Robert Kiyosaki, the renowned author of the financial self-help book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, has been an influential voice in investment and personal finance for decades.

Recently, Kiyosaki has sounded an alarm that may resonate with both home buyers and real estate investors alike.

This article delves into Kiyosaki’s prediction, the current state of Airbnb, and the potential impact on the real estate market.

The Warning from Kiyosaki

In a bold and direct tweet, Kiyosaki stated, “AIR BNB to lead real market crash…”. These words from a financial guru hold immense weight and warrant a closer examination.

Real Estate Market Crash

The Airbnb Effect in New York City

New York City recently enacted legislation requiring all Airbnb hosts to register their homes if they plan to rent them out for less than 30 days.

Almost immediately after the regulation took effect, the availability of short-term rentals on Airbnb in New York City plummeted by a staggering 70%. This drastic decrease is a substantial data point that supports Kiyosaki’s concerns.

Why does this matter? First, the loss of rental income can lead to financial stress for property owners who depend on the platform for supplemental income.

Second, this type of legislation, if adopted in other cities, could force Airbnb hosts to sell their properties, flooding the market with additional homes for sale and thereby putting downward pressure on prices.

The “Airbnbust” Theory

The term “Airbnbust” has started to gain traction among financial analysts and market observers. It refers to a potential crisis that would unfold if a significant number of Airbnb owners decided to sell their properties.

This wave of selling could be prompted by decreased profitability in short-term rentals due to regulatory changes or market saturation. Some analysts argue that this sudden flood of properties into the real estate market could trigger a collapse reminiscent of the 2008 housing crisis.

Moreover, the short-term rental market is interconnected with other aspects of the economy, including tourism and local businesses. A downturn in Airbnb listings may lead to fewer tourists, which in turn could affect local economies, thereby creating a ripple effect that exacerbates the problem.

Counterpoints and Nuanced Data

A viral post on X claimed that Airbnb rental profits have plummeted by 40% in major cities. However, this was refuted by a study from AirDNA, which found a much smaller decrease.

Furthermore, according to Redfin data, the broader rental market is showing signs of vitality, contradicting Kiyosaki’s dire predictions.

Implications for Home Buyers and Investors

Kiyosaki’s Track Record and Broader Views

While Kiyosaki is known for his financial acumen, it’s worth mentioning that he has a penchant for dramatic predictions, often taking to social media to forewarn of imminent market crashes.

Additionally, Kiyosaki frequently advises his followers to diversify their investments, including buying real estate, silver, and bitcoin, as a hedge against what he sees as “systemic” inflation.

This multi-faceted investment approach could be seen as at odds with his alarming prediction about the real estate market, and it adds another layer to consider when evaluating his stance.

Implications for Home Buyers and Investors

If Kiyosaki is correct, prospective home buyers could benefit from lower property prices, while investors could find unique opportunities.

However, risks abound, including potential for further regulatory changes that could depress property values.


Robert Kiyosaki’s warning about Airbnb potentially triggering a real estate market collapse is compelling and warrants serious attention. The various factors at play, including recent regulatory changes and shifts in both the short-term and long-term rental markets, create a complex landscape that investors and homebuyers must navigate carefully.

While Kiyosaki’s alarm might be sounding loudly, it is one voice in a multifaceted discussion about the future of the real estate market. Investors should heed his caution but also consider other data and expert opinions in forming a balanced perspective and strategy.

In an environment as dynamic and multi-faceted as the real estate market, the best course of action is staying well-informed, diversified, and prepared for various outcomes.

Whether the “Airbnbust” scenario comes to pass or the market proves more resilient, knowledge and preparation will be your most valuable assets.

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