Airbnb welcome letter

The good Airbnb welcome letter can make a huge difference to guest experience even before they arrive.

What is an Airbnb welcome letter?

Whether or not you greet guests in person, a welcome letter (aka check-in instructions) is a great way to make them feel welcome in your property.

It is also a medium to pass on important information such as check-in procedure, how to get there, a house guide etc. so they feel relaxed and at home from the moment they walk in your front door.

Note: I strongly recommend using this Airbnb automation tool to send messages automatically to guests yet keeping them personalised.

What information to include in a welcome letter?

When done right, an Airbnb welcome letter should include:

1. Exact property address

Make sure to include door number and if it is tricky to navigate in the area, send a picture of the entry door along with the Airbnb welcome letter. If you use a lockbox, you can highlight it in the same image.

Note: You send a photo with a message from Airbnb phone app, this functionality is not available on the website though. Alternatively, you can use Hospitable for Airbnb automation, and it will send photo automatically with your check-in message.

2. Google map location link

Find your property on google maps, make sure the location of your address is correct and share a link in the message, so there is no room for confusion left. You can find out more on how to share google maps location here

3. Check-in start time

Mention check-in start time in the welcome message to avoid unnecessary disappointment if they show up early.

4. What to do if they arrive early

In case your guest arrives early, suggest things they can do in the area while waiting for the check-in time. 

It can be a nearby cafe or a shopping centre they can spend time.

Or if you allow early luggage drop off and they can come back later after check-in time, this can be very convenient. 

5. A local contact number

Share a local contact number for guests to call if they struggle to find your place or to get keys from the lockbox.

6. How to reach the property using public transport

Guest can use the google map link if they are driving but if they are coming via public transport, suggest the best options for getting from the nearby airport or train station. 

Unclear instructions can be frustrating, make sure to create easy to follow step by step instructions. 

You can take google maps navigation help in creating reliable turn by turn directions. 

7. Parking Info

Mention the nearest parking guest can use to unload or park their vehicle during the stay.

If there is no parking nearby, share details of one nearest parking area.

If its a paid parking, clearly mention it to guests and tell them parking charges are not included in the price of the booking.

You can use a website like Parkopedia to find the parking options.

8. Pets policy

If you allow pets, clearly mention in your Airbnb welcome letter where pets are allowed or not allowed and other relevant rules.

9. WiFi Username & Password

WiFi is the first thing millennials look for, sharing ‘WiFi Network Name’ and ‘Password’ in your welcome template can mean one less thing to answer every time guests check-in to your property.

10. Heating & AC instructions

Heating and AC controls can be tricky, especially if your guest is coming from another part of the world.

Share a link to the user manual of your Heating/AC controller along with easy to follow instructions about to turn them ON/OFF and adjust the temperature.

You can create a digital guidebook to give a walkthrough of the house and share instructions on how to use appliances. Read more about options for creating digital guidebook in Airbnb tools section. 

11. Instructions to take out the trash

Tell them where to empty bins and how to segregate waste.

If there are specific days for trash collection in your area, mention the collection days and where they need to place the trash.

12. Nearest grocery store

Share the address of the nearest grocery store along with the opening and closing times in your Airbnb welcome letter.

13. Fire exit plan

It can be as simple as asking them to exit from the front door to the street level but make sure you tell them about the best exit plan from the house if such an emergency arises. 

14. Local emergency services contact number

Share emergency phone numbers for hospital, police and fire services in your area for guests to call directly in case of an emergency during the stay

15. Location of first aid kit

I always recommend keeping a first aid kit at an easily accessible place in the house. Tell them where they can find the first aid kit in your welcome message.

16. Location of fire extinguisher

You should have a fire extinguisher at an easily accessible location in the house, ideally near the kitchen. Tell them about its place in your airbnb welcome letter.

17. Link to your Airbnb guidebook

Create an Airbnb guidebook with all your local recommendations for food, entertainment and price saving tips and share the link to your guidebook here.

18. House rules

Remind guests about your Airbnb house rules and any other aspect they should be careful. For example, if you have sensitive neighbours, tell them to be extra quiet after 7 pm. 

Things not to do in Airbnb welcome letter

Not to do in Airbnb welcome message
  • Stay to the point, except for a quick welcome note in the beginning avoid unnecessary flowery language.
  • Keep it crisp and short, it’s a good idea to share your local recommendations but adding them to Airbnb welcome letter is not the right place, add them to your Airbnb guidebook instead and share its URL in this message.

When to send Airbnb welcome letter?

It is best to send check-in details five days before the guest is due to arrive. 

If you send it too early, you risk revealing confidential key collection details unnecessarily in case they cancel the booking.

Sending it too late can make your guests anxious as they need to make their travel plans.

How to send Airbnb welcome letter?

Unless there is an emergency, always communicate with your guests via Airbnb messenger and a welcome message is no exception to this rule.

It is a good idea to keep a printed copy of your Airbnb welcome letter in the house, stick it on a wall, so you don’t have to worry about getting it misplaced.

Sample Airbnb welcome letter

Dear Laurent,

It would be my pleasure to welcome you on Thursday, January 23, at my apartment in Edinburgh.

  • For non-emergency queries, please message us on Airbnb and we will respond as soon as possible.
  • For an emergency during your stay, please keep my mobile number XXXXXXXXXX handy at all times.

————————————Sample Airbnb welcome message—————


Check-in time starts from,3 PM and you are welcome to check-in anytime after that.


If you reach here early, you are welcome to drop your luggage anytime after 11 PM and come back to check-in after 3 PM while housekeeping prepares the apartment for you.


