Safeguarding Your Airbnb Against Smoking and Noise Concerns

The upsurge in short-term rentals has undeniably revolutionised the travel industry. Yet there have been difficulties along the way with this shift. In this article, we will focus on how to “safeguard your Airbnb against smoking and noise concerns”, two common problems faced by rental owners.

One of the challenges that rental owners face is the issue of unruly renters who disregard property rules and policies, despite stringent regulations set by platforms like Airbnb.

Additionally, local governments have imposed increased taxes on properties used for short-term rentals, while some homeowner associations have altogether banned rentals within their communities.

Strategies for Addressing Smoking and Noise Concerns in Your Airbnb:

Consider the following recommendations:

  1. Clearly articulate your house rules in the listing.
  2. Reinforce the rules to guests prior to their stay.
  3. Invest in conspicuous devices that detect smoke and excessive noise.
  4. Inform guests about these devices to deter unwanted behaviours before they occur.

1. Sample Airbnb House Rules for Preventing Smoking and Noise Issues:

When it comes to “Safeguarding Your Airbnb Against Smoking and Noise Concerns,” short-term rental owners often need to be more careful with inconsiderate guests who flout house rules and platform policies, such as those pertaining to smoking, parties, and excessive noise.

These transgressions can lead to property damage and neighbour complaints, forcing owners to file insurance claims, repair damages, and establish renter accountability.

2. Innovative Solutions for Smoke and Noise Prevention in Your Airbnb:

Companies like WYND have developed cutting-edge tools to safeguard short-term rental properties from troublesome renters. WYND’s Sentry is a monitoring device capable of detecting and identifying cigarette smoke and excessive noise.

Its sensor technology enables owners to remotely oversee their properties, proactively address disturbances, and document incidents for claim purposes.

Its smoke detection feature recognizes cigarette, vape, and marijuana smoke, alerting owners in real time.

This functionality empowers property owners to address issues immediately or gather evidence for insurance claims.

What is Sentry?

This one is the first non-intrusive cigarette smoke and loud noise detector in the world to safeguard your rental property (Airbnb, VRBO).

Be immediately informed about unwelcome smoking, gatherings, and other environmental concerns.

It is an innovative solution for property owners seeking to protect their rental investments from potential damage and disturbances caused by smoking or loud gatherings.

By providing real-time notifications and non-intrusive monitoring, Sentry empowers property owners to address issues promptly and maintain a safe and comfortable environment for their guests.

Stop Smokers Fast

Renters and Airbnb hosts pay an average of $1,600 in smoking damage claims. To stop unintentional smoking before it causes harm, Sentry airIDTM technology identifies smoke from cigarettes, marijuana, cigars, and e-cigarettes with > 99% accuracy.

*Validated by the University of Illinois, Chicago
*Does not specify which type of recreational smoke
*Vape detection pending

Another common policy violation is the “no parties” rule. Its noise detection capability notifies owners if it detects more guests than registered at the property.

This information can serve as evidence for insurance payouts and platform rule enforcement, as well as allow owners to inform neighbors and forestall complaints or further escalations.

Stop the Party Before the Noise Complaint

Using market-leading SiSonicTM MEMS technology, keep an eye on noise levels to avoid parties, damage, and neighbour complaints. Without invading your visitors’ privacy, get warnings when there is persistent noise on your property.

Sentry’s advanced features make it an invaluable tool for short-term rental owners seeking instant and precise data on noise and smoking concerns.

It not only facilitates problem resolution but also provides necessary evidence for insurance payouts and platform rule enforcement. With annual and monthly payment options, Sentry may soon become an indispensable investment for short-term rental proprietors.

Sentry’s Tamper Protection and Alerts: Enhanced Security for Your Rental Property

It’s advanced monitoring system not only detects cigarette smoke and loud noise but also offers robust tamper protection and alerts to ensure the continuous safeguarding of your rental property.

Sentry’s tamper protection features, including notifications for internet and power disconnection, as well as its battery backup capabilities.

Tamper Protection Features:

a. Internet disconnection notification: Sentry monitors its connection to the internet and sends a notification to the property owner if it becomes disconnected. This alert ensures that the property owner is aware of any potential attempts to tamper with the system or if there is an issue with the internet connection.

b. Power disconnection notification: If Sentry’s power supply is interrupted, the property owner receives an immediate notification. This feature allows property owners to address any intentional or unintentional power disconnections that may compromise the monitoring system’s effectiveness.

c. Battery backup: Sentry is equipped with a built-in battery that can last for over 48 hours after a power disconnection. This backup system ensures continuous monitoring and protection of your rental property even during power outages or tampering attempts.

Benefits of Tamper Protection and Alerts:

a. Enhanced security: Sentry’s tamper protection features provide an additional layer of security, ensuring that the monitoring system remains active and effective even in the face of potential tampering or technical issues.

b. Immediate awareness: Real-time notifications for internet and power disconnection enable property owners to take swift action in resolving connectivity issues or addressing potential tampering attempts.

c. Uninterrupted monitoring: Sentry’s battery backup ensures continuous monitoring of your rental property, maintaining protection during power outages or other disruptions.

d. Increased peace of mind: With Sentry’s tamper protection features, property owners can rest assured that their investment is safeguarded around the clock.

Stay Safe!

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