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While short-term and Airbnb rental business may seem like a great way to earn decent money, managing this business can be such a pain when you have no proper help to deal with management tasks. The business previously requires so much effort that people hesitate even to take the first steps.

However, with the launch of innovative property management software and apps, short-term rental has become one of the most profiting businesses. While these apps and software seem intimidating to use, they are really easy and handy.

What is a property management app, and how can it help in Airbnb rental business?

If you run a rental business, you may be aware of the management challenges that come with it. However, with the launch of property management apps, the management of rental property business has become a breeze. These property management apps assist landlords and owners in working remotely and access the management data on their portable devices like smartphones, tablets etc. 

These apps can gather data from different rental markets and allow you to post vacancy ads, check your finances, create invoices, and track rent payments.

The benefits you can avail from these property management apps are limitless; however, choosing the right software for your business is the key to manage it smoothly. It’s easy to get confused when there are so many options available in the market.

I also have been a victim of signing up for apps with mediocre functions and considerable cost. Your Porter App has come as my ultimate saviour when it comes to managing my short-term rental business.

You may ask why? Let me give you a comprehensive Your Porter App review to help you understand its impeccable features.

What is Your porter App?

Your Porter is a property management app which is ideal for real estate and property management business. You can easily manage your Airbnb listings, payment plans, vacancy ads and more using this handy management app.

Your Porter App is a one-stop solution to all your Airbnb and other rental management tasks. Your Porter offers many robust features to assist in running your rental property business successfully.

Team Management

Keeping all your teammates updated and assign them their daily tasks can require so much effort if you choose to reach them all one-by-one. However, with Your Porter App, you can easily create, assign, schedule, and organize the tasks among your team members.

Simply create a job, name it, decide its due date and then assign it to your teammates. 

What’s more impeccable about this feature is that it notifies you whenever a team member marks their task as complete. You can track the work efficiency of your staff with the help of this app.

Your Porter makes communication among the teammates a lot easier as it sends tasks to each member via email, SMS, or WhatsApp. 

Now, that means you can assign the task to any member regardless of the messaging service they use or whether or not they have subscribed to Your Porter App. 

All your tasks are visible on a clean dashboard so that you can keep track of whether your team is meeting the deadlines or not. 

Channel Management

To rent your property at a fair price and quickly, you have to have multiple listing accounts. While it may seem like a piece of cake to sign-in to these listing accounts but managing all these accounts at once can be a real headache as it can get you confused.

To manage all the listing channels in a sophisticated manner, Your Porter has some excellent features that make these apps’ management so very easy. Your Porters offers your guests an online form, which they can answer anytime even if they have not subscribed to this app.

Using this form, you can gather your guest’s details quickly. Say your guest has filled their time of the flight this app lets you keep track of it and notify you when your guest has landed, or their flight has been delayed or any other unforeseen circumstances.

This makes it easier for you and also your team members to prepare for their arrival in time. This will definitely provide a good user experience.

The weather forecast option keeps you and your guest updated about the flight conditions.

Automated Messages

Typing and sending messages to each team member and guest to update them can be daunting, but Your Porter App has got you sorted. 

This app allows you to automate your messages whether you want to send an SMS, an email or WhatsApp. You can set your app to send the messages at different times like when your guests arrive, check-in, during their stay and after their checkout. 

For quicker execution of messages, you can even create or edit your own template. 

Short-term rentals require a quick response from the hosts; therefore, Your Porter helps you deliver an automated reply to any inquiry. This feature is extremely handy when your potential guest sends you an inquiry message outside business hours. You can further reply to your client at your convenient time, and your client won’t feel ignored. Thai features help you to boost your response.

Centralized Inbox

Multiple listings mean multiple inboxes to keep track of, and this means extra effort. Your Porter App provides a single unified inbox of all the listing channels regardless of which listing platform you are using. You don’t have to juggle between the inbox of one account to another every time an inquiry has been made; instead, you can view all your messages in one organized inbox. 

This feature of Your Porter App makes sure you don’t miss any inquiry by a potential guest.

Auto Review

Reviews act as an endorsement of your business, and that’s why they are incredibly valuable to both hosts and guests. However, writing reviews can be an arduous task, given that you have so much on your plate to deal with. Your Porter offers one-click auto review to review your guests automatically, and the best part is you have a variety of templates to choose from. 

Simply select the one that matches your style, and you’re good to go.


Your Porter offers a free 21-day trial, and the subscription for the pro-host package costs $7/listing. The expanding host subscription is offered at $5/listing. For more pricing details, click on the link mentioned below


  • Guest’s flight tracking feature
  • Clean interface
  • Easy on the pocket
  • Easy to use
  • Impeccable task and team management


The automated messaging feature is less innovative than others in the market.

Your Porter App Review Conclusion

Managing a short-term rental business isn’t as easy as it seems. The management of tasks and keeping you and your staff scheduled can be very tedious.

A property management app solves all your management worries but selecting a perfect one for your business can be a task of its own.

After the use of Your Porter for my rental business, I am not willing to subscribe to any other management apps anytime soon. Your Porter is straightforward to use and has got many innovative features that have made many time-consuming tasks easy for me.

The communication features that this app offers make this app my absolute favourite.

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