Based on user interactions, reviews, and the uniqueness of listings, these homes emerged as leaders from amongst millions, beautifully exemplifying our platform’s diverse range.

Airbnb, in its constant endeavor to elevate travel experiences, is proud to present the culmination of extensive research – an enticing collection of the world’s most sought-after properties for 2023.

Airbnb Top 13 Most Desired Properties

1. Gatlinburg, Tennessee – Whispering Creek Cabin:

Nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains, this cabin is an epitome of an idyllic retreat. A union of timeless rustic charm with contemporary elegance, its interiors showcase polished wooden aesthetics and modern-day comforts.

Wide windows act as frames to the picturesque outdoors, drawing in the verdant scenery and tranquil sounds of the surrounding forest.

Perfect for both adventure seekers and those in search of serenity, the cabin offers proximal trails for enthusiastic hikers, while its cozy corners are perfect for introspective moments.

A stay here is not just about the place but the immersion into the wild essence of Tennessee.

Airbnb Top 13 Most Desired Properties of 2023

2. Cape Town, South Africa – Oceanview Elegance:

Elevated over the rugged coastline of Cape Town, this luxurious dwelling boasts magnificent panoramas of the azure Hout Bay Beach.

Beyond just vistas, the residence tells a story of sophistication intertwined with local culture. Its interiors elegantly juxtapose modern architecture with elements of traditional African artistry.

Spacious balconies beckon guests to enjoy sundowners, gazing upon the golden hues of sunset. The infinity pool, giving an illusion of merging with the ocean, adds to the ethereal experience.

This property is a harmonious blend of comfort, culture, and unparalleled sea views, offering guests a piece of South African paradise.

Airbnb Top 13 Most Desired Properties of 2023

3. Joshua Tree, Calif – The Architectural Wonder:

Rising majestically amidst the arid landscape of Joshua Tree, this 22-story building is a testament to innovative design.

Conceived by the brilliant mind of Chris Hanley, each floor of this edifice surprises with its unique thematic concept, ranging from zen gardens to modern art installations.

The exterior’s reflective surfaces capture the shifting moods of the desert, from dawn’s gentle glow to twilight’s fiery canvas. With floor-to-ceiling windows in strategic spots, guests can indulge in panoramic views, making it a sensory feast of sight and design.

This structure challenges the conventional, offering an unparalleled escape into architectural marvel and desert magic.

Airbnb Top 13 Most Desired Properties of 2023

4. Joshua Tree, Calif – Casa Coyotes:

A symbol of desert luxury, Casa Coyotes stands proud near the iconic Joshua Tree National Park. Paying homage to its surroundings, the villa incorporates indigenous designs and materials, ensuring it complements rather than contrasts its environment. Inside, guests are welcomed by opulent rooms adorned with curated art pieces and contemporary amenities.

The property also offers expansive outdoor lounging areas, perfect for stargazing or simply soaking in the tranquility of the desert. With every detail meticulously crafted, from its outdoor spa to the succulent gardens, it’s more than just a stay—it’s a holistic Joshua Tree experience.

Airbnb Top 13 Most Desired Properties of 2023

5. Varen, France – Historic Le Moulin Vert:

The Le Moulin Vert is a living relic, a 13th-century mill nestled in the lush French countryside. Its storied stone walls echo with centuries of history, making it a portal to medieval Europe.

A stroll around reveals meticulously manicured gardens, the sound of water serenading from the nearby river, adding an enchanting soundtrack.

Inside, the juxtaposition is startling yet seamless: modern amenities cuddle up to ancient architecture. Ancient wooden beams, vintage artifacts, and contemporary furnishings harmonize, creating a rich tapestry of old and new.

A stay here is an evocative journey, a rare chance to live within walls that have stood the test of time while enjoying the comforts of today

Airbnb Top 13 Most Desired Properties of 2023

6. Warren, Vermont – Green Mountain Glasshouse:

Standing as a tribute to contemporary design, this residence seamlessly integrates with the breathtaking Vermont scenery. Its walls, largely transparent, provide guests with a constantly evolving mural of the Green Mountains.

As seasons change, so does the panorama—from verdant summers to snowy winter wonderlands. The interior design champions Scandinavian minimalism, emphasizing functionality and simplicity, ensuring that nature remains the dominant artwork.