You must have received a six-digit access code (via email) immediately after you booked on Airbnb (email subject: Edinburgh Airbnb Apartment Access Instructions) which will be valid for the duration of your stay. You will need to key-in your code followed by # key to unlock the door, example 123456#

To open the door, enter the above access code followed by the “#” key.

Please turn the lever “up” to unlock, please use this code to open the door first time, and you will find the keys inside to use after that.
————————————Sample Airbnb welcome message—————


Wi-Fi Password: Y9SASASASA


Address: Apartment X OLD TOWN  Edinburgh EHX XXX
Google Maps Navigation URL: (google maps location link)

————————————Sample Airbnb welcome message—————


From Edinburgh Airport by Bus (42 min including 9 min walk)
1. Take Airlink 100 from Edinburgh Airport;
2. Get down at Waverley Bridge (Stop WA);
3. Walk south on Waverley Bridge;
4. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Cockburn St;
5. Turn right onto Warriston’s Close;
6. Take the stairs;
7. Turn left onto High St/The Royal Mile;
8. Turn right onto Old Town Close (next to Burgers & Beers Grill house);
9. Take the alleyway between Wings and Micheal Neave’s restaurant;
10. Entrance to the flat is Xth door on the right in the alley;
11. On the smart keypad lock at the flat door, use your access code (explained above) and turn the lever ‘UP’ to unlock;
————————————Sample Airbnb welcome message—————
From Edinburgh Airport by Taxi:
1. You can get a taxi from Edinburgh Airport, which should cost you between £25 and £30. (I strongly recommend taking a black cab as the drivers are very well versed and qualified to serve in the city instead of purely relying on a Sat Nav);
2. Ask the driver to take you to ‘Old Town Close on Cowgate via Grass market’;
3. Once you enter Cowgate, the driver should take the first left after ‘The Three Sisters Pub’, it’s a short uphill drive for about 50 meters;
4. You will see ‘Micheal Neave’s Kitchen and Whisky Bar’ and ‘Wings’ on your right;
5. Take the alleyway between Wings and Micheal Neave’s restaurant;
6. Entrance to the flat is Xth door on the right in the alley;
7. On the smart keypad lock at the flat door, use your access code (explained above) and turn the lever ‘UP’ to unlock;
————————————Sample Airbnb welcome message—————
Walk from Edinburgh Waverly Train Station (7 min walk):
1. Take Market Street Exit (No. 3) from the station;
2. Turn right towards Market Street (269 ft);
3. Turn right onto Market Street (30 ft);
4. Turn left onto Cockburn Street (Take the stairs 456 ft);
5. Turn right onto High St/The Royal Mile (318 ft);
6. Turn left onto Old Town Close (282 ft, next to Burgers & Beers Grill house);
7. Take the alleyway between Wings and Micheal Neave’s restaurant;
8. Entrance to the flat is Xth door on the right in the alley;
9. On the smart keypad lock at the flat door, use your access code (explained above) and turn the lever ‘UP’ to unlock;
————————————Sample Airbnb welcome message—————


1. If you are planning to drive to the flat, please choose ‘Michael Neave Kitchen and Whisky Bar, Old Town Close, Edinburgh’ as the destination in your Sat Nav. Postcode of the flat is EHX XXX, but some navigators seem to point to the next block which can be confusing.

Alternatively, you can use this link (google maps location link)

2. Take alleyway the between Wings and Micheal Neave’s restaurant;
3. Entrance to the flat is Xth door on the right in the alley;
4. On the smart keypad lock at the flat door, use your access code (explained above) and turn the lever ‘UP’ to unlock;
————————————Sample Airbnb welcome message—————


The property has no self-parking, the two nearest multi-storey car parks are:

1. Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts, The Royal Mile, 80 High Street, City of Edinburgh, EH1 1TH (3 minutes’ walk) – approx. £24/24hrs
2. NCP, Edinburgh St Johns Hill, 2 Viewcraig Gardens, City of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH8 9UQ (8 minutes’ walk) – approx. £16/24hrs

Parking charges are not included in the price of your Airbnb booking.


The nearest grocery store is at 5 minutes walk from the flat.
You may use this URL for navigation to the store
Address: Sainsbury’s Local 79 South Bridge, Edinburgh EH1 1HN
Emergency Exit Instructions: Head out of the main stairwell and exit through the main door.


Police (non-emergency): 112
Police, Fire, Ambulance (emergency): 999


If you need to use the washing machine, please refer the user manual at the following link:


Please refer the dishwasher manual at the following link
WATER: Please note tap water in the flat is good for drinking.
I would also like to remind you of the House Rules:

  • Please respect the apartment and look after it as if it was your own.
  • Take care not to stain or damage the walls or floors.
  • Anything that is broken should be replaced before leaving or paid to be returned.
  • Please put all used plates, cups etc. in the dishwasher.
  • All windows should be closed when you are not in the apartment.
  • Please place all used towels in a pile on the bathroom floor before you check out.
————————————Sample Airbnb welcome message—————


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You can purchase Edinburgh Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off bus tour here

At this link, you can pre-book Edinburgh Castle tickets at no extra cost and skip the queues

You can see the full list of tours and local activities at this link
I hope that you will have an enjoyable stay in Edinburgh!

Best regards,

You can have a look at the Airbnb welcome letter template for an elegant looking ready solution.

I strongly recommend using Hospitable to send Airbnb messages automatically to guests yet keeping them personalised. You can find out more about it in my Hospitable review.

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