Airbnb account hacked

Airbnb claims that the rising complaints of Airbnb account hacked are due to the negligence of rules by the host’s side. There’s a rule for using an online platform, and that is not to click on spam emails or phishing emails, and many hosts have been ignoring it.

Anytime a host clicks a phishing mail, the sender can get access to usernames and passwords. However, some hosts that have got their Airbnb account hacked have plainly denied this accusation. According to some hosts, they never received any spam emails or haven’t clicked any, and the hack or data breach has happened from the database.

The number of Airbnb accounts getting hacked is far lower than other online platforms, but there have been several cases reported despite the added security by Airbnb. If you get your Airbnb hacked, then what step you should take next depends on the hacker’s activity.

Things to do when your Airbnb account gets hacked

First off, sit back and take a deep breath because panicking wouldn’t do any good; in fact, you lead you to make decisions that can be really harmful.

Follow the below-mentioned steps as soon you realize that your account has been hacked.

1. Change your username and password instantly

If you are suspicious of your Airbnb account getting hacked, try to login into your account immediately. If you still can log in, this means that the hacker has not yet changed your password and username.

Take your next step quickly and change your password and username.  Even your corresponding email, if possible, because there’s a good chance that the other account that has been linked is compromised as well.

2. File a complaint to Airbnb

Reach out to Airbnb as soon as you realize the suspicious activities are happening in your account. Get in contact with them even if you have changed your password and username. Airbnb would want you to fill out a form and upload screenshots of what changes you have realized after your account got hacked.

It is highly crucial to contact Airbnb as soon as possible because the payment procedure may take a while to get processed on the platform, and you may save your money.

If the hacker tries to transact money from your account, the transaction will take time to complete and maybe in pending. It’s possible to reverse the transaction when contacted Airbnb on time.

3. Contact Airbnb Customer Care Services

If you notice that your Airbnb account got hacked a bit late and can’t sign in, then the best thing to do next is called Airbnb’s customer care services. While you can email them about your concerns, it’s better to make a call because time is the key to save your money or information.

After doing a bit of research, they may give you access to your account so that you can evaluate how much the hacker damaged your account. The information about customer care services is present on Airbnb’s contact page.

4. Handle everything patiently

It’s natural to get desperate about getting your account back. You must be having quite an amount there, but issues like these require time to get resolved.

You need to calm down and deal with the whole matter patiently. Airbnb never let any complaint hanging and will get in touch with you as soon as they can.

Even if they fail to give you your account access, they will provide you with some about making your Airbnb account more secure next time.

How to avoid your account getting hacked

Realizing that you have got your Airbnb account hacked can make you suffer from substantial mental turmoil. You’ve got so much information there and also the money you made from your rental.

When you did get your account back, follow these tips to prevent your account from getting hacked.

1. Avoid sites that copy Airbnb

You can prohibit data access from your end by not clicking on websites that try to copy Airbnb’s feel and look. These sites may be a scam and can be a gateway to get access to your account.

2. Avoid logging into unsecured websites

We all know that the internet works are not safe; therefore, it would be a foolish act to log in or put your personal data on unsecured or unprotected sites.

Identifying these sites isn’t difficult, as your browser warns you every time you try to log in to such sites.

3. Two-step authentication

There is a simple way to verify your Airbnb account every once in a while, and that is by creating a two-step authentication method. This will make your account not-so-easy to access, and the hacker will have a hard time getting into it.

Anytime anyone tries to log in from an unrecognized device, you will get a notification instantly and take prompt action. If you respond ‘no’ to the notification, the person would need to provide authentication information to gain access to likely fail.

4. Use different passwords

This is a no-brainer! Always set different passwords for different applications, especially if connected to your financial information or your credit cards. Use the passwords that even people near you would have a hard time guessing.

5. Regularly change your passwords

While you may think it’s a cumbersome task to change your password after some time and remember it but, when it comes to the security of the account you make money from, it’s worth the work. Changing passwords regularly will make it hard for anyone to access your data and use it against you.

5. Use the best Anti-virus software

I recommend using Panda security which offers the best protection against malware and tricks used by hackers.

Concluding Words

Getting your Airbnb account hacked can bring so much trauma because obviously, there’s money involved in it. You may feel on the edge of bursting and feel confused at first as to what step you should take to retrieve your account back. You can only win this game with patience and a clear mind.

Remain calm at all times, and well, it’s easier said than done but try not to panic. We understand how scary the idea of a stranger getting your info is but, there are ways to minimize the damage.

First off, remain in your senses and contact Airbnb as soon as possible because the earlier you notify them, the less will be the damage.

You may feel aggressive and helpless but don’t give in to these feelings.  Stay calm and sort things out wisely.

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