Airbnb host with no reviews

It has become a common practice to check online reviews before purchasing or making any reservation. Therefore, reviews play an important role in boosting a business. Similarly, reviews are one of the key factors for an Airbnb host to get bookings. A listing on Airbnb with no reviews will probably make people to move on to the next one.

We cannot deny the fact that Airbnb hosts that have more positive reviews are more reliable. Reviews are a sign of credibility more than the description of the place and pictures.

So, what should you do when you really like the place, but it’s Airbnb with no reviews? Should you not book them, given that the location and pictures are excellent? Or should you give them the benefit of the doubt?

Let’s discuss further what you should do when you encounter Airbnb with no reviews.

Are you concerned about booking Airbnb with no reviews?

Your concern is justified when it comes to booking an Airbnb rental. You might not know the location you’re going to visit. No reviews mean the host has no credibility; booking such a rental is aiming an arrow in the dark.

Don’t worry, if you like the place and the only problem is Airbnb with no reviews.  There are ways you can check a host’s reliability and services.

1-Critically analyze description and photos

Yes, the description can be misguiding, and pictures can be fake, so you must give a critical eye to both in the listing. It’s not easy to fake them both; you can quickly identify if the host is misleading their guests about their rental.

One cannot write paragraphs and paragraphs describing something that is not essential there. Either they will write the ‘too good to be true kind of description, or they end up with a caption that would show not much of an effort.

All you need to do is to look out for the inconsistencies in their listings. Making up specifics isn’t that easy and is easy to spot as fake if it shows inconsistencies.

Make sure to thoroughly give a read to how a host is describing the anterior of their Airbnb with no reviews. Look out of these descriptions matches with the pictures.

Have the host included the floor plan in the photos? Does this floor plan match the exterior picture and the description? If you spot any inconsistency, then the host might be faking it.

For instance, if the host describes the Airbnb rental as balconies facing the sea or any good view and you spot no balcony in the exterior picture, then you know there’s something fishy. This is one of the obvious ways to check the reliability of Airbnb with no reviews.

Other big red flags to look for are whether the host uploaded the pictures of the house’s only exterior or just only one room. If they do have photos of other rooms, make sure they match with the exterior design because most homeowners keep the theme of interiors and exterior of the place the same. You wouldn’t see a modern and sleek bungalow with rustic and hippie settings inside.

2- Cross-reference with other short-term rental websites

There’s a chance that a rental on Airbnb with no reviews on the Airbnb site is more reviewed on the other sites.

Most Airbnb hosts list their places on Airbnb sites only rather than cross-list on other sites like HomeAway and VBRO.

If you search for similar specifics on the other website, you might get the same results. If Airbnb with no reviews had no listing on other sites when you typed the same criteria, then there’s a possibility this listing is not accurate.

If you find the same rental on another site, then dig a little deeper into the details and reviews. If all of the other websites have the same vague description and pictures, then there’s a chance the host you are dealing with is a scammer.

3- Contact the host

One of the most impeccable and convenient features of Airbnb is that you can contact the host before booking their rental.

Use this feature and ask every question that you have in mind about their place. Ask them if their listing is new or they haven’t welcomed many guests as of yet. If a person is a scammer, he will give non-descriptive answers. They won’t be able to reply in a satisfactory tone. There’s a thing; when you lie, you give pauses in the conversation more than required or add fillers while talking. Take that hint and never book that Airbnb.

If their answers seem convincing, ask them about their interior or exterior in a general conversational tone. The chances are that hosts might not give a second thought when answering about their own place if the listing is legit, but they might not give the little details about the area when they are faking their conversation.

4- Avoid contact with the host outside the Airbnb site

Requesting for an Airbnb is pretty straightforward. You just choose your desired dates and ask the host for a reservation.

If a host tries to reach out to you after or before making a reservation, asking for a contact number or email address to connect to you, this is a red flag.

While many hosts with excellent reviews do contact outside the Airbnb site, but the case here is that it’s Airbnb with no reviews.

5- Trust your gut before booking Airbnb with no reviews

You know when you encounter a scammer or legitimate host. There’s a sixth sense telling you there’s something sketchy about the listing.

They say even the most robust thief leaves a small clue; the key is to look for it. When things seem too glammy and glittery in the listing and the place has no reviews, you obviously wouldn’t want to book it.

Similarly, if the host barely makes an effort to write a description or upload a photo, don’t book them. If you have a great stay at an Airbnb with no review, give a stellar review and help their listing grow.

Airbnb provides an anonymized email address between the host and the guest once there is a confirmation about the booking.

If you try to contact outside the site, Airbnb might not provide you the security then. Airbnb usually resolves issues after going through the chat, but when they observe no meaningful conversation between you and the host, they might not help you.

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