Discover the power of financial tracking for Airbnb hosts with a dedicated spreadsheet. Gain valuable insights into your revenue and expenses, paving the way for success and improvement. 

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a short-term vacation spreadsheet and even offer a free download of our Airbnb spreadsheet template.

For those seeking advanced options, explore our premium range of spreadsheets tailored to elevate your hosting and bookkeeping endeavors. Unleash the potential of effective financial management for your Airbnb venture.

A step-by-step guide to crafting your own Airbnb spreadsheet

To begin creating your Airbnb spreadsheet, it’s essential to start with some initial planning. Consider the specific metrics you wish to track and determine whether you prefer a simple or more detailed approach.

For a straightforward accounting spreadsheet, a basic list of revenue and expenses will suffice. However, if you desire a more comprehensive overview, you can incorporate elements like forecasts and interactive charts.

Two primary areas require your attention: revenue and expenses. Once you have recorded these essential data points, you can unleash your creativity and explore various metrics to enhance your spreadsheet’s insights.

1. Revenue

  1. Begin by setting up a dedicated tab in your Airbnb Spreadsheet calculator named “Revenues.” This tab will serve as a centralized location for monitoring all your income, regardless of whether it’s from Airbnb, HomeAway,, or other platforms you utilize.
  2. Create relevant columns to effectively track your data. Consider incorporating the following elements:
  • Check-in and check-out dates: Record the dates when guests arrive and depart.
  • Price breakdown: Include columns to detail various components such as cleaning fees, service fees, payment totals, and more.
  • Guest information: Track the names of guests and the total number of individuals in each booking.
  • Total nights: Keep a record of the duration of each booking.

2. Enhance your revenue tracking with these category ideas:

  1. Check-in, Check-out, and Payment Dates: Capture the specific dates of guest arrivals, departures, and payment transactions.
  2. Guest Name & Total Guests: Record the names of guests and keep a count of the total number of individuals in each booking.
  3. Total Nights of Booking: Track the duration of each reservation, providing insight into booking lengths.
  4. Price Breakdown (Cleaning Fees, etc.): Include a breakdown of pricing components such as cleaning fees, service charges, and other relevant expenses.
  5. Platform (e.g., Airbnb, HomeAway, Specify the platform through which each booking was made, helping you assess revenue distribution across different channels.

Lastly, ensure your spreadsheet is aesthetically pleasing and easy to read. A clean and well-organized format enhances usability and avoids the frustration of a cluttered appearance. Optimize your Airbnb spreadsheet for a visually appealing and user-friendly experience.

3. Expenses

  1. Setup Costs: Begin by accounting for the expenses incurred during the initial setup of your Airbnb. It’s advisable to create a separate tab to keep these costs distinct from ongoing expenses.
  2. Ongoing Operational Costs: These are the expenses associated with running your Airbnb on a day-to-day basis. Some common categories to consider are:
  • Utility Costs: Include gas, electricity, water, and other related expenses.
  • Property Expenses: Account for costs such as mortgage payments, repairs, property taxes, and similar expenditures.

4. Explore these expense category ideas for effective Airbnb tracking:

  1. Utilities: Capture expenses related to gas, electricity, water, and other utility services utilized in your Airbnb.
  2. Property: Account for costs such as mortgage payments, repairs, property taxes, and any other expenses directly associated with the property.
  3. Supplies: Track expenditures for essential items like linens, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and other consumables necessary for maintaining your Airbnb.
  4. Business: Include expenses related to accounting services, software subscriptions, educational resources, and any other business-related costs.
  5. Setup Costs: Document expenses incurred during the initial setup phase, such as furniture purchases, kitchenware, and other items needed to furnish your Airbnb.
  6. Staff: If you employ cleaners, laundry services, or photographers, record their fees or wages as part of your staff expenses.
  7. Insurance: Account for insurance premiums and any other related costs to ensure coverage and protection for your Airbnb property.

Finally create columns for Airbnb expenses: Date, Description, Cost, Category. Optionally include Vendor and Taxes.

Key Metrics For Airbnb Spreadsheet

Key Metrics For Airbnb Spreadsheet

Deciding on the performance metrics to track on your Airbnb spreadsheet is an exciting task. Microsoft Excel offers powerful capabilities to manipulate your tracked revenues and expenses, allowing you to present data in visually appealing ways through graphs and charts.

Let’s start with the most crucial metric: earnings. Knowing whether you’re making money or not is essential. After all, it’s the ultimate measure of success, right?

Here are some ideas for key metrics to include in your Airbnb spreadsheet:

  • Total earnings: Track your earnings on a monthly or yearly basis to understand your overall financial performance.

  • Occupancy stats: Monitor the occupancy rate of your property to gauge its popularity and utilization.

  • Expenses by category: Categorize your expenses to gain insights into where your money is being allocated.

  • Expenses by room: Analyze expenses specific to different areas of your property, such as bedrooms or lounges.

  • Earnings by platform: If you list your property on multiple platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway, or others, track earnings from each platform separately.

  • Average earnings: Calculate the average earnings per night, per month, or any other relevant time frame to assess the financial potential of your property.

  • Projected earnings for the year ahead: Estimate your expected earnings for the upcoming year based on historical data and booking trends.

Managing Multiple Properties on Airbnb Spreadsheet

Managing multiple properties on an Airbnb spreadsheet can be a bit more complex, but there are effective ways to handle it.

One approach is to assign each property to its own tab within a single spreadsheet. By linking these tabs to a central Dashboard page, you can easily compare and analyze data for each property side by side.

Alternatively, you can create separate spreadsheets for each property. While this method can be more cumbersome, it provides a dedicated space for tracking the specific details of each property.

If you’re looking for assistance with managing multiple properties on a spreadsheet, BnbDuck offers a line of tailored spreadsheets designed to meet the needs of Airbnb hosts. Just ensure you have a copy of Microsoft Excel to utilize these resources effectively.


An Airbnb spreadsheet is a valuable tool for hosts to track and manage their financial performance. By recording revenues, expenses, and key metrics, hosts can gain insights into their earning potential, occupancy rates, and expense breakdowns.

With the flexibility of Microsoft Excel, hosts can manipulate and visualize data to make informed decisions and improve their profitability. Whether managing a single property or multiple properties, a well-designed spreadsheet provides a centralized and organized platform for financial tracking.

By leveraging the power of technology and utilizing customizable templates, hosts can streamline their financial management processes and focus on delivering exceptional guest experiences.

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