Winter, often viewed as an offseason for Airbnb hosts, can bring a decline in bookings, causing hosts to struggle with vacancy rates. But winter doesn’t always have to translate to a dip in profits.

While many hosts see it as a challenge, it can also be a golden opportunity to attract a different set of travelers, those who seek the solitude, beauty, or even the sports opportunities that winter offers.

This guide delves deep into strategies and adjustments that can help hosts turn the winter season into a time of opportunity, brimming with bookings.

1. Tailor Your Pricing Strategy:

During winter, there’s a noticeable shift in travel trends, especially in regions that are celebrated for their outdoor summer activities. As demand reduces, hosts can optimize their pricing strategies to attract a broad spectrum of travelers.

It is crucial, however, to understand that this doesn’t imply compromising the value of your property; rather, it’s about finding a balanced, competitive rate that appeals to budget-conscious travelers and those making spontaneous travel decisions.


  • Dynamic Pricing Tools: Utilize tools that adjust your prices based on supply and demand, local events, and other variables, ensuring your prices are competitive and yield maximum profits.

  • Special Offers: Deploy limited-time offers to entice potential guests, such as lowered prices for extended stays or mid-week bookings.

  • Value Addition: Instead of just slashing prices, consider adding value, like offering a free local experience or a complimentary meal, maintaining the perceived value of your property while enticing guests with more.

2. Highlight Winter-Friendly Activities and Attractions:

Every destination has its winter charm, which can range from thrilling winter sports to serene snowy landscapes, vibrant winter festivals, or charming local cafes. By emphasizing these winter-specific attractions and activities, hosts can attract guests who are keen to experience the unique winter offerings of the area. It’s about painting a picture of the unique, enriching experiences guests can have, even when it’s cold outside.


  • Curated Guides: Create detailed guides to local winter attractions and activities, showcasing the diversity and uniqueness of the locale.

  • Collaborations: Partner with local businesses, like cafes and tour operators, offering exclusive deals or experiences to your guests, enriching their stay and promoting local enterprises.

  • Visual Appeal: Use high-quality, enticing images of local winter attractions in your listing, showing potential guests the beauty and excitement the area offers during the winter months.

Optimize Your Property for Winter

3. Optimize Your Property for Winter:

The essence of winter is often found in warm, cozy retreats from the chilly outdoors. To assure guests of a comforting experience, hosts must prioritize the warmth and coziness of their spaces. It is not merely about having adequate heating; it’s about creating an environment where guests feel enveloped in warmth and comfort from the winter chill.


  • Warmth and Comfort: Invest in high-quality heating systems, ensure proper insulation, provide ample warm bedding, and consider additional cozy touches like a fireplace or heated bathroom floors.

  • Winter Aesthetics: Emphasize the cozy aesthetic of your property with warm lighting, plush cushions, and thick curtains, creating a visually inviting environment.

  • Amenity Highlighting: Clearly list and visually showcase all winter-friendly amenities in your listing, reassuring potential guests about the comfort and warmth of your property.

4. Leverage Long-Term Stay Discounts:

Winter, with its long, cold days and nights, becomes the ideal season for extended vacations for many individuals and families.

People often seek shelter in serene, picturesque locations to escape the harsh winter of their hometowns or to immerse themselves in the beauty of a snowy landscape.

By offering appealing discounts for long-term stays, hosts can attract these guests looking for a winter refuge or an extended holiday experience.

To maximize this strategy, hosts can consider providing tiered discounts based on the length of stay, with greater discounts for longer durations, making the offer more attractive for potential guests planning extended vacations.

This approach not only ensures a steady stream of income during the slower winter months but also reduces the effort and resources spent on frequent guest turnover.

5. Update Listing Photos for the Season:

Visual appeal is a powerful component in attracting potential guests. Therefore, updating listing photos to reflect the winter season is crucial.

Displaying the unique charm and aesthetics that your property adopts during winter can enhance its appeal.

Photos that showcase a cozy, well-lit interior, a garden blanketed in snow, or a home adorned with tasteful holiday decorations can invoke a sense of warmth and invitation, swaying potential guests in your favor.

This visual representation allows prospective guests to imagine the experiences that await them, from enjoying a hot cup of cocoa by the fire to waking up to serene, snow-covered landscapes.

High-quality, professional photos that capture the essence of your property in winter can significantly increase the likelihood of securing bookings during this period.

6. Refine Your Listing Description:

A meticulously crafted, seasonally apt description provides guests with a clear, enticing picture of what they can expect, which is vital in securing bookings.

Descriptions should lay emphasis on the features and amenities that make the property suitable for winter stays, reflecting the warmth, comfort, and coziness it can offer during the chilly months.

Special winter amenities like a bubbling hot tub, an inviting indoor fireplace, heated floors, or a stocked bookshelf can be highlighted as they add considerable value to guests seeking refuge from the cold.

Outline any additional services or conveniences that are available during the winter months, such as snow removal, availability of firewood, or proximity to winter activities and attractions.

Being explicit about the unique and comfortable experiences your property can offer during winter can set your listing apart. Crafting a description that resonates with the aspirations and needs of winter travelers will significantly enhance the appeal of your property during the winter months.

Remember, a well-optimized listing that combines stunning winter visuals with a detailed, enticing description and offers value through long-term stay discounts can be the key to maximizing your Airbnb bookings during the winter season.

Social Media and Winter Bookings

7. Harnessing the Power of Social Media Promotion

Social media is an indispensable tool in today’s digital age, providing a vast platform to reach millions of potential guests.

