The Airbnb pre-reservation communication is an automated note that hosts can configure to appear when guests initiate a booking via the Instant Book function. 

This message offers the opportunity for hosts to greet their guests, present a brief introduction, and share pertinent details the guests should be aware of.

Moreover, it’s a valuable opportunity to gather more information about your guests and the nature of their visit, while also managing their expectations. 

Since your guests will review this message prior to completing their payment, it’s crucial to keep it succinct and clear.

Airbnb Pre-Reservation Communication: Essential Elements to Include

An effective Airbnb pre-reservation communication can lay the groundwork for an excellent first impression, portraying you as a warm and approachable host. Maintaining a tone that’s courteous, affable, and professional is key.

Express your gratitude to your guests for selecting your property, conveying your eagerness to welcome them to your Airbnb. You can also ask certain questions to get a better understanding of your guest and their specific needs. 

This knowledge can bolster your confidence as a host and allow you to tailor the experience to the individual guest’s preferences.

To provide a clearer picture of how to craft this Airbnb communication, here’s an illustrative pre-booking message:

Hello {Guest’s first name},

I’m delighted that you’ve decided to book {Property name}. My name is {Host’s name}, and I’ll be your host during your stay.


To make your visit even more comfortable and personalized, I’d love to get to know you better. If you could spare a few moments to answer the following questions, I’d be grateful:

  • What brings you on this trip?
  • What is your expected arrival time for check-in?
  • Do you have any allergies or dietary restrictions that I need to be aware of?
  • Do you have a preference for amenities such as coffee, tea, or anything else?

Feel free to reach out if you have any queries or if there’s anything specific that can make your stay unforgettable.

Eagerly looking forward to welcoming you to my home. 
{Host’s name}

Pre Reservation Message

The Airbnb pre-reservation communication is merely one among a multitude of messages you’ll need to draft for each reservation in order to correspond effectively with your guests. 

Consistent guest communication can prove to be time-consuming, especially when managing multiple rental properties. 

Thus, it is beneficial to establish a short-term rental (STR) communication strategy utilizing templates for crucial messages such as booking confirmation, welcome, check-in, check-out, and more.

However, while pre-crafted templates can streamline guest interactions, you still have the task of sending them out for every new booking. 

Also, dispatching generic messages may not always leave the best impression, implying the need to manually customize each template to personalize your communication.

This is where the convenience of automation comes into play. With the aid of vacation rental software like, you can devise an automated messaging strategy to engage with guests at specific intervals throughout their booking and stay.

Hospitable allows you to establish messaging rules based on specific triggers and utilize shortcodes that dynamically embed data into your messages, providing a more personalized touch. also features integration with ChatGPT to assist in responding to less common inquiries.

Employing artificial intelligence (AI) powered communication, Hospitable can automate up to 90% of dialogues, ensuring that your guests consistently receive relevant information when it’s most pertinent. 

This enables you to optimize your hosting operations, maintain outstanding communication throughout the guest’s entire journey, and deliver an unparalleled experience that leaves your guests satisfied.

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