Spaces within are curated for relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation. This abode is perfect for those who seek an intimate embrace with nature without compromising on luxury.

Airbnb Top 13 Most Desired Properties of 2023

7. Blue Ridge, Georgia – Highlands Recreational Cabin:

Beyond a place of rest, this cabin, located in Highlands Hideaway, is a celebration of leisure and recreation. Its design pays homage to traditional Georgian cabins—wooden, warm, and inviting.

Guests are spoiled for choice with a myriad of recreational activities, both indoor and out. From gaming arenas to adventure trails, every guest, regardless of age, finds their niche of fun.

Evening gatherings around a roaring bonfire, sharing stories and making memories, become the highlight of the stay. It’s an embodiment of both relaxation and thrill, ensuring a diverse holiday experience.

Airbnb Top 13 Most Desired Properties of 2023

8. Grass Valley, Calif – Serene A-frame Abode:

Hidden amidst nature’s bounty, this A-frame house promises unmatched tranquillity. Designed with a keen understanding of its environment, its expansive decks and patios offer pristine views of the encompassing landscapes.

The interiors, bathed in warm hues with elegant furnishings, are a sanctuary of comfort and peace. The harmonious confluence of design and ambience ensures that guests experience both luxury and leisure in equal measure.

It’s an ideal spot for those looking to escape the hustle and reconnect with nature.

Airbnb Top 13 Most Desired Properties of 2023

9. Broad Cove, Nova Scotia, Canada – Panoramic Tower:

A testament to avant-garde architecture, this tower stands as a sentinel overlooking the rugged coastlines of Nova Scotia.

Its unique spiral design ensures an unbroken view of the surrounding splendors. Guests are treated to breathtaking 360-degree panoramas, capturing the raw beauty of the land and seascape. Interiors, though modern, incorporate elements inspired by local culture and materials.

It’s a dwelling that not only offers visual delights but also redefines luxury living amidst nature.

Airbnb Top 13 Most Desired Properties of 2023

10. El Prado, New Mexico – Desert Skyline Retreat:

Perched atop a plateau, this retreat is an ode to the deserts of New Mexico. Its design, with terracotta tones and indigenous art, seamlessly integrates with the environment.

Expansive windows and outdoor lounges offer vistas of vast horizons, with sunsets painting the skies in hues of oranges and purples. Nights here are a celestial carnival, with clear skies making stargazing a mesmerizing experience.

Every element, from architecture to amenities, ensures guests immerse deeply into the desert’s enigmatic charm.

Airbnb Top 13 Most Desired Properties of 2023

11. Bralanda, Sweden – Lake Vänern Eco-House:

Commanding views of Lake Vänern, Scandinavia’s largest lake, this property is a masterclass in sustainable luxury. Driven by a green ethos, it champions eco-friendly practices—from solar energy to rainwater harvesting.

The interiors, though lavish, emphasize sustainability with recycled materials and organic fabrics. Panoramic windows offer unending vistas of the serene lake, making it a haven for relaxation and introspection.

A stay here isn’t just about luxury; it’s a statement of responsible and conscious living.

Airbnb Top 13 Most Desired Properties of 2023

12. Hawson, South Australia – The Eco Luxe ‘Tally-Ho’ Nook:

This dwelling captures the spirit of the Australian outback. Constructed using native materials, it resonates with the land’s essence. Sustainability is at its heart, with features like compost toilets, organic gardens, and open-air showers.

It’s a place that fosters a deep bond with nature, ensuring guests experience the Australian wilderness in its truest form while luxuriating in eco-conscious comforts.

Airbnb Top 13 Most Desired Properties of 2023

13. Cedar City, Utah – Authentic Zion Ranch:

This is not just accommodation; it’s an immersive cultural experience. Set against the backdrop of Utah’s rugged terrains, the ranch offers a genuine taste of ranch life.

Guests can partake in activities from cattle herding to horseback riding, making it an interactive stay. Traditional lodges, furnished with rustic elements and local artefacts, enhance authenticity. It’s a place that promises not just rest but rich stories and memories, making it an unforgettable chapter in any traveller’s journey.

Dedicatedly researched and meticulously curated, these listings stand as a testament to Airbnb’s commitment to delivering unforgettable stays. Embark on a journey through these handpicked gems and redefine your travel stories with Airbnb in 2023.

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