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Interested in ensuring your Airbnb is fully equipped with necessary items? We’ve gathered an extensive list of suggestions directly from seasoned Airbnb hosts to guide you. What’s more, every single item on this list comes with a price tag of $25 or less! So, let’s jump into shopping – presenting the top 100 indispensable Airbnb products for under $25.

1. Keurig Coffee Pod Holder

The Everie Coffee Pod Carousel holder provides an organized storage solution for up to 40 K-cups, optimizing your counter space and offering your guests a convenient way to locate their preferred coffee.

2. Glass and Diamond Cut Candy Jar

Enhance the charm of your place with the Danmu Colorful Glass and Diamond-Cut Candy Jar. This delightfully whimsical jar can accommodate up to 26 oz. of candy.

3. Matching Silverware

The stylish, black stainless steel cutlery set from WVT, designed for four people, includes dinner knives, dinner forks, dinner spoons, teaspoons, and salad forks. Each piece is designed for comfort, built with rust resistance, and crafted for durability.

4.  Can Opener

A firm-grip, slip-resistant can opener equipped with a magnetic lid lift? Sounds ideal! The PrinChef can opener, with its ergonomic design, serves as a perfect solution for guests who might require additional help when using a can opener.

5. Electric Tea Kettle

The Elite Gourmet electric tea kettle can bring a liter of water to a boil in just 6 minutes. Its 360-degree swivel base offers the convenience of gripping the handle from any direction, ensuring safe water pouring.

6. Iron

Getting rid of wrinkles doesn’t require an upscale iron. The Utopia Home steam iron presents excellent value with features like a customizable thermostat, protection against overheating, and a 200-milliliter water tank.

7. Flashlight

LUMINOUS – The S1000 effortlessly lights up an entire space, rendering it an excellent universal flashlight for daily use, outdoor pursuits, and an ideal Father’s Day present.

8. Extension Cords

Offering ample and accessible power outlets for guests’ numerous devices is essential, and extension cords can provide that flexibility and convenience.

9. Travel First Aid Kit

Safety first. A travel first aid kit is a crucial provision for guests, ensuring they have immediate access to medical essentials in case of minor injuries or emergencies.

10. Outdoor Ashtray

For guests who smoke, providing an outdoor ashtray helps maintain cleanliness, respect for non-smoking guests, and overall aesthetic appeal of your Airbnb.

11. Chess

A classic chess set not only adds a touch of sophistication to your space, but also provides an engaging activity for guests during their downtime.

12. String Lights

They add warmth and ambiance to any space, making your Airbnb feel more cozy and welcoming.

13. Multi Head Phone Charger

As guests come with different devices, a multi-head phone charger caters to all needs, offering a handy, one-stop charging solution.

14. Toothbrush & Toothpaste Kit

Providing these basic toiletries helps guests feel cared for, especially if they’ve forgotten their own or arrived late.

15. Antibacterial Hand Soap

Promoting hygiene should be a top priority, and providing antibacterial hand soap is a simple way to ensure your guests’ health and safety.

16. Tissue Boxes

Essential for daily use, easily accessible tissue boxes add to your guests’ comfort and convenience.

17. Razor

Providing a new, clean razor can be a thoughtful touch, especially for guests who are on a short trip or have forgotten their own.

18. Hair Dryer

An expected amenity in most lodgings, a hair dryer is essential for guests who need to prep for a day out or a special event.

19. Bath Mats

They provide safety and comfort, preventing slipping on wet floors and giving guests a plush spot to step post-shower.

20. Toilet Paper

It’s a basic necessity, and ensuring an ample supply demonstrates thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

21. Moist Makeup Cleansing Wipes

An extra touch of hospitality, these can help guests maintain their skincare routines while away from home.

22. Fleece Blanket

Offering additional warmth and comfort, a fleece blanket can make guests feel more at home, particularly during colder months.

23. Mattress Protector

Protects your investment and provides an extra layer of hygiene, ensuring guests can sleep with peace of mind.

24. Mixing Bowls

Necessary for guests who choose to cook during their stay, mixing bowls are a staple in any well-equipped kitchen.

25. Kitchen Utensils

From cooking to serving, quality kitchen utensils are key for self-catering guests to feel at home and comfortably prepare meals.


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