how to Remove Airbnb Review

No matter how hard you try to please guests, sooner or later every host end up having a review that is entirely unfair, vindictive or unjustified, and then you start wondering how to remove Airbnb review from your profile?

Needless to say having a negative review on your Airbnb profile directly impacts the number of booking you will get but …

  • Is it possible to remove Airbnb review? 
  • How difficult it is to remove Airbnb review?
  • .. and what are your options if can’t remove the bad review? 

Is it possible to remove Airbnb review?

It’s not very difficult to find reviews as such this on Airbnb..


Airbnb bad review example

Without going into detail of what might have gone wrong or who might be at fault..the chances of getting such a review removed are NIL.

Yes, you can ask Airbnb to remove a review, but they will consider your request only if it violates Airbnb content policy which practically means the review has to fit in one or more of the following points.

1. Guest demanding something in return

Often, Airbnb guests, try to turn the host into a review hostage! If the guest threatens you with a bad review or asks for a discount in return of a positive review – as long as you have a documentary proof for this – it is not very difficult in getting Airbnb to remove the review.

2. The Airbnb review contains personal information

If the guest mentions identifiable information about the host or the property such full name, phone number or address of the property or any other indirect clues to such information – that is grounds for removal!

3. The review talks about a person’s social, political or religious views

If the guest comments about someone’s social, political, ethical views in the Airbnb review – you won’t have any difficulty get it removed.

4. Name-calling or comments about a person’s personality or character

If the guest comments host personality or style, that’s a clear violation of Airbnb content policy and warrants removal.

5. Refers to circumstances entirely outside of Airbnb host’s control

If the guest had a bad experience with something else beyond the Airbnb hosts remit such as Airline, taxi, restaurant etc.

Airbnb understands that it has nothing to with the host and using such circumstances as the basis of a bad review is considered wrong and can be removed after Airbnb mediation.

6. Never actually stayed at the property

If you can prove that the guest who booked and reviewed your property never actually stayed there (booked for someone else), you’ll be able to ask Airbnb to remove it.

7. The review mentions an Airbnb resolution centre case

If the guest suggests getting a refund or even asking for one and mentions about an ongoing Airbnb investigation – this can easily be the grounds for having the review removed!

8. It is an outright lie

Majority of the bad reviews fall in this category, but it is hardest to prove as well.

But if you can prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that the guest is lying, Airbnb might be able to remove the review for you. It is entirely on the Airbnb case managers discretion though, so make sure you are extra nice to him/her.

How to request to remove Airbnb review?

If you feel the review clearly falls in one of the categories mentioned above, you can request for Airbnb review moderation. Remember, Airbnb does not mediate disputes concerning truth or fairness and your request may be outright rejected.

Step 1: Head over to Airbnb contact us page.

Step 2: Choose ‘It’s something else’ on the page that loads.

Contact Airbnb to Remove Airbnb review

Step 3: Choose ‘I still need help’ at the bottom of next screen.

Request Airbnb to remove airbnb review

Step 4: Choose the appropriate option you would prefer to get in touch with them.
(You can read more about how to contact Airbnb in my previous blog post)

When your request to remove Airbnb review gets rejected

Like in the majority of the cases, when your request to remove Airbnb review gets rejected, it is undoubtedly the end of the road in Airbnb customer services processes. You cannot re-appeal or escalate it with customer services.

Try reaching Airbnb on social media

The next option can be to try to get Airbnb’s attention on social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. You will need to spend a lot of time to push your concerns up, try to engage as many people you can with your topic to get Airbnb attention and hope they decide to give it a second thought.

Leave a public response to the bad review on Airbnb

The worst way to with a bad review on Airbnb is to leave a public response such as this:
How to deal with a bad airbnb review

It is full of vengeance and certainly not going to impress anyone looking to book a holiday in your property.

To give a positive spin to a bad review on Airbnb:

1. Apologies (no matter what)

Running an Airbnb is not real estate business, its hospitality and the mantra for this industry is “the customer is always right”. Even when you think the guest’s review is unfair, apologies for the inconvenience.

Don’t completely deny it, appreciate the complaint and indicate you are trying to understand from their perspective.

Let them know you feel genuinely sorry for their bad experience.

2. Be Professional

Don’t let it turn into a verbal argument, and the public response is more for your future guests to see instead of trying to break even with the lousy guest. 

A hostile response will only turn off other potential guests, and tarnish your professional image.

3. Acknowledge Fault

Where you feel things could have been better from your end, accept it with an open heart. 

4. Avoid bad Airbnb reviews: Learn, Absorb, Improve

What could you have done differently? 
Did the guest highlight a weak point?
Is there something that you could improve?
A lot of positives can come from a bad Airbnb review. Take it as something that you can learn and improve from will help you to move on and keep growing your business.

Hit the ultimate reset button

When nothing else works in your quest to remove Airbnb review, and you think it is going to have an immense negative impact on your business and will be too difficult to recover from….the last wise option will be to unlist that listing and create a new Airbnb listing or even a new profile.

This may sound daunting, primarily when you have worked hard to build up a great review base. But a fresh start can help to wash away the stress and anxiety and give you a chance to start over.

Knowingly or unknowingly Airbnb allows duplicate listing.

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