How To Edit Airbnb Photos Directly On Your Listing

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Edit Airbnb Photo

Just noticed this really cool new functionality to edit Airbnb photos directly on the listing – pretty sure it wasn’t there few weeks back. 

This edit option is available for each individual photo that’s uploaded on your listing and allows you to do these possible adjustments:

  1. Rotate
  2. Crop
  3. Adjust
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Airbnb filter (which is a predefined optimal setting by Airbnb)

Edit Airbnb Photos

Step 1: go to your listing under your hosting profile and choose ‘Edit’ option in the photo section.

Edit Photos on Airbnb

Step 2: Click on a photo which you wish to edit or enhance.

Enhance Airbnb Photo

Step 3: Click on the ‘Edit’ pencil at the bottom right of the photo on next screen.

Enhance Airbnb Photos

Step 4: At the bottom of next screen you will see the three options to edit or enhance your image.

Photo Edit Options on Airbnb

Step 5: Rotate and Crop options are pretty simple to deal with. 

Under ‘Adjust’ you get the other two options to adjust ‘Brightness’ and ‘Contrast’ along with the Airbnb filter option which I personally like as it adds a little warmth to the photos which I believe is a harmless thing to do.

Airbnb Filter Option Under Photo Edit

Don’t forget to press ‘Save & Replace’ in the end and that should change your existing photo with the new edited one, happy editing 🙂

I believe this is a cool way to edit Airbnb photos without the hassle of looking for the original photos and editing them on a fancy photo editing software.

If the photo editing options are not sufficient for you, I recommend to hire a photo editing freelancer on Fiverr, you can easily find someone do all the alterations under 10 bucks such as this gig on fiverr is the best seller under real estate photo editing.

Side note: If you are an existing host and planning to start hosting, you should always keep the ways to contact Airbnb handy.

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