Airbnb Damage Deposit How hosts are protected now

Today, we dive deep into Airbnb’s Damage Deposit changes implemented since early 2023. Gone are the days when hosts could set a damage deposit on their listings. So, what happens when a guest damages your property? Does Airbnb have your back? Let’s uncover the details about Airbnb’s damage protection and the right way to handle damage claims.

Understanding Airbnb’s Current Damage Deposit Policy

In a significant policy shift, Airbnb no longer allows hosts to set a damage deposit on their listings. Collecting any fee or deposit directly from guests is against Airbnb’s policy. But worry not, there’s a silver lining which I’ll reveal shortly.

The Exception: Channel Managers

A lesser-known fact: if you’re using a channel manager to manage your Airbnb listing, you can set a damage deposit. However, Airbnb communicates this to the guest at the booking stage and doesn’t collect it for the hosts.

AirCover: Your Safety Net

Airbnb’s AirCover insurance is the game-changer here. It offers hosts protection against any damage caused by a guest, their invitees, or pets, with a coverage of up to $3 million. Whether Airbnb charges the guest or covers it through insurance, hosts receive compensation for property repairs or replacements.

What’s Covered and What’s Not


  • Damage to home, furnishings, and belongings
  • Damage to parked vehicles
  • Extra cleaning costs, including professional carpet cleaning
  • Income lost due to damage-caused booking cancellations
  • Costs related to pet damage

Not Covered:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Loss of cash
  • Damage from natural disasters

Additional Protection: Liability Cover

Alongside damage protection, Airbnb offers Liability coverage, safeguarding hosts against liability claims. However, it doesn’t cover intentional damage or injuries.

Filing a Damage Claim on Airbnb

Raising a damage claim is straightforward:

  1. Go to your Airbnb inbox and select ‘Request money’.
  2. Provide detailed descriptions and photographic evidence.
  3. After submitting, the guest has 24 hours to respond.
  4. If they decline or don’t respond, involve Airbnb through the resolution center.

Tips for a Smooth Claim Process

  • Act quickly: File claims soon after discovering the damage.
  • Provide ample evidence: Multiple photos from different angles strengthen your claim.
  • Be prepared: Most guests might not respond to the claim, so be ready to involve Airbnb.
  • Addressing smoke damage: Use testimonies from cleaners or staff as evidence for smoke or other odours.


That wraps up our exploration of Airbnb’s damage deposit and claim process. Understanding these policies can significantly ease your hosting experience. Remember to like and subscribe for more insightful content, and happy hosting until our next update!

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