AirDNA, as the name suggests is an analytics platform providing unmatched global Airbnb data and insights with cutting edge technology to help short term rental owners make wiser decisions around the world.

They recently added HomeAway data into the platform, allowing you to see the breakdown of HomeAway and Airbnb properties in any market worldwide.

Check it out here:

  1. Why do you need AirDNA?
  2. Where does AirDNA get its data from?
  3. How much does AirDNA cost?
  4. What kind of data reports do you get?
    • Market Minder
    • Investment Explorer
  5. What’s in AirDNA Market Minder?
    • Active Rentals
    • Rental Channel
    • Market Grade
    • Average Daily Rate
    • Occupancy Rate
    • Revenue
    • Rental Size
    • Rental Growth
    • Amenities
    • Airbnb Ratings
    • Rental Activity
    • Rental Settings
  6. What is AirDNA Investment Explorer?

1. Why do you need AirDNA?

If you are looking to buy a new property to rent on Airbnb/HomeAway/VRBO – it is a good idea to know the numbers before making the investment. 

You can get a fair idea by looking at a bunch of different properties available online in the area you are interested in. 

See what they are charging per night, what is the cleaning and how much of their Airbnb calendar is booked. 

This gives you a fair bit of idea about how the market might be like in that region.

…but if its a significant investment, you wouldn’t want to make a decision by looking at a few properties.

AirDNA gives you well organised meaningful holiday rental data of an area, reports are full of facts so you can make a well-educated decision not just to buy the property but also learn other aspects in that area such as:

  • Popular amenities
  • Seasonality
  • Rental growth
  • ..and much more..


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2. Where does AirDNA get its data from?

AirDNA gathers its information from Airbnb, HomeAway & VRBO public website using data scraping methods.

It regularly crawls the properties available on the Airbnb website and tracks the performance of listings around the globe each day.

Crawling generates raw data which is then analyzed and presented to users in useful reports in AirDNA Market Minder tool, its an interactive market intelligence tool. 

Market Minder data is updated monthly in the first week (between 5th and 8th) for the previous month’s data.

3. How much does AirDNA cost?

AirDNA is a monthly subscription service and you can cancel at any time.

It broadly works on three pricing models.

  1. An area with >1,000 active listings: If the area you choose has more than 1,000 active listings (usually Citywide reports) it will cost you USD 99.95/month

  2. An area with more than 100-1,000 active listings: If the area you choose has between 100-1,000 active listings (Usually neighbourhood reports) it will cost you USD 99.95/month

  3. An area with <100  listings: If the area you choose has less than 100 active listings (usually postcode or street specific reports) it will cost you USD 19.95/month
AirDNA Pricing
AirDNA Pricing Model

4. What kind of data reports do you get?

AirDNA offers two products:

1. AirDNA Market Minder

You are most likely to use only this AirDNA module as it gives statistics of local Airbnb and HomeAway/VRBO markets across the world.

It has interactive maps you to let you explore the performance of specific neighbourhoods and even individual vacation rental properties in over 80,000 cities worldwide.

It has over 25 critical matrices for you to consume, such as:

  • Average Daily Rate
  • RevPAR
  • Occupancy
  • Active Listing
  • Rental Revenue
  • Booking Lead Times

2. AirDNA Investment Explorer

If you are an investor looking to invest in the US, AirDNA Investment Explorer is what you need.

5. What's in AirDNA Market Minder?

Airbnb Research

AirDNA Market Minder gives you a multi-dimensional view of the local market, it provides about 25 details reports, some of the key reports are:

a. Active Rentals

AirDNA Active Rentals Stats

This report tells you how many active rentals are in an area with a breakdown of:

  • Entire Properties
  • Private Room
  • Shared Room

Remember, this report is updated once every month based on the figures AirDNA recorded in the previous month.

b. Rental Channel​

Rental Channels on AirDNA

This report shows how many properties are listed on each channel. 

Note: AirDNA provided data only for Airbnb and HomeAway.

c. Market Grade

AirDNA Market Grading

Market Grade is calculated by comparing the performance of that market Vs top 2000 global Airbnb markets.

It includes five parameters.

  1. Rental Demand

    How often are rentals booked throughout the year? By using a combination of annual occupancy and listing growth rates, this metric shows the relative travel demand in this market.

    High Score = High Travel Demand

  2. Revenue Growth

    Did properties earn more this month than they did in the same month last year? This is calculated by looking at the change in year-over-year RevPAR for properties that received bookings in both time periods.

    High Score = Increasing Revenue per Property

  3. Seasonality

    How much does travel demand differ between peak season and low season? This is the percentage difference between the minimum and maximum monthly RevPAR in the past year.

    High score = Low seasonality

  4. Regulation

    An algorithm that looks at host and property behaviour to identify signs of regulation.

    High score = Low regulation

  5. Investability

    Is this a good city for a short-term rental investment property? Compares the cost of homes in the city to the average short-term rental income of full-time rental properties.

    High Score = Good Investment Opportunity

d. Average Daily Rate

Airbnb average daily rate

Average daily rate (ADR) is the average booked night rate + Airbnb cleaning fee for all booked days over the previous year.

e. Occupancy Rate

Airbnb occupancy rates

The number of booked days divided by the total number of days available for rent in the last month. Properties with no reservation are excluded.

f. Revenue

Airbnb property revenue

The medial monthly revenue (total nightly rate + cleaning fees) generated by all home listings with at least one booked day in the previous month.

g. Rental Size

AirDNA rental size

This shows the size of rental properties in your area.

h. Rental Growth

Airbnb rental growth

i. Amenities​

popular airbnb amenities

Top Airbnb amenities provided by hosts in the area.

j. Airbnb Ratings

Airbnb ratings in an area

How people rate Airbnb properties in that area.

k. Rental Activity

Airbnb rental activity

Some rentals are only available for rent during a single weekend, while others are full-time investment properties. This chart segments all active properties by the number of days they were available for rent and actually rented over the past year.

l. Rental Settings

Airbnb rental settings

Airbnb cancellation policy and minimum stay chosen by Airbnb hosts in that area.

I’ve been a professional Airbnb host for five years and managing 100+ properties in 10 countries.

I have AirDNA to Airbnb hosts, and I can see they have achieved better results in the business using the insight it provides.

I don’t think I could scale my Airbnb business without AirDNA, and it plays the most significant role in the success of my business so far.

I did try a few other competing products during this time, but none of them could match the power and reliability of AirDNA.

In my opinion, this is the best Airbnb analysis tool in the market.

I recommend to head over to AirDNA and try sample reports yourself, here is the link.

Don't miss out, stay tuned!

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