A well-curated and regularly updated social media page can significantly enhance the visibility of your Airbnb property. Here’s how you can leverage it:

Deep Dive into Platforms:

Explore diverse platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Each has its unique audience and content preferences. Instagram and Pinterest are visually-driven, making them ideal for sharing high-quality images of your property and the surrounding winter landscape, while Facebook and Twitter are excellent for engaging with users and sharing updates or local events.

Regular and Engaging Content:

Post consistently with a mix of content types – photos, videos, and user-generated content. Share images of your property decked up in winter decor, guests enjoying the cozy interiors, and exciting local winter activities. Engaging content that invokes curiosity, such as local folklore or historical anecdotes related to winter, can also draw attention.

Community Engagement:

Create a sense of community by responding to comments, messages, and engaging with other local businesses or attractions. Organize contests, ask for opinions, and encourage followers to share their experiences and suggestions. This community engagement can make prospective guests feel more connected and invested in your property.

8. Amplifying Impact through Winter Reviews

Guest reviews are a crucial factor that potential guests consider when booking a property. Winter-specific positive reviews can act as powerful testimonials to the comfort, warmth, and unique experiences your property offers during the winter months.

Encourage Feedback:

After each stay, kindly request guests to share their winter experiences and any memorable moments they had during their stay. A personalized message expressing gratitude for their stay and a gentle reminder to leave a review can go a long way.

Showcase Testimonials:

Highlight positive winter reviews on your listing and social media platforms. Select quotes that emphasize unique winter-friendly features and experiences at your property. This can set your listing apart, providing reassurance and enticing potential guests looking for winter stays.

9. Adopting Flexible Policies for Winter Bookings

The unpredictability of winter weather can result in travel delays or cancellations, causing anxiety among travelers. Implementing flexible and guest-friendly policies can alleviate such concerns and make your listing more appealing.

Adapt to Weather Conditions:

Offering adjustable check-in and check-out times, and being accommodating of weather-induced delays can make guests feel valued and supported. A small gesture like this can enhance guest satisfaction and foster positive reviews and recommendations.

Clear Cancellation Policies:

Maintain clear and fair cancellation policies, especially considering the unpredictability of winter travel. Clear communication regarding any penalties and a reasonable timeframe for cancellations can build trust with prospective guests.

10. Enhancing Guest Experience through Clear and Proactive Communication

Effective communication is paramount to providing a seamless guest experience, particularly during winter when unforeseen weather conditions and local events can impact travel plans.

Proactive Updates:

Keep guests informed about any significant weather developments, road conditions, and local events that may affect their plans. Regular updates, even on seemingly minor issues, can significantly enhance guest trust and satisfaction.

Availability for Inquiries:

Be readily available to respond to any inquiries or concerns guests might have before and during their stay. Quick and supportive responses to guests’ queries can alleviate their concerns and contribute to a positive overall experience.

Emergency Protocols:

Clearly communicate any emergency protocols in place for severe weather conditions, and provide guests with relevant local emergency contact information. This not only builds trust but also ensures the safety and well-being of your guests.

Maximizing Airbnb Bookings in the Winter Months

Additional Strategies:

Creating Alluring Winter Packages

An effective strategy to attract more guests during the winter is to construct appealing winter packages that incorporate local activities, culinary experiences, or other unique local offerings. By doing so, hosts can provide an enriched experience and more value for guests.

Integration of Local Experiences:

Develop packages that integrate local winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating lessons, along with dining experiences at local restaurants. Collaborate with local businesses to curate special experiences like winter tours or workshops, adding a unique flavor to the stay.

Value-Added Services:

Consider additional services like providing transportation to local attractions or including winter gear rentals as part of the package. This not only adds convenience but also makes the stay more appealing to guests who are looking for hassle-free experiences.

Holiday Special Promotions

During the holiday season, creating a festive atmosphere and offering holiday-specific promotions can attract guests looking for a special seasonal getaway.

Festive Decorations:

Decorating your property with holiday-themed decor, lights, and ornaments can create a warm and festive ambiance, making your listing stand out to guests seeking a festive atmosphere.

Special Offers and Discounts:

Provide holiday-specific promotions such as discounted rates, extra nights, or added amenities like a holiday-themed welcome basket. These promotions can be the deciding factor for guests comparing multiple listings for their holiday stay.

Off-Season Maintenance and Property Enhancement

The slower pace of the winter months provides an ideal opportunity for hosts to address any pending maintenance tasks and enhance the overall appeal and functionality of their property.

Property Upgrades:

Invest in property improvements, whether it’s updating furnishings, enhancing outdoor spaces, or installing new amenities like a hot tub or a fireplace. These enhancements can significantly boost the appeal of your listing and justify higher pricing in peak seasons.

Regular Maintenance:

Address any outstanding maintenance issues such as repairs, paint jobs, or appliance upgrades. Keeping the property in top-notch condition can prevent negative reviews and ensure guest satisfaction.

Fostering Community Engagement

Engaging with the local community can provide valuable insights into upcoming events, popular activities, and attractions during the winter months.

Local Events and Activities:

Regular interaction with local businesses, community centers, and fellow residents can keep you informed about winter festivals, concerts, or community gatherings. Promoting these events can make your listing more attractive to guests interested in local experiences.

Collaboration with Local Businesses:

Forge partnerships with local businesses to cross-promote each other. This can provide guests with exclusive deals or experiences, making your listing more attractive. Establishing a network within the community can also lead to mutual referrals, benefiting all parties involved.


By optimizing your listing for the winter season, strategically adjusting pricing, promoting winter attractions, and maintaining a guest-centric approach, you can turn the winter months into a lucrative period for your Airbnb property. While the strategies may require effort and investment, the returns in terms of increased bookings and guest satisfaction can be substantial.

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