suitable for the part-time hosts.
  • There is room for improvement in customer support services.
  • Sometimes the system receives unknown errors.

At the end of the Lodgify review, we can say that after reading out full features and functions, take the decision. In short, integration is the thing that makes this software a unique rental medium.